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East region, second only to the middle state in terms of martial arts and on par with the south region, both having Heaven Tier elites.

The invasion of the north region this time was originally rejected by the east region's elites, but they couldn't disobey the five great sects' will, and had to sortie several Heaven Tier elites, bringing large amounts of Deity Transformation Tier, Spiritual Infant Tier, and Flower Blossom Tier warriors while opening the region barrier with a tenth-tier Spirit Tool lent by the five great sects to launch an attack on the north region.

A combination like this was obviously invincible. They conquered cities and strongholds along the way almost without any effort as each city chose to surrender very cooperatively. However, the east region's elites didn't notice that almost every household worshipped a black tower, which still continually accumulated the spirit of the people.

The power of the nation could only be devoured and annihilated in a war between nations. They were now like robbers, being able to capture territory, but unable to destroy the hearts of the people.

Of course, if the imperial city and the emperor were destroyed, then with the country's roots dead, the country wouldn't be a country—it'd be equivalent to hitting where it hurt, being just as deadly.

The various regions would cooperate obviously because they received orders. Ling Han already returned to the imperial city; on the way, he intentionally lured the enemy to venture deep, making them go deep into Great Ling Empire's interior, where he would annihilate them all.

The opponent pressed on very fast, and left Flower Blossom Tier martial artists to keep watch over the seized cities while the elites continued to march west, towards the imperial city.

"Ling Han, I have a matter to discuss with you." Right when he returned to the imperial city, Ling Han was dragged over by Helian Xun Xue.

Ling Han was startled. Was this chick trying to be lewd in broad daylight?

"What's with your expression?" Helian Xun Xue pulled him to the side, and said, "The sea race's people have already come!"


Ling Han looked at her, and said, "Where?"

"They were sent fleeing by Yi Shuang Shuang," Helian Xunxue said. "This time, not only Xianyu Royal Family came, my family also did. Originally, I wanted to hide from them, but knowing the truth about the settling, I felt that my family could be won over, so I wrote a letter to have that person from my family bring it to my father!"

"In other words, Helian's royal family knows that you're here?" Ling Han said.

"Yes!" Helian Xun Xue nodded. "If you think I've done something wrong, I can leave, and I definitely won't implicate you!"

Ling Han pressed her down on his thigh, greeted her butt with a bunch of slaps, and said, "You think I'm the kind of person to throw away the mother of my child? You ought to take a beating!"

"Good beating! Good beating!" Hu Niu immediately jumped out from behind a stone pillar and threw a kick, and said, "Ling Han, let's beat her to death and eat stewed dragon beat?"

Whoever contested with her for Ling Han would be treated as a target that needed to be destroyed, but, unfortunately, Ling Han didn't allow it, giving Hu Niu no choice.

Helian Xun Xue, however, turned over and rode on top of Ling Han. Her almond-shaped eyes burst with flames as she tore open Ling Han's clothes and said fiercely, "How many times do you owe me?"

"Ew, ew, ew!" Hu Niu covered her eyes with both hands in a hurry. The sea girl was really too dirty and was going to corrupt Niu's pure spirit.

"Hu Niu's still here, aren't you afraid of corrupting children!" Ling Han hurriedly turned over again, pressing Helian Xun Xue below his body.

"Xixi, Niu also wants to play!" Hu Niu pounced on top. She thought that the two were just playing.


With Hu Niu present, Helian Xun Xue obviously couldn't claim back her debt, and her temper naturally remained somewhat irritable. Fortunately, Ling Jian Xue woke up and made her rush to breast-feed.

Hu Niu looked on by the side, and said, "Why doesn't little snow look anything like Ling Han!"

"He's still young, so it's obviously hard to tell," Liu Yu Tong said. She and Li Si Chang would help look after Ling Jian Xue, who was Ling Family's current little beloved baby—everyone of all statuses pampered him to the bones.

"Yiyaya!" The litte fellow chuckled and reached out his small hand to grab Liu Yu Tong's breasts. Apparently, he thought that Liu Yu Tong's breasts were more ample and should taste more delicious, making Helian Xun Xue quite depressed.

After a few days, the east region's elite coalition already arrived several hundred meters from the imperial city; they would be able to pull out Great Ling Empire's backbone in the next step, thoroughly destroying the newborn king's court.

Ling Han commanded everyone out—it was time to draw the net.

East region's elites fought smoothly all the way here. Besides, who didn't know that north region's martial arts level was the lowest? Thus, each one of them was obviously proud and arrogant, not thinking that north region had any sort of power that could obstruct them.

They found it strange that, with north region's inadequate strength, they would go as far as to make middle state that nervous, forcing them to sortie almost all their top powers—look, didn't they easily advance to the Great Ling Empire's imperial city?

Now, everything would be resolved.

Ling Han brought Hu Niu to greet the enemy.

"I am Great Ling Empire's son of heaven, and if you all dare to assault my empire, you shall all die! But considering you guys are also just obeying orders, I'll give you all a chance. Surrender now. I can spare your lives!" Ling Han said, his voice rumbling throughout the entire imperial city—even through the totem—resounding in every single city.

This was miraculous effect of totems, which could connect the entire Great Ling Empire.

"Hahahaha!" East region's elites were taken aback shortly, then couldn't help but burst into laughter. This brat was really the emperor? Not just a laughing stock? A mere Deity Transformation Tier warrior dared to demand they surrender—what a real exaggerated opinion of his own abilities.

"Brat, I'll kill you!" A Deity Transformation Tier warrior jumped out. He looked to be forty years old, but his real age was at least over two hundred, which could be clearly seen from Qi and blood.

Ling Han walked over in large strides, and said, "If you can block This Emperor's one move, This Emperor will spare your life!"

"Bullsh*t, watch me kill you in one move!" That person was furious, and charged over while brandishing a large saber. The boiling presence shocked the air; his strength was quite astonishing, and he could be called an expert even in the Deity Transformation Tier.

Ling Han had his hands behind his back. The moment the opponent's assault arrived, he casually threw out a palm.

Pa, that person instantly split into pieces. Deity Transformation Tier blood essence propagated heaven and earth, turning into multi-colored divine light, an extremely shocking thing.

Ling Han withdrew his hand, and said indifferently, "There aren't many chances left, is there still no one willing to surrender?"

The palm he'd displayed shocked the elites of the east region. That Deity Transformation Tier warrior wasn't weak, being a renowned elite in the east region, sufficient to rank in the top hundreds. However, such an elite was actually killed by a single palm, demonstrating just how astonishing Ling Han's strength was.

They underestimated the north region; they never would've thought that there was actually such an elite here!

A Heaven Tier elite walked out, wearing a grim smile, and said, "Indeed remarkable, a Deity Transformation Tier warrior that has Heaven Tier battle prowess, worthy of being called a peerless genius. But do you know that establishing a nation is something that goes against the heavenly laws?"

Ling Han cracked a smile, and said, "May I ask, how does it go against the heavenly laws?"

"The rules agreed on by the old ancestors, what else?" that Heaven Tier said coldly.

These people were brainwashed into stupidity. They obviously had to be convinced through a beating.

Ling Han waved his hand, and sneered, "If your old ancestor tells you to eat sh*t, do you eat it?"
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