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"Crazy ravings!" that Heaven Tier elite reprimanded. "The old ancestors' rules have weathered tens of thousands of years and are obviously the universal truth!"

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "You fool, what old ancestors' rules? Those were clearly drawn up by elites. I'm strong, I have a say, that's the constant truth of all ages."

"If that's the case, then this old man will convince you through a beating!" That Heaven Tier walked in large strides; his spirit and Qi burst forth as if a blazing furnace.

"Then I'll take you as the chicken, and kill you for the monkeys to see," Ling Han said with a smile.

"Impudence!" That Heaven Tier elite was infuriated. He was a Heaven Tier elite, a supreme being in the east region, and now he was actually likened to a chicken—how could this not make him furious?

He snorted and unleashed a long azure whip; with a shake, the whip immediately straightened, looking as if a long spear.

"Senior Zhang's furious, he's serious."

"That's for sure. Senior Zhang is a well-known figure in our east region who can rank in the top five amongst the strongest!"

"This brat dared to humiliate Senior Zhang, he's absolutely asking to die!"

The east region's elites discussed animatedly, obviously thinking that Ling Han was dead for sure.

That Heaven Tier elite's surname was Jia with a single character name Zhang, but no one dared to call him directly by his name, and all called him by Senior Zhang.

Jia Zhang was one of the leading figures of east region's elites on this expedition. His intervention could be seen as a king going against a king, the battle of the strongest of the two parties. Of course, from the east region's elites perspective, the battle was without a doubt going to be Jia Zhang's victory.

Ling Han extended his right hand, and said indifferently, "I'll use only one hand."


Flames instantly flickered above Jia Zhan'gs head. An elite that reached his tier, even without cultivating fire type arts, could still draw on heaven and earth's Spirit Qi to turn it into fire with a single thought.

He was obviously furious. A mere Deity Transformation Tier junior… No matter how amazing his talent, he actually dared not to use both hands against him, making him furious to the point of bursting out fire from both eyes.

This junior was seriously seeking his own death!

He brandished the whip-spear and attacked Ling Han.

Ling Han had never seen such a weapon, and couldn't help but be curious, shifting his feet to see what exactly was remarkable about such a skill.

Don't say, the Spirit Tool truly was somewhat out of the ordinary. It could be thrust like a spear, but after it was blocked, it could turned into a soft whip, forming lashing attacks. Veined patterns were also branded on top of it, and after it was activated, it emitted a light blue light, its powers astonishing.

For him to be able to rank amongst the strongest in the east region, it was obviously not from bluffing.

Unfortunately, his opponent was Ling Han.

My physique can compare to ninth-tier rare metal, how do you plan to harm me? Even if melted with Strange Fire, it wouldn't take a short period of time, at least taking several days and nights to refine.

Although Jia Zhang was very energetic in his attacks and seemed to have the advantage on the scene, pressuring Ling Han, but in reality, Ling Han wasn't threatened at all. Ling Han simply wanted to look at the whip-spear's transformation, which was why he never fought back all along.

"Senior Zhang, kill this heaven-daring guy!"

"Yeah, slaughter this brat so that we can return to the east region. This place's Spirit Qi is too thin, and staying here one more day would be the loss of one more day."

Everyone shouted one after another, hoping that the errand of killing Ling Han would be taken care of quickly so that they could return to the east region as soon as possible.

Jia Zhang obviously very much wanted to take care of Ling Han, but he knew inside that Ling Han only seemed to be at a disadvantage, but was actually extremely at ease, and he definitely couldn't take him down in a short amount of time. He couldn't help but try to taunt him. "Junior, you dodging here and there… exactly how long do you want to dodge? Behind you is the Imperial City, where else can you dodge?"

Ling Han just happened to be tired of watching. With a smile, he said, "You want to be defeated that badly? Alright, as you wish!"

He extended his right hand, and golden light radiated instantly. He already operated the Earth Overturning Seal and pressed it towards the opponent.

This was a Mystical Power!

Ling Han had already cultivated the Earth Overturning Seal to the point where both hands could execute it simultaneously. He could also use it with one hand. Thus, his battle prowess was only slightly weaker even though he only used the right hand.

He instantly turned the tables, and on the scene, his imposing manner immediately took the initiative.

The Heaven Tier elites he'd encountered recently were Xu Xiu Ran, Corpse Two, and the like, making him feel that Heaven Tier elites were very powerful. But now that it changed to Jia Zhang, he instantly felt something different—Heaven Tier was so weak!

… Jia Zhang could be called a supreme elite in the east region, but he couldn't possibly compare to Xu Xiu Ran and the others.


"Senior Zhang's actually being suppressed! How's it possible!?"

"My God, this must be fake!"

The east region's elites all cried out, covering their heads. This was too fake! A Deity Transformation Tier junior was able to pressure a Heaven Tier elite in a fight, and it was also a veteran Heaven Tier warrior who became well known long go.

Their view on life was about to collapse.

Another Heaven Tier elite snorted, and said, "Now's not the time to fight solo. Our mission is to wipe out Great Ling King's Court, and now the nation's master is in front of us. Brother Tu, Brother Ma, and Brother Zhang, attack with this old man together and eliminate this junior."

"Okay!" The other Heaven Tier elites nodded one after another. Indeed, it wasn't a martial arts contest, and there wasn't a need to respect the rule of one versus one.

A total of seven Heaven Tier elites walked out and surrounded Ling Han.

Hu Niu instantly jumped out, and said, "Niu will be your opponent!"

Ling Han laughed, and said, "No, I can take care of them!" Since these people were attacking together, he didn't need to keep the promise of using only one hand and unleashed the Revere Life Sword at once. With a brandish of the sword, sword light soared into the sky.

With the blessing of the power of the nation, he deployed the Mysterious Three Thousand, and 3100 rays of sword light burst forth immediately, enveloping the eight Heaven Tier elites at the same time.

"What!?" Jia Zhang and the others had their eyes popping out with shock. What, what, what… how could there possibly be such a swift and fierce sword art in the world, attacking eight Heaven Tier elites at the same time and making each of them feel that it couldn't be resisted?

Their realization came already too late. The sword light swept by, and the eight Heaven Tier warriors fell down, all dying instantly.

In the east region's elites camp, only silence remained.

Too m-fing strong, how could there be such a freak, killing Heaven Tier elites like reaping vegetables?! Could this be a Shattering Void Tier elite?

How could they resist? They couldn't resist at all!

Ling Han put away his sword, and said indifferently, "How about it, who wants to surrender, or still stubbornly resist till the end?"

The east region's party's Heaven Tier warriors had all died in battle, and only Deity Transformation Tier ones remained. Facing Ling Han who was like a god, they no longer had the least bit of desire to fight. Some people surrendered at once, but some people chose to run—they didn't want to become someone's servant.

Hu Niu displayed her prowess and turned into a lightning, grasping one after another. Who could even escape from her hands?

After luring the enemy to go deep, block the enemy's retreat and destroy them—the east region's army was declared completely annihilated.

Ling Han summoned every single one of them to surrender; faced with death, there were very few people who could look death in the eyes calmly. Besides, they were commanded to attack—they themselves had no unresolvable grievance with Ling Han, so why back it with their lives?

Could they really have the middle state bestow them a title of a martyr?Author first refers to him as Tan, but later as Jia
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