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Hearing those words, Ling Han really was somewhat shocked. He could win against an opponent by crossing an entire large tier, but despite such endowments and freakishness, once at the divine level, it was actually hard to cross even one small tier?

"You're shocked, right?" Yi Shuang Shuang snickered. "It's precisely because every small tier is hard to cross that even small extreme, medium extreme, and high extreme are divided into early stage, middle stage, late stage, and peak stage. According to this lady's prediction, you're a genius that can fight against peak stage at early stage. In the divine realm, such geniuses might not be everywhere, but surely are not a few."

Ling Han's heart thumped. If he claimed second at fighting at the same tier amongst the younger generation of the vast lands—no, amongst the martial artists in the entire vast lands— no one would dare claim first, and it would still be so even if the Sword Emperor and the Setting Sun Saber Emperor were dragged back to this tier again.

On one land, the number one in ten thousand years actually couldn't rank amongst the top geniuses in the divine realm?

Hiss, how freakish was the divine realm!

Thinking again, the divine realm's resources definitely surpassed the mortal realm's by countless times, and perhaps there were some nature-defying things that could skyrocket a martial artist's battle prowess, just like Heavenly Luck Stone that Ling Han had once refined—could that not exist in the divine realm?

Perhaps there were even more powerful things.

In a world so small that even Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire looked down on the vast lands as if they were a mayfly, Ling Han could grow to a level comparable to the divine level's geniuses… then after he entered the divine realm, could he not become even stronger?

So what about the finest geniuses? I can surpass them!

Ling Han instantly recovered his confidence, and a smile surfaced at the corner of his lips, full of fighting spirit.

At this moment, he itched to charge into the divine realm to fight against the Sword Emperor and the Setting Sun Saber Emperor, and then take back Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden to make her the daughter-in-law of the Ling Family and warm his bed every day.

"Ugh!" Yi Shuang Shuang shivered. "Why did your eyes suddenly become so perverted, damn brat, were you fantasizing about this lady?"

"You? Hehe!" Ling Han shrugged.

"What's that supposed to mean, do you think this lady isn't beautiful enough?" Yi Shuang Shuang was angered.

How baffling.

Ling Han diverged from this substanceless topic, and said, "How about you, what tier, and how many levels can your battle prowess surpass?"

Yi Shuang Shuang placed her hand on her hips proudly, and said, "This lady is an expert at Sun Moon Tier! I reached small extreme's middle stage, but being trapped for ten thousand years, my cultivation already dropped to small extreme's early stage, and the battle prowess even dropped to Mountain River Tier's small extreme's early stage."

No wonder she could still easily suppress Corpse Boss. Despite being suppressed by the realm's power, she definitely could unleash the power at the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier, with an unknown amount of stars of battle prowess.

"At this lady's peak stage, she can fight late stage at early stage, crossing two small tiers. This is called a two star genius in the divine realm." Yi Shuang Shuang saw that Ling Han was totally unconcerned, and immediately went on, "What do you know! In the divine realm, crossing a small tier is already remarkable, called a one star genius, and it's one in hundreds of millions… you think that there are mediocre people amongst those that can become Gods?"

That was true. Placed in the vast lands, which Shattering Void Tier elite wasn't a genius amongst geniuses, and to defeat them surpassing tiers was difficult! It was the same placed in the divine realm. Being able to ascend to God Tier, unless it was from being pumped up by taking medicine, weren't those who broke through with their own diligent cultivation also geniuses amongst geniuses?

To still win surpassing tiers, it would be hard!

"In a similar fashion, above that are two star geniuses, three star geniuses, and four star geniuses. As far as this lady knows, there are only a few four star geniuses, and there was once a five star genius, recorded only in the ancient books," Yi Shuang Shuang said unhurriedly.

Ling Han was confident in himself. He'd only cultivated the first layer of Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, which already made him the number one genius recognized by the martial arts stone. If he were to master the second layer, what level could he reach?

He looked at Yi Shuang Shuang with a smile, and said, "I have a matter to discuss with you."

"What, you're coveting this lady's treasure?" As if guarding from a thief, Yi Shuang Shuang held the crystal skeletal hand tightly.

"Am I a person that lacking in class?"

"Hard to say!"

Ling Han was speechless for a while, then said, "Even if I covet it, I can't beat you, right?"

"Yeah!" Yi Shuang Shuang finally stopped worrying, and said, "What matter do you want to discuss?"

"I lack the art for the tenth level, and want to borrow one from you first," Ling Han said. The arts he grasped only reached the ninth level, which could only be cultivated till the peak stage of the Heaven Tier.

Theoretically, he indeed could create his own tenth level art and advance into the Shattering Void Tier, but how much time would that take? Even if he already stood on the grounds of predecessors, it would still take hundreds of years.

He couldn't wait that long.

"Ha!" Yi Shuang Shuang immediately laughed loudly, and said proudly, "Sure, but what will you use to exchange? Even if it's just borrowing, it can't be a verbal statement without proof. You have to take something as pledge, right?

"Tell me, what do you want?" Ling Han was prepared to be taken advantage of. After all, it was worth at least a hundred years, which was more valuable than any treasure.

However, he definitely wouldn't take out the Black Tower, the Heaven Transformation Bowl, or the Revere Life Sword. At worst, he would just sneak into the five great sects and think of ways to steal… with the Black Tower in hand, it wasn't something impossible.

"You've come all the way from a small country in the desolate north. This lady doesn't believe that you really relied on your own hard work. Quick, tell this lady, what mystic treasure exactly do you have?" Yi Shuang Shuang's eyes sparkled, filled with curiosity.

Ling Han said unhurriedly, "Actually, I'm the reincarnation of a Shattering Void Tier, so my cultivation speed is obviously fast."

Yi Shuang Shuang rolled her eyes at him, and said, "A soul's reincarnation in the divine realm is almost impossible, unless one obtained the exceptional divine item, Reincarnation Flower… like hell this lady believes you! Besides, if you were a Shattering Void Tier's reincarnation, would you need a tenth layer art?"

Yes, this chick isn't stupid.

Ling Han's heart raced. So, a soul's reincarnation in the divine realm was also extremely rare? Hiss, exactly how high did the level of the Black Tower reach, not only making his soul reincarnate, and first "preserving" it for ten thousand years, allowing him to constantly fathom Indestructible Heaven's Scroll during the ten thousand years.

He'd already overestimated the Black Tower, but now, he seemed to have underestimated it.

"Sigh, you don't believe it even if I tell you, I can't help it." Ling Han shrugged. He definitely wouldn't reveal the secret of the Black Tower.

"Then, the tenth level art you want… you can say goodbye to it!" Yi Shuang Shuang said unhappily.

Then he'd say goodbye—there was nothing impossible in the world, and all he had to do was take time to think of another way. He was still a while away from the peak stage of the Heaven Tier anyway.

"Go back!"

He called Helian Xun Xue and the others; he had to quickly take care of the problem of the east region.
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