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"Correct, you only need to block ten moves!" Xianyu Tong said coldly. He swept a glance at Helian Rong, meaning: you mustn't intervene, or else this bet won't count.

Helian Rong simply smiled faintly with a calm expression, not seeming to care at all about Ling Han's survival. However, he was full of smiles on the inside. Previously, Helian Family was duped by Ling Han, and this time, it was finally Xianyu Tong's turn to have a taste.

Although he was one of the strongest elites in power, unswayed by emotions for a long time, imagining his old rival's shocked look later, he couldn't help but want to laugh.

Thinking about it was joyous—he really looked forward to it.

"Go down!" Xianyu Tong urged. Entering Xianyu Family's territory, you still want to overturn the skies?

Ling Han assumed an expression of facing death calmly and walked with large strides into the battle area. The ground was made of strange stones, which was said to be produced at the bottom of the sea, and although it couldn't be forged into weapons, it was extremely hard, and its toughness reached ninth-tier rare metal's. On top of formations, its defensive power could rival tenth-tier rare metal's.

Instantly, waves of hissing sounds came from the stands. This was the offender that humiliated Xianyu royal family, and today he was going to be punished here.

Now everyone obviously knew that Ling Han was going to receive Xianyu Ziyuan's ten moves. On the surface, it was a battle, but in reality, wasn't it a sadistic punishment? Xianyu ZIyuan possessed Shattering Void Tier five stars of battle prowess and could kill Ling Han instantly with one move.

Some people not only hissed, but also threw all sorts of garbage, but being blocked by the formation, the garbage slid to the side of the field—still, their attitude was shown to the greatest extent.

Hurry up and die!

Ling Han looked towards Xianyu Ziyuan. He was a somewhat old middle-aged man who looked to be in the fifties, and in terms of the long lives of true dragon's descendants, he lived roughly for two thousand years, which counted as super old.

A human Shattering Void Tier elite would have already lived two lifetimes, but he only passed half of one, something truly enviable.

It couldn't be helped—true dragon's blood circulated within his body.

"Human, if you can take This Lord's ten moves, then you can leave here alive." Xianyu Ziyuan revealed a ruthless expression. Originally, he felt it beneath him to attack a mere Deity Transformation Tier ant considering his status, but Ling Han dared to execute people of Xianyu family in public, one of whom even had extremely pure ancestral blood, being the next successor to the king.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Then will this lord please have mercy."

"This Lord will!" Xianyu ZIyuan sneered. He'd indeed pull punches in the first nine moves, and when Ling Han saw a tiny bit of hope, he would then mercilessly smother it, the only way to truly vent their hatred.

"Commence your moves!" Ling Han gesticulated.

Xianyu Ziyuan clenched his fists and didn't even operate Origin Power; with a xiu, he charged over and threw a punch at Ling Han.

How extremely fast were the speeds of Shattering Void Tier? There was no time for Ling Han to react at all. This punch hit him right on the pit of his stomach. Peng, he was instantly sent flying like an artillery shell.

Ling Han fell heavily into the stone wall at the end of the battle field, and then bounced back, falling to the ground. Even though he was actually prepared, he still felt a stinging pain in the pit of his stomach.

He indeed couldn't dodge a Shattering Void Tier's attack, but the Eye of Truth could see how powerful the attack was. Xianyu Ziyuan evidently wanted him to suffer the greatest extent of the ten moves. Thus, he controlled the first attack's power at Heaven Tier ten stars of battle prowess, and it was fired out with pure brute force.

This originally wasn't enough to harm Ling Han, but the opponent was at the Shattering Void Tier, thoughtlessly adhering a shred of martial intent, which was the source of Ling Han's pain.

His physique was too formidable—sure, it was painful, but it wasn't a big deal. He immediately climbed up, coughed up a mouthful of black blood, and then exercised his muscles and bones. Instantly, the bones all over his body crackled, and his Qi and blood soared, showing his extremely vigorous life force.

Instantly, those on stands raised a commotion.

The sea race counted as people half human half beast, so their physiques were considerably formidable, like those of the lobstermen and crabmen—their shells alone could make martial artists in the same tier despair, being absolutely impenetrable. However, their attainments were also limited, reaching the Deity Transformation Tier at most as they were greatly limited by their bloodline.

Precisely because of this, they also knew just how difficult it was to get their physiques to the Heaven and Shattering Void Tier.

This human did it!

It was too shocking. Are you sure you're a pure human, and not some half human descended from divine beasts?

Even Xianyu Tong's eyes contracted slightly as he revealed a look of pity.

It wasn't rare for sea race's kings to possess such physique. Their bloodlines bestowed them with such abilities. However, it was surprising for a human to reach such heights, showing the terrifying potential of this human.

Humans had the worst physical composition and the weakest physiques, but they had infinite possibilities in martial arts because they didn't have the blessing of bloodlines and in turn wouldn't be limited by bloodlines.

How unfortunate that this human killed his son. Otherwise, this human was really worth recruiting, even marrying to a girl of his clan—their offspring might also be extremely formidable.

This thought only flashed across his mind. No way, this human must die! Besides, they already entered the Iron Blood Stadium, so even he couldn't stop the fight, or else he'd be going back on his words, and how could he keep his position as king then?

Xianyu Ziyuan was also slightly shocked. He obviously knew very clearly how much power he'd used—enough to heavily injure ninety-nine percent of peak stage Heaven Tier warriors—but Ling Han simply coughed a mouthful of blood and that was all. The vigor of Ling Han's blood and Qi even made him somewhat dumbfounded.

"The second move!" he said indifferently, raising his right fist again, and increased the power to Heaven Tier twelve stars.

Xiu, he flew out and threw a punch, sending Ling Han flying again.

"Wa!" Ling Han hacked out another mouthful of black blood. He lowered his head and saw that his chest caved in somewhat and all his bones were broken.

After adhering the martial intent of a Shattering Void Tier, the mere battle power of Heaven Tier could injure his physique—truly surprising. It could also be seen that the strength of the Shattering Void Tier crushed Heaven Tier by countless times.

Ling Han frowned slightly—with a shred of Shattering Void Tier's martial intent, Diamond Body couldn't automatically heal the injuries. He operated Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, and his entire body instantly glowed with golden light, emitting an ancient and noble presence as if that of an ancient heavenly emperor.

His broken bones recovered at a visible speed, and almost in the time of a breath, he recovered to an optimal state, without any damages to Qi and blood, his vitality exuberant.

Although Ling Han already stopped Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, but the Shattering Void Tier elites all revealed shocked expressions one after another.

That ancient and noble presence made their souls tremble with fear!

How was it possible—he was a mere human, not a true dragon's reincarnation! Why could he suppress them in terms of the quality of the soul?

"Eight more moves!" Ling Han said indifferently.As in those kings of martial arts, the best geniuses.
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