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Such a result, who could've expected it?

Someone at the Deity Transformation Tier really defeated a Shattering Void Tier opponent. Although it wasn't Ling Han's true strength, it was Ling Han's ability being able to operate such a formation—something you didn't have, right?

Even Helian Rong couldn't help but reveal a strange expression. He waved his hand, and said, "Qian Su, go comfort Jianshan. It's just a spar, and losing to such a formation, no one will say anything."

"Yes!" A middle-aged looking man of the Shattering Void Tier nodded, disappearing with a leap.

The people in the hall were all stern-faced. Helian Rong had already decided the nature of this matter—it was simply a spar—and "no one will say anything," so if anyone dared wag their tongue, it would obviously be disobeying Helian royal family's will, which was an extremely dangerous thing.

In other words, the matter of Yu Jianshan losing to Ling Han couldn't be mentioned.

Helian Rong was full of smiles, looking at Ling Han who was counting treasures, and said, "Not bad, not bad, youngster, you're courageous and wise, brave and astute. I've thought to give you a show of strength, but you unexpectedly checkmated me."

Ling Han already stored away all the treasures, and, grinning, said, "Lord Father-In-Law, you're not thinking of splitting these betrothal gifts with me… is that only why you're being courteous to me?"

Pu, a few youngsters couldn't hold it at the moment and spurted out violently.

This human thought Helian Rong was also a money grubber like him? As one of the north sea's three royal families, Helian Family's wealth was astonishing; any little thing taken out surpassed what Xuanyu Family could have countless times.

Helian Rong, however, said, "Why not, betrothal gifts should be collected by this king."

"Lord Fathter-In-Law, that's not good to say. You're, after all, one of north sea's three royal families, would you lack this bit of treasure?" Ling Han said with a smile.

"These years, the landlords also don't have surplus grain. Besides, who would hold something against treasures?" Helian Rong didn't concede.

The few juniors were still bewildered, but the older generations knew that both parties already began the negotiations, trying to take the initiative and hold more advantage.

Ling Han laughed mischievously, and said, "Alright, for the sake of Xun Xue, this son-in-law is willing to discuss frankly and sincerely."

Helian Rong gave Ling Han a profound look, and said, "Except for those at the Shattering Void Tier, everyone else back down!"

Everyone was puzzled—that was it? They were just going to let this human act arrogantly, and not put him in order? However, the king already gave the order, and who dared to disobey? Instantly, all the juniors and seniors retreated, leaving only seventeen Shattering Void Tier elites.

… The strongest elites didn't all come. It was quite normal, since Shattering Void Tier powerhouses needed to cultivate in seclusion, and one star was a world's difference—who didn't want to increase their battle prowess?

Ling Han, Helian Xun Xue, and Hu Niu obviously didn't leave. Hu Niu was the typical one who never treated herself as an outsider and immediately found a chair to sit down in and started to crack melon seeds with her teeth.

"Regarding the settling, from start to end, elaborate on it in detail," Helian Rong said.

Ling Han actually didn't want to speak about the settling on the outside. There were ears separated by the sky—the divine realm's five sects possessed remarkable abilities, and might be listening in on these keywords. If they were to launch an attack in advance, there'd be even more variables.

However, he couldn't trust Helian Rong and reveal the secret of the Black Tower, so he weighed the matter, still deciding to declare it here. Anyway, he already walked on the path against the five sects, and they probably could guess a little; this secret really wasn't a secret now.

He spoke in detail about obtaining Zi Xue Xian's message and the matters on Purple Moon Emperor's Court, mentioning that they were the ancient king's court over twenty thousand years ago—and that they were splitting the skies in this age.

Listening to him speak till the end, the sea race's elites all had different expressions.

In Ling Han's description, there was a start and a finish, a reason with basis, and the details could be deliberated. It was extremely likely that the truth was so, but that was too terrifying. The divine realm actually wanted to refine the entire vast lands' living beings into a medicinal pill—absolutely terrifying!

"No wonder. After this lord advanced into the Shattering Void Tier two thousand years ago, he always felt that shattering the void was too dangerous, previously always thinking that it was due to insufficient strength and being unable to break open the sky. If the truth is so, then no wonder."

"Then the clanmen that shattered the void before, did they all die?"

"If the truth is so, they were definitely eliminated by the great formation!"

Everyone was apathetic. In reality, every Shattering Void Tier elite would feel danger when they wanted to shatter the void, but previously, they'd thought that it was due to their own insufficient strength and that there indeed were people who ascended to the divine realm but just haven't contacted them ever since.

Previously, they thought that the two realms were hard to go through, so there was no news transmitted, but now, thinking again, if they died halfway on the road, there also wouldn't be any news transmitted.

Helian Rong's expression was stern as he asked Ling Han, "Is splitting open the skies the only way?"

"If Father-in-law has the confidence to barge pass that heaven-locking formation, he could try to shatter the void, but as far as I know, even Mountain River Tier's small extreme can't rival the great formation," Ling Han said.

"Yes, Mountain River Tier? Divine realm's levels?" Everyone was curious.

Ling Han decided he might as well reiterate the information he'd heard from Yi Shuang Shuang. Of course, it was only about the divine beings' tier differentiation, and there was no mention of the underworld's war with the divine realm that went on for hundreds of millions of years.

After Shattering Void Tier elites broke open the void, they wouldn't immediately become gods and simply enter the divine realm, because the divine realm's environment was necessary to become a god.

However, the divine realm's five sects jammed this crucial passage and laid out a killing formation that could kill even those at the Mountain River Tier small extreme. It truly was killing whomever that came—no matter how exceeding your talents, could you surpass the threshold between divine beings and the Shattering Void Tier?

Even Yi Shuang Shuang who was a divine being didn't dare to break through, not to mention the other people.

Since it was impossible to break through forcibly, and staying would only result in being refined into a medicinal pill, as Shattering Void Tier elites—the apex existence in this world—none of them was willing to await death, and they began to discuss vigorously about splitting open the skies.

They formed a consensus that relying on Helian royal family alone wouldn't be enough, and that it was necessary to unite all possible unifiable power—in short, the east, south, west, and north regions of the sea.

Thus, it also became very essential to resolve the grievances with the Xianyu Clan.

However, who would be the boss was another matter, and if splitting open the skies was successful, then how glorious would it be to be the executor of this grand endeavor? It would definitely be a good reputation lasting for generations, and a name that would go down in the annals of history!

… They didn't know the other benefits of splitting open the skies—for example, being able to receive the heaven's fortune blessing. However, the power of the nation alone could increase battle prowess and speed up cultivation, and such benefits already had people envious.

However, it was unknown how long it would be before the four seas reached a consensus. It could be discussed slowly, and Ling Han was in less of a rush—by that time, he should've advanced to the Shattering Void Tier. Except for unfathomable guys like Ma Duo Bao, Ling Han had the confidence to suppress everyone.

Helian Rong immediately sent out an important figure in the clan that brought his personally written letter to the Xianyu Family, mentioning somewhat about the truth of the settling.

Xianyu Family wrote back very soon and agreed to sit down to discuss properly, but they demanded that Ling Han be brought along.As reminder from the editor, it's the first what comes after Sh Void Tier~.
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