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What Ling Han was shocked with was not that Corpse Boss's body could remember an entire formation over several hundred thousand of years, but with Ma Duo Bao who created the Revere Life Sword.

The strength of this person… was absolutely shocking!

To be able to engrave the memory of a formation deep into an elite's bones… in harsher words, wasn't that fear deep to the bones? Then, how terrifying was Ma Duo Bao who was able to create the formation?

The world's number one formation master, entirely worthy of such a title!

No wonder he could stand as number one above the rest on the martial arts stone, calling himself number one and looking down on the world. It indeed wasn't big talk, but he was truly powerful.

However, what sort of formation was it exactly?

Hong, the crystal skeletal hand was completely activated and turned into a slim hand with blood and flesh; even if it was only a hand, it was charming, and had definitely belonged to an exceptional celestial fairy.

However, the delicate hand turned into the size of a lofty mountain, smashing towards Ling Han.

Nothing fancy, only the terrifying display of martial intent, emitting an arrogant and domineering presence.

"Nothing can block it, I'll shatter it all!" It seemed to say something like that.

The Revere Life Sword also blossomed with dazzling light as over ten thousand veined patterns all lit up, and xiu, it slipped out of Ling Han's hand and rose into the air own its own, standing off against the delicate hand.

The two clashed, and the sword struck the palm, bursting forth with world-dazzling light, once again blinding people.

After the dazzling light, Revere Life Sword and the lily-white hand fought fiercely, exchanging blows constantly and bursting forth with terrifyingly powerful Qi. Ling Han hurriedly summoned everyone over and guarded them with Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation, or else, if they were struck once, they'd definitely be smashed to pieces.

Corpse Boss shook his head, stopped the battle on his own accord, retrieved the crystal skeletal hand, and said, "Ten moves. I can't kill you!"

Ling Han's battle spirit was ablaze, and he said, "Brother Corpse, I look forward to fighting with you the next time, truly coming to grips!"

Corpse Boss was refined and cultured, wearing a smile on his face, and had no sign of frustration, appearing greatly generous in spirit. He said, "Then you'd better cultivate faster. The stage of the Shattering Void Tier isn't that easy to reach. I only crossed over it without hindrance because of my former life, or else… it's extremely, extremely difficult!

Even he used two extremelys, so it was clear that humanity's peak indeed wasn't easy to reach.

"This time, I'm indebted to Brother Corpse for treating me to great tea. Next time, I'll treat you to good wine," Ling Han said with a smile.

Corpse Boss couldn't help but smile, and said, "Although I don't drink wine, I'm willing to make an exception for you."



Corpse Boss turned his body and took a step, appearing several miles out.

To be so courteous after a life and death battle, it was a first for Ling Han. However, Corpse Boss indeed had a remarkable bearing, which gave him a favorable impression and desire to be his friend.

"However, he is after all one of Thousand Corpse Sect's, and in the future, I'll inevitably fight against the Thousand Corpse Sect, and it might really be a fight to the death." Ling Han sighed deeply.


An astonishing battle shock wave suddenly came from afar; the stars in the sky shattered continuously, and even a large cluster of stars could be seen falling down in the daytime, being obstructed by the astral winds, burning, and turning into meteorites.

It was a battle of the Shattering Void Tier, and it just happened to be in the direction Corpse Boss was headed.

Did he encounter a formidable enemy?

Ling Han wasn't worried. Shattering Void Tier elite's speeds were about the same, so if one side wanted to run, they could completely escape, which was the reason why Shattering Void Tier elites were almost undying. If I couldn't win, I'd just run, and what could you do?

Unless it was someone who cultivated a Mystical Power like Thunderclap Ninth Heaven—then no one could catch up when running, and no one could escape when chasing. However, if a Shattering Void Tier elite was willing to ignite his life essence, they could still erupt with high speeds, which was still unresolvable.

The great fight in the distance didn't continue for long and soon calmed down, but it was only an instant before a terrifying oppressive pressure assaulted them, making people's skin crack, which was extremely hard to bear.

A red-haired girl appeared in the distance with yellowish-pink wings, which spread out over 3000 meters, but they were shrinking rapidly, and in the time of breath, the wings were completely gone.

Yi Shuang Shuang!

The girl held a crystal-shaped skeletal hand in her hand, playing with it absorbedly.

"Hey!" Ling Han shouted.

"Aiyo, aiyo, who is it, scared this lady!" Yi Shuang Shuang put away the crystal skeletal hand in a hurry. When she saw Ling Han and the others, she couldn't help but be puzzled, and said to herself, "Strange, this lady was clearly walking back, why'd she bump into these guys?"

Ling Han pointed out, "You walked in the wrong direction. The imperial city is the other way!"

"Heehee, thanks for reminder. Later!" Yi Shuang Shuang turned to leave.

"Wait!" Ling Han shouted in a hurry to stop her. "Weren't you keeping watch over the imperial city? Why did you run over here?"

Yi Shuang Shuang shrugged, and said, "Sensed a great battle here from the imperial city, so I came here to watch the fun."

Ling Han rolled his eyes, and said, "Not just watch the fun, is it, but also steal someone else's things!" This woman had apparently arrived long ago, but didn't intervene all along, yet waited till after Corpse Boss left to catch up to him and snatch the crystal skeletal hand.

One couldn't help but say that this woman was too powerful—the might released by the crystal skeletal hand was so terrifying, but she still forcibly suppressed it.

Poor Corpse Boss had to be very gloomy, right? However, it was unfortunate for him to meet a being from the divine realm. She wasn't ordinarily strong even with her strength suppressed, at least not what the current him could rival. Perhaps it took the Lunar King, and even elites like Ma Duo Bao, to counter her.

Yi Shuang Shuang giggled, and said, "You don't know, this skeletal hand is extremely likely to be from a Heavenly Body Tier powerhouse, and if the essence within could be extracted, this lady might be able to restore all her vigor."

"What Heavenly Body Tier? And, the imperial city is that far from here, you can still sense it?" Ling Han questioned closely.

"Tsk, only separated by such tiny distance, it'd be strange if this lady couldn't sense it. This realm's rules are too simple. This lady is absolutely like an almighty god here!" Yi Shuang Shuang said disdainfully.

"Heavenly Body Tier, is this a divine being's tier?" Ling Han asked. He could conclude that divine being also had relative superiority, but he didn't know how it was divided.

"Ai, you're so annoying, a mere Deity Transformation Tier warrior concerned about the matters of the divine realm," Yi Shuang Shuang said with disdain.

Ling Han gave a 'ha,' and said, "Believe it or not, I'll advance into the Shattering Void Tier within ten years, and breaking into the divine realm is also just around the corner."

Seemingly awed by Ling Han's heroic spirit, Yi Shuang Shuang was taken aback shortly, then said, "Alright, then this lady will do a good deed and educate you in advance, but after you know, you'd better not be shocked and unable to recover!"

"Tsk, am I such a weak-willed person?" Ling Han obviously wouldn't believe it.

"Don't be so sure!" Yi Shuang Shuang played with the skeletal hand, and said, "Divine beings are separated into five large tiers, Mountain River, Sun Moon, Heavenly Body, Eternal River, and Genesis, but every large tier isn't divided into nine layers—instead there are only four small tiers, which are low extreme, medium extreme, high extreme, and consummate.

"Not to mention the large levels, the strength gaps between the small levels are as large as the sky. You're now in the Deity Transformation Tier, yet you can fight the Heaven Tier, crossing one large tier, and can be called a genius in the mortal realm, but after advancing into the divine tier, even crossing one small tier is difficult."
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