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Ling Han hesitated slightly, then nodded in agreement.

First of all, battle prowess below Shattering Void Tier seven stars couldn't harm him at all, and elites above that were rare—pitifully few, even—and was Helian Rong just for looks?

Helian Rong had the cultivation of the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier, his battle prowess even reaching ten stars. He was an expert ranking in the top three in the north sea alongside with Xianyu Family's head; it was hard to tell who was better.

However, Wenren Family's Wenren Jie definitely ranked first. Although he was also in the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier, his battle prowess was a shocking eleven stars!

One star was a world's difference. Even if Xianyu Tong and Helian Rong joined hands, they would barely be able to rival Wenren Jie, and the Wenren Family's Shattering Void Tier elites' strength was clearly a notch higher than the other two royal families', forcing the alliance of the two royal families for self-defense.

Xianyu royal family's ancestral grounds were also on a massive island called Silent Star Island, which was strangely far from Dome Cloud Island—even Shattering Void Tier elites needed to travel for several days to get there.

Helian Rong brought nine Shattering Void Tier elites from the clan—along with Ling Han, Helian Xun Xue, and Hu Niu—and hastened towards Silent Star Island.

They weren't constantly on the road. After traveling for three days, they stopped at a desolate island to rest, taking out all sorts of food to eat. This was obviously due to Hu Niu's fervent demand—when fighting, Niu would accompany, but not eating, nope.

Even Helian Rong and the others were profuse in praise with the food inside Black Tower. It was delicacies that even the celestials would drool over, especially when all sorts of precious medicinal ingredients were added—like Myrietes Treasured Pearl, just how many were there in the vast lands?

Even the Helian royal family couldn't take it out. After all, every ten thousand years was the settling, and living beings became extinct except for living spirits inside mystery realms, so how many could survive?

"This boy's a true genius!" Helian Rong carried Ling Jian Xue in his arms, his brows smoothing out, feeling greatly at ease.

… Ling Han still appropriately revealed some of his trump cards. For example, a Spirit Tool that could accommodate living things. It was also something very rare in the divine realm, but it wasn't the one and only, so he dared to reveal it. However, only those he trusted most knew—the Black Tower wasn't something as simple as a spatial divine tool.

Ling JIanxue was already half a year old, and his brute force already progressed to the Gushing Spring Tier, absolutely astonishing. When he became a little older and opened a spirit base to cultivate, his brute force would probably advance to the Flower Blossom Tier, the height of his starting point was extremely shocking.

His ancestral blood was too pure and thick; even Helian Xun Xue's was nowhere near. The sea race regarded bloodline most highly, giving Helian Rong the urge to make Ling Jian Xue the next head of the clan.

Of course, this also had to do with Ling Han's willingness to exhaust resources on his son. The Myrietes Treasured Pearl, tenth-tier spiritual liquid, and whatnot, this kid showered in these things every day, so if his physique wasn't formidable, then there'd be no logic in the world.

The prerequisite was obviously that Ling Jian Xue was able to endure such medicinal power; even if it were another person with the same dad, they wouldn't be able to enjoy this fortune.

"Ling Han, Xun Xue is my clan's most resplendent pearl. Your son has to inherit the Helian Clan and be surnamed Helian!" Helian Rong decided to "rob" him of the child, who was just too outstanding.

Ling Han shook his head in a hurry, and said, "This is my first child, and obviously has to be surnamed Ling!"

"This king already betrothed our clan's most resplendent pearl to you, so shouldn't I ask for a grandson?" Helian Rong said unabashedly. This was a super genius, who would definitely surpass the predecessors, possibly even reaching the height of the imperial family.

So, he had to contest till the end.

"The Helian Family has many men, clansmen in the ten thousands, and my Ling Family only has me, the only child. You have the audacity to contest with me? Not doing it!" Ling Han gave a meaningful glance, making Helian Xun Xue use breastfeeding as an excuse to take his son back.

Helian Rong couldn't help but sigh—a grown girl couldn't be kept at home. Once married off, she belonged to someone else, favoring an outsider way too quickly. He was willing to give up, and said, "Then before five hundred years old, this child stays in the family. After all, my family has solid accumulations that can give the child the best growth conditions. Besides, this king is also worried that Xun Xue lacks milk, treating the child insufficiently."

Helian Xun Xue stared agape—was this still her father related by blood and flesh? For the sake of snatching a child, even his own daughter became a target of attack? My breasts are a bit small, but would it go so far as to starve my son?

Ling Han snickered, taking out all sorts of precious treasures. With each item he took out, Helian Rong's face twitched—some of those treasures Helian Family had, but their amount wasn't that terrifying.

Look, Thousand-Year-Old Ginseng was counted by baskets, how could it be compared? The Myrietes Treasured Pearl and tenth-tier spirit liquid were something even Helian Clan couldn't offer up.

An utter defeat!

Helian Rong was speechless. Speaking of raising children, following Ling Han was definitely better. One clan couldn't compare to one person… Helian Rong felt immense pressure, and the gloominess in his heart was even greater.

Trying every possible way, he still made Ling Han agree to have the second child that Helian Xun Xue gave birth to be passed on to the Helian Family. The old fellow was truly extremely proactive, and without even finishing eating, he egged on Ling Han and Helian Xun Xue to "rest," to keep ploughing for the next generation, driving Helian Xun Xue absolutely mad.

After another five days, the Silent Star Island was finally within view.

Xiu, a figure flew out and blocked their path. It was a martial artists with a pair of bird wings on the back; his feet were like duck feet with webs, while his mouth was flat and stuck out, appearing extremely hilarious.

However, Helian Rong and the others had no trace of a smile on their faces. To them, the more atavistic the appearance of people who possessed divine beast's blood, the purer their bloodline, and the greater their advantage in martial arts cultivation.

For example, one who was birthed in the form of a dragon would only need to grow without cultivating, and after maturity, they would be the strongest true dragon in the world—at least in the vast lands.

"Hahahaha!" Hu Niu, however, couldn't bear it, laughing loudly as she said, "Ling Han, Ling Han, do you think this duck is better eaten stewed or roasted?"

With that said, Helian Rong and the others cried out 'not good' inwardly. This man wasn't of the normal sea race, but a fierce general under Xianyu royal family, named Ou Buluo, a dignified Shattering Void Tier elite!

At the moment, the old grievances with Xianyu Clan hadn't been resolved, yet you were freaking ridiculing their general. Was this not causing more trouble?

As expected, Ou Buluo revealed a furious expression, and said, "Very well, so it turns out Lord Helian and his company want to eat this general!"

"Hehe, she misspoke, General Ou is a valiant general under Xianyu King. Who dares to disrespect General Ou?" Helian Rong said indifferently. His position was above Ou Buluo, and even if he interceded on behalf of Hu Niu, his manner was still imposing.

Ou Buluo obviously wouldn't fuss about a little girl, since he would be the only one to lose face. He swung his hands, and said, "The king has waited respectfully for many days, please come!" His gaze swept by Ling Han, carrying a chill.
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