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Moreover, everyone in the Helian Clan knew that Yu Zihe liked Helian Xun Xue and followed her everywhere in pursuit of her, but his love was unrequited, and it wasn't until Helian Xun Xue was betrothed to Xianyu Dongming that Yu Zihe finally gave up.

It couldn't be helped. This involved the survival of two clans, or else both clans could be annihilated by the Wenren royal family.

However, now that Helian Xun Xue even gave birth to a son, it was obviously impossible for her to marry into Xianyu royal family… Xianyu Dongming even died, so his heart livened up again.

If Ling Han was killed, would he be able to fill the position?

He didn't mind being the backup man.

He indeed liked Helian Xun Xue crazily, or else any more sane person would've thought of something—if you kill her man, would she still want to marry you? Marrying a chicken or a dog, she wouldn't even take a glance at you.

Who couldn't guess Yu Zihe's thoughts? Therefore, everyone wanted advise against it. They only wanted to give Ling Han a bit of pain to make him more obedient, and had no intention of taking his life.

"Allow him." Helian Rong waved his hand. If Ling Han was still no match when fighting in the same tier, why would he want such a son-in-law? To be shamed?

Yu Zihe instantly exulted. The king said so, so was that expressing an intention of taking him as a son-in-law? He walked out in large strides, and said, "Human, don't say I'm bullying you, I'll only use one hand."

Helian Xun Xue and Hu Niu both smiled. Other people didn't know, but could they not know clearly of Ling Han's strength? Not to mention such a Deity Transformation Tier warrior, a Heaven Tier one would also be instantly chopped into mush, and even if a Shattering Void Tier came, wasn't there still the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation?

The Helian Family wanted to give Ling Han a show of strength, but wasn't Ling Han intent on doing the same?

Ling Han smiled faintly, walked two steps toward him, and said, "You're really going to use just one hand?"

"Of course. When have I, Yu Zihe, ever gone back on my words?" Yu Zihe appeared full of confidence.

"Then thank you," Ling Han said with a smile. "Then to express my respect for you, I'll give it my all. That's the greatest respect for you, right?"

Yu Zihe cracked a smile. This human was truly a coward. I'm about to steal your wife, and you're still going on about tribute and respect! Hehe, I'm surely going to steal your wife! He patted his chest, and said, "Take out your strongest move!"

"Okay!" Ling Han unleashed the Revere Life Sword, brandished the sword gently, and then held it parallel to his chest.

"Hm?" All the Shattering Void Tier elites squinted their eyes, feeling a shred of nervousness. Even if they deliberately restrained themselves, how terrifying a thing was it for so many elites feeling nervous simultaneously?

Instantly, many people covered their chests, their faces turning pale, and even Heaven Tier warriors almost slid off their chairs.

Shattering Void Tier powerhouses, standing at humanity's peak, were shockingly powerful!

Yu Zihe also retreated seven steps; fortunately, Yu Jianshan nudged his back, allowing him to stop in his steps, or else he'd definitely slump to the ground.

"Human, this sword… does it have a name?" a Shattering Void Tier powerhouse asked. He felt an immense menace from the veined patterns on the sword as if once these formation patterns were activated, it could even kill him easily.

However, it clearly wasn't a Spirit Tool!

"The Revere Life Sword!" Ling Han stroked the blade, smiled faintly, and said, "The original owner named it The World's Greatest Killing Sword, but I felt it too arrogant, and slaughter harms the heavenly harmony, so revering life was better."

"The World's Greatest Killing Sword!" several Shattering Void Tier elites muttered, their eyes lighting up, thinking about whether or not to take out some treasure to exchange for the Revere Life Sword with this human—it was enough to increase their battle prowess by ten stars!

Yu Jianshan's expression was also stern as he said, "Zihe, you mustn't be careless, this sword is unusual!"

Yu Zihe made little of it. No matter how strong Spirit Tools were, it also depended on who was using it. Could a mere Deity Transformation Tier warrior unleash the power of a tenth-tier Spirit Tool? At most, it was just slightly sharper, so what did he need to fear?

However, he didn't dare to argue with Yu Jianshan, and said in a hurry, "Third Ancestor, Zihe understands."

He walked forward a few more steps, and said, "Human, is this what you're counting on?"

Ling Han nodded, and said, "Poor, right? But it's all I have, don't take it to heart."

The Shattering Void Tier elites's faces all twitched. Having such an exceptional divine sword, you still freaking said you were poor, then what were they? Beggars? Tenth-tier rare metal was too rare, and definitely not every Shattering Void Tier tier possessed a corresponding Spirit Tool.

Therefore, many Shattering Void Tier powerhouses would extract a part of their body to make into a Spirit Tool. Firstly, it was indeed more handy, and secondly, they were forced to do so as they had no choice. Of course, some people used their own bones and old skin to make Spirit Tools because it was stronger.

For example, Corpse Two—his former self was definitely extremely powerful, and there was no way that he couldn't acquire tenth-tier rare metal, yet he deliberately pulled out his own femur to make a Spirit Tool. This was precisely because he was too powerful, and other Spirit Tools were no match.

"You can attack!" Yu Zihe was full of confidence. First, he didn't know how terrifying the Revere Life Sword was, and second, the long-established perception made him think that humans couldn't even withstand a single blow.

Now, he had advantage in tier, so it would obviously be even more of a sweep. So what if the opponent held a divine weapon?

Ling Han held the long sword flat and began to operate the 10,000 Techniques Return to One.

Once the sword intent came, Yu Zihe was agitated, feeling ice cold all over his body and unable to breathe. His mind was blank, and he clenched his hands tightly, sweating profusely.

The Shattering Void Tier elites were all shocked. Although the sword hadn't been swung, could they not determine with their judgement that this sword attack's destructive power was at least Heaven Tier nine stars!

Yu Zihe was indeed a genius, being able to possess Heaven Tier battle prowess at the Deity Transformation Tier, but at most had one star, and such a gap was like heaven and earth.

"Stop!" Yu Jianshan hurriedly stepped forward to protect Yu Zihe. If Ling Han were to unleash the sword, this oustanding descendant would definitely be dead.

Ling Han pretended to be startled, and said, "Didn't you say it'd be a fight using one hand? Why are two people fighting me together now?"

Yu Jianshan's expression couldn't help but turn dark. You freaking did it on purpose! M*ther f*cker, it was definitely on purpose, clearly knowing how terrifying his sword attack's power is, yet you play dumb to make my foolish descendant bite the bait.

He snorted, and said, "Zihe isn't your match, we lost this fight!"

"How can that be, we haven't even competed, who knows the outcome of the fight!" Ling Han shook his head. "Senior, don't be humble, let this whatever fish fight with me to see who is stronger!"

Yu Jianshan almost swatted Ling Han—fight what out? If Ling Han unleashed his sword, Yu Zihe would become a corpse right away. He snorted, and said, "Human, don't you overdo it!"

"Overdo it?" Ling Han said with a smile. "I came here without a single soldier, full of good faith, but everyone here are all Shattering Void Tier elites yet target me, wanting to give me a head-on blow, so who exactly went too far?"

The Shattering Void Tier elites couldn't help but look embarrassed, for he hit the nail on the head.
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