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Yu Jianshan suppressed the urge to swat Ling Han to death, asking with a sullen face, "What exactly do you want to do?"

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "If you can give me some compensation to comfort my wounded heart, I won't fuss about it."

Everyone was tongue-tied. They'd seen shameless people, but to ask for compensation so frankly, this one was probably the first.

If it were only Ling Han, Yu Jianshan would obviously ignore him and just end it by swatting him to death. However, Ling Han was in fact Helian royal family's son-in-law, and as Helian's subordinate clan, if he dared to murder the royal family's son-in-law, then Xuanyu Clan would definitely be exterminated.

Regarding the royal family, how could others be allowed to interfere? Even if Ling Han were to be killed, then it would have to be Helian Family that did it—others weren't fit to do so!

After Yu Jianshan took a few slight breaths, he waved his hands regretfully; instantly, the ground was full of treasures. There were corals that were crimson red like blood and pearls the size of fists, glowing all over, lighting up the eyes of quite a few Shattering Void Tiers, who had the desire to reach out their hands.

"Now this should do!" Yu Jianshan snorted.

Smiling broadly, Ling Han stored away the treasures, and muttered, "Blood Coral has the effect of strengthening the physique. Millennium Pearl, although its effects are slightly worse, they aren't bad as stewed porridge, and Dark Tortoise Shell can be refined into a protective gear. Not bad, not bad."

Everyone here was a powerhouse and could obviously here his mutters, and thus had the urge to beat him up. It wasn't just not bad—even they were moved, and you still complain about the effects being slightly worse?

Ling Han stored away the treasures, and said to Yu Jianshan, "Thanks! However, Senior's definitely feeling extremely out of sorts, losing so many treasures for nothing. How about we make a bet."

"What do you want to bet?" Yu Jianshan said coldly. He didn't know whether this human brat was extremely daring or simple-minded to the level of an idiot.

Ling Han cracked a smile, and said, "Before, didn't Senior say that you wanted to give me advice? Just the time, we can make a bet. If Senior can beat me, I'll return those treasures I took just now to senior."

Once everyone heard, they felt that Ling Han was crazy. Wasn't this just embarrassing himself?

"Hehe, this human brat really knows how to conduct himself," someone said.

"How so?" The others were perplexed; Ling Han clearly had no respect for anyone.

The person from earlier said, "That human definitely isn't a match for Old Yu, but with this bet, he can return the treasures he just extorted. Won't Old Yu be happy?"

"Makes sense, and he'd also be indebted to this human."

"Ya, why didn't I think of it?"

"Hmph, humans have many cunning plots and can't be trusted!"

"However, this human indeed knows how to conduct himself, switching from arrogance to deference, stabbing you first, then bootlicking fiercely. This bootlicking will obviously feel extremely good."

"Too awful, he clearly isn't taking out anything and is only returning General Yu's treasures."

"That's why humans are too mischievous!"

Ling Han's hearing wasn't bad, either, and he obviously heard it all clearly. His expression was strange, for he didn't want to bootlick Yu Jianshan, but dupe him once more. Did these people have problems with their heads?

… He was just at the Deity Transformation Tier. Who would believe that a Deity Transformation Tier warrior could rival a Shattering Void Tier one?

Even Yu Jianshan thought that Ling Han wanted to reconcile and couldn't help but reveal a smile, and said, "Alright, this general accepts the bet!" After all, Ling Han was Helian Family's son-in-law, and since Ling Han gave him a way out, he couldn't over do it.

"Human, go for it. This Lord will grant you ten moves, then unleash one move," he said. Allowing Ling Han to unleash ten moves first obviously gave him enough face, or else, could a Deity Transformation Tier warrior go through ten moves under the hands of a Shattering Void Tier opponent?

No way in hell!

Ling Han said, "What if General Yu loses?" Being misunderstood, he was too lazy to call Yu Jianshan senior and called him by his official position, which wasn't impolite, either.

Yu Jianshan was startled. You freaking want to win? Did your brain get muddled up? But thinking that Ling Han was possibly giving him some face, he said, "If you win, this general will obviously give you a stake of equal value."

Ling Han cupped his hands, and said, "Then thank you, General Yu." Not bad, he swindled another batch of betrothal gifts.

Yu Jianshan didn't take it to heart, but simply thought that Ling Han was seeking a way out. He nodded, and said, "Go for it."

"Please give pointers, General Yu." With a casual spray of the hand, Ling Han already laid out 108 short swords. Weng, the heaven and earth's Spirit Qi poured in incessantly, and the temperature instantly dropped abruptly.

"What, what is this formation, it seems very powerful!"

"This human's actually also a formation master?"

"Wasn't he a Heaven Grade alchemist? An alchemist and a formation master, and such amazing talent in martial arts… is he a freak?"

Everyone discussed animatedly, but the when the temperature became lower and lower, Spirit Qi condensed into a white pillar, and even the Shattering Void Tier elites' expressions turned pale.

Too powerful!

Cold sweat dripped down from Yu Jianshan's forehead. At this moment, he really wanted to curse.

F*cking sh*t, duped again by this human!

This formation was too terrifying!

What was even more infuriating was that this human clearly could immediately lay out the formation, yet he irritatingly set up the formation slowly. This was deliberately teasing him! But the problem was that he previously said he'd grant Ling Han ten moves, so could he attack first and resolve the formation before it formed?

Did he still want face?

Yu JIanshan felt extreme chest pains, which was literally caused by anger. People said that one who fell in one pit twice was an idiot, but his junior was just duped, and in the blink of an eye, he fell in the same pit, making him feel absolutely depressed.

This human was too evil, too crafty, and too much of a f*cking cheat!

Keeping Yu Jianshan on tenterhooks long enough, just when the general's veins were about to burst, Ling Han finally completed the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation… In reality, he wasn't completely teasing Yu Jianshan, but he was holding back for another reason, not wanting others to know in just how much time he could set up the formation, leaving room for maneuver in the future.

The ice dragon appeared, and the sky instantly rained down with ice fragments as if it suddenly reverted to winter, and one that was severely cold.

"Go!" Ling Han pointed at where he willed. The ice dragon immediately rose up and dove towards Yu Jianshan.

This was ironic. The sea race obviously worshiped the true dragon as their distant ancestor, but a human summoned a true dragon—albeit an ice dragon formed by formation, it still made the faces of the Shattering Void Tier elites of the Helian Family flushed.

Ice dragon possessed Shattering Void Tier seven stars of battle prowess, but Yu Jianshan was only in the third layer of the Shattering Void Tier, and his battle prowess was also three stars, so how could he resist the ice dragon?

At the Shattering Void Tier, one star's difference in battle prowess was a world's difference, and the gap of four stars would be an absolute crush.

Yu Jianshan only resisted seven moves before having no choice but to surrender. If he kept fighting, he truly would be heavily injured, and it would be even more insufferable for his reputation.

He sprayed out a large pile of treasures and grabbed Yu Zihe as he left the main hall, really having no face to stay any longer.
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