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Ling Han didn't immediately use Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation, mainly because he wanted to improve himself using a Shattering Void Tier elite. He always felt that his cultivation improved too fast, for he was eating honestly too much high-level medicinal pills and all sorts of worldly treasures, which settled in his body, and if he didn't stimulate and refine it, it would actually bring about the opposite effect.

Taking two heavy consecutive hits and even resisisting a Shattering Void Tier's martial intent, he already felt the medicinal power that settled in his body slowly being set off and quickly converting into his own Origin Power.

More of the medicinal power nourished his flesh, improving his brute force, an extremely soothing thing.

He couldn't help but reveal an intoxicated expression. Now that his Qi and blood and medicinal power was completely stimulated, it was as if countless small hands massaging him all over his body, truly a very wonderful feeling.

Seeing this, Xianyu Ziyuan couldn't help but reveal a furious look.

I'm torturing you, yet you're revealing an expression of pleasure. What do you mean, am I attacking too lightly?

He was also shocked by Ling Han's physique and its recovery ability, but didn't take it to mind, because Ling Han couldn't surpass the Shattering Void Tier threshold no matter how freakish he was—this was the truth of martial arts.

"The third move!" Xianyu Ziyuan threw a third punch.

Not in the least unexpectedly, Ling Han was sent flying and hacked out blood, even breaking his bones. However, he stood up, connected his bones, and recovered, the speed of which was surprising, making even the octopus clan who were known for their powerful recovery ability feel inferior.

How could there be such a freak?

"The forth move! The fifth move! The sixth move!"

Xianyu ZIyuan didn't throw a punch and stop for a while, and instead threw three consecutive punches, with each punch's power increasing, heavily injuring Ling Han.

This time, Ling Han lay on the ground for a good while before standing up; three shocking massive indentations were in his chest—a ghastly sight to see—but after a short while, these indentations were recovering.

His entire body emitted golden light, supreme like a heavenly emperor descending to earth.

Pa, pa, pa, his body emitted explosive sounds as his presence suddenly began to skyrocket, just as if a volcano suddenly erupting.

"He broke through!"

The Shattering Void Tier elites cried out one after another, their expressions full of disbelief.

Sh*t, have you guys ever seen a freak who can break through while being beaten? And, it wasn't as simple as taking a beating. It was tormenting, being heavily injured to the point of broken bones… to break through under such conditions is absolutely unbelievable.

However, the reality was plain to see. This human advanced from the fifth layer of the Deity Transformation Tier to the sixth layer.

Ling Han couldn't help but be depressed. He was already annoyed that his tier progressed too quickly and wanted to borrow the hand of a Shattering Void Tier elite to toughen himself, solidifying his tier, but, unexpectedly, after being hit by six punches, the medicinal power that accumulated within his body was set off, instantly allowing him to complete the breakthrough.

With reason, it was equivalent to him taking an exceptional treasured medicine, and then having a Shattering Void Tier elite dissolve the medicinal power—how could the improvement not be fast?

However, when the other people looked at his gloomy expression, every one of them was driven mad!

After being able to break through while being tormented by a Shattering Void Tier elite, you're still not pleased?

F*ck, too pretentious, you should be struck by lightning!

Xianyu ZIyuan frowned slightly. He'd originally intended to beat Ling Han black and blue with nine punches till the last gasp, and then end Ling Han's life with the last attack, but after six punches, Ling Han was not only not on the verge of death, but rather brimming with energy, even breaking through, making him quite gloomy.

He raised his fist for the seventh time, and this time, he was finally somewhat serious, operating Origin Power as veined patterns intertwined on his fist.

Previously, although he used a shred of martial intent, that was passive, unconsciously added in; compared to actively operating it, it really was too different.

Shattering Void Tier elites were able to shatter stars with one punch—how terrifying were such beings?

He was going to heavily injure Ling Han.

Ling Han's heart constricted involuntarily as he felt immense pressure. A Shattering Void Tier elite was about to get serious—although not unleashing all his strength, it still made his entire body feel chills, like falling into an ice cave.

Should Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation be used?

Ling Han only hesitated for an instant before deciding to endure a little longer.

This attack definitely couldn't take his life, and he could still endure a little longer to stimulate the medicinal power within his body. Borrowing the hand of a Shattering Void Tier elite to prompt the medicinal power wasn't easy to come by.

Xianyu Ziyuan attacked. At this moment, he truly displayed a Shattering Void Tier elite's might, and with the punch, even heaven and earth were eclipsed, and only that punch seemed to be eternity.

Ling Han was sent flying—half the bones in his entire body broke, above ninety percent of his skin cracked, his entire dripping wet with blood, and even his consciousness was blurring.

Too strong, too strong, this was what Shattering Void Tier was.

Ling Han had experienced such battle prowess. However, although he came to grips with Corpse Boss, the Revere Life Sword was what truly opposed the Shattering Void Tier battle prowess, and he didn't participate, so only now did he finally have a personal understanding.

It truly made him extremely nervous and his entire body feel chills, but under such circumstances, his fighting spirit was instead blazing like a fire.

His ten fingers flicked gently, with Sword Rays lighting up, and under such heavy injuries, he actually began to comprehend the sword path.

Sword Heart was what he pursued.

In the previous life, although he had trained with swords, he couldn't even cultivate out a single flash of Sword Qi, never considering to become a king amongst martial artists from the start. Was the status of an alchemy emperor not impressive enough? If it weren't for the fact that he couldn't suppress Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, he wouldn't have searched for historic sites everywhere, seeking to become stronger to suppress this vicious person.

In this lifetime, he only cultivated for a little over five years, and obviously couldn't compare to Xu Xiu Ran and Small Sword Emperor. They were accompanied by sabers and swords almost from the moment they were born, and with saber and sword masters imparting their genuine understandings upon them, both had completely different starting points.

He only relied on himself.

Under the condition of being heavily injured, Ling Han unexpectedly opened up the road to the sword path.

He operated sword intent to resist the martial intent within his body, and improved his own sword path comprehension through such resistance.

If he could cultivate out Sword Heart, his comprehension of "dao" would obviously advance a whole lot and would barely be able to resist against a Shattering Void Tier's martial intent. After all, Sword Heart was exclusive to the Shattering Void Tier, level with the martial arts tier.

Seeing this scene, almost everyone's faces twitched, being indescribably shocked.

This brat actually borrowed a Shattering Void Tier's power to comprehend dao!

This was already an unbelievable thing. More importantly, this human truly acquired substantial progress, and the Sword Rays flickered, but the presence they emitted became more terrifying.

What the hell!

Xianyu Ziyuan was also somewhat stupefied—this human was too nature-defying.

No, he definitely couldn't be allowed to live any longer. Give him a few more years and it'll definitely be possible for him to threaten the Xianyu Clan!

He no longer had any reservations, extending his right hand but no longer clenching his fist, and instead turned it into a golden dragon claw. He was going to kill Ling Han in one hit, putting an end to future disaster.

With a dragon's cry, he flew out and charged towards Ling Han.

Now, this human was heavily injured and couldn't possibly resist.

Go to hell!
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