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Ling Han killed Xianyu Cheng and XIanyu Dongming by executing them publicly, an act which was a great humiliation to the Xianyu royal family. Every single one of them hated Ling Han to the bones, viewing him as a mortal enemy.

Now that this mortal enemy appeared, it would be strange if Ou Buluo still had a pleasant expression on his face.

The party landed on the island. The inhabitants here were either Xianyu royal family, or the royal family's subordinate forces, so their strength was considerably out of the ordinary.

However, no matter how extraordinary, they didn't even dare to breathe loudly in front of Shattering Void Tier elites. As Ling Han and the others walked by, everyone trembled with fear, barely being able to stand.

Under the guidance of Ou Buluo, they arrived at Xianyu clan's royal palace.

Although they were also called royal families, they didn't establish a nation, and simply corresponded as the three great royal families. This was the same as the Ao Family—king of the four seas, called an imperial clan, yet they didn't establish a nation and simply kept watch and regulated, being respected by the four seas.

"Lord Helian!" Xianyu royal family's head, Xianyu Tong greeted. His figure was very lanky, but he didn't have the lumps on top of his head like Helian Rong did. Instead, one of his hands was covered with scales, and his palm was also completely different from normal person, like a dragon's claw.

The royal families all had true dragon's blood, the difference being the purity, but normally, dragon horns were the external characteristic, and to grow a dragon claw like his was very very rare.

Apparently, the fact that Xianyu Tong could become the Xianyu royal family's leader was inseparable from this dragon claw, which bestowed him with a strong power of the bloodline, allowing him to become one of the three supreme elites in the north sea.

However, only when he and Helian Rong got together could they rival Wenren Jie, whose strength was truly too powerful and unmeasurable.

"Lord Xianyu!" Helian Rong cupped his hands in obeisance.

"This human is the murderer that killed this king's son?" Xianyu Tong stared at Ling Han with an extremely unfriendly expression.

This was natural—the hatred of killing his son was absolutely irreconcilable.

"Lord Xianyu, saying this from the start seems somewhat inappropriate?" Helian Rong said indifferently.

Xianyu Tong snorted, and said, "The matter you talked about had better not be the least bit false, or else this king will kill this child at all cost!"

"Lord Xianyu, you think that this king would joke about this sort of matter?" Helian Rong said with a smile.

"Then please go inside!" Xianyu Tong gesticulated for him to go in, his attitude still cold.

Everyone entered the hall; as the settling was too grave an issue, miscellaneous personnel obviously had no right to listen. The hall not only had Shattering Void Tier elites, but also a great defensive formation activated, tightly covering the entire island.

Ling Han spoke again of the divine realm's five sects' plan and answered the inquiries of the Xianyu royal family, making their faces gloomier, the same reaction that Helian royal family had previously.

From shock to unacceptable, then slowly to acceptance and numbness… such great news was hard to bear even for Shattering Void Tier elites.

But unfortunately for them, they all believed it.

Because this could completely explain the gap in history and why they always felt an indescribable sense of danger when they thought to shatter the void.

Xianyu Tong tapped his finger on the table, and said, "Lord Helian, you want to form an alliance? Fine, but This King has a condition."

"What condition?" Helian Rong asked.

Xianyu Tong pointed at Ling Han and said, "This human's head!"

"No!" Helian Rong refused flatly. Not to mention Ling Han's personal potential, he still counted on Ling Han and Helian Xun Xue to produce one more offspring, one that had even purer ancestral blood, bringing Helian royal family to a greater height, even surpassing the imperial family.

"A mere human!" Xianyu Tong snorted. "Lord Helian, you'd better consider carefully, are you really going to destroy our alliance for a human ant?"

"Hehe, you say it like if you tried, I would die," Ling Han interrupted.

Helian Rong laughed, and said, "How about this, Lord Xianyu can send out an expert, and within an amount of restricted moves, This King will definitely not intervene to assist, but after these moves, all grievances are settled!"

"Father…" Helian Xun Xue cried out in a hurry, but it was obviously fake for Xianyu Tong to see. However, women naturally knew how to act, and the frightened look on her face really didn't seem fake.

Helian Rong waved his hand, signaling that Helian Xun Xue needed not speak more.

Xianyu Tong couldn't help but be shocked. This human's tier couldn't be more obvious, merely at the fifth layer of the Deity Transformation Tier, which meant he had at most battle prowess of Heaven Tier. In front of Shattering Void Tier elites, a Heaven Tier one could only nurse a grievance no matter how strong he were, so what were they playing at?

Could Helian Rong have decided to sacrifice this human in order to form an alliance with him? Of course, he was but a lowly human—so what if he died?

Xianyu Tong was still unsatisfied. Killing Ling Han would only avenge the his son, but Helian Xun Xue escaping marriage embarrassed Xianyu royal family, so was this debt going to be written off just like that?

It definitely couldn't.

"Okay, then ten moves!" Xianyu Tong nodded. Anyway, they could kill this human first, and then slowly bargain with Helian Rong. In short, Xianyu Family definitely couldn't lose out.

With Shattering Void Tier elite intervening, one move should be enough to settle it, so why set ten moves as the limit? It was obviously to let Ling Han suffer as much as possible, and then kill Ling Han with the last move.

He sent someone to notify the people of the entire island to head towards the Iron Blood Stadium. This human dared to kill the people of the Xianyu Clan, and if he weren't executed in public, how could they be mollified?

The Iron Blood Stadium was used for battle; not only were the materials used to construct it extremely durable, but also was there a large formation set up that could withstand the battle impact of about Shattering Void Tier five stars, being especially made for fights.

In the battle, martial artists were able to improve themselves, and observing the fights of elites was also extremely beneficial, so the Iron Blood Stadium had many seats, enough to accommodate ten thousand people. Ordinarily, there were even bets on fights, with great wins and losses.

Ling Han, Xianyu Tong, Helian Rong and the others all came here. Ling Han pretended to face death calmly, making the people of Helian Clan sneer. We'll see how long you can maintain such calmness, wait till you cry for mercy.

Helian Rong knew very well in his heart that he'd already tied up Xianyu Tong with his words earlier and that Xianyu Tong wouldn't intervene, so who else in Xianyu royal family could still harm Ling Han? Besides, who would think that Ling Han was also a formation master?

Xianyu Tong nodded towards someone, and said, "Ziyuan, you go. You must kill this child in ten moves!"

That person nodded, and said, "Brother King, I understand!"

This person was called Xianyu Ziyuan, and he was Xianyu Tong's brother, a fifth layer Shattering Void Tier elite, whose battle prowess also reached five stars.

"Take the field!" Xianyu Tong said to Ling Han coldly.

Ling Han cracked a smile, and said, "I only need to block ten moves?"

Sh*t, what do you mean 'only need to block ten moves', could you even block one move?

The people in the surrounding sneered. You can talk glibly for now; soon you'll be crying for mercy.
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