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Ling Han shockingly discovered that there wasn't a trace of any weakness on Corpse Boss!

How was that possible!?

There were lees in every wine, and even the world's finest defensive arts definitely wouldn't be without a trace of a weakness—it was unrealistic.

But now, a truly perfect being appeared; from the information fed back by the Eye of Truth, his arrow would be useless no matter which direction it was shot in.

Ling Han immediately realized that it wasn't Corpse Boss who had no weak points, but that his own strength was too weak.

Shattering Void Tier elites were too powerful, powerful to the point that even if they didn't move, their static defense was almost flawless, and it wouldn't matter no matter how much Heaven Tier elites attacked… at least Ling Han alone couldn't break through it.

This was the gap in tier!

Ling Han stood at the peak of martial arts in his previous life, but it was only the Heaven Tier, and Shattering Void Tier elites were also extremely mysterious existences to him. And now, he was going to go against such a being.

Fortunately, there was still Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation.

Ling Han operated his strength to the extreme, and if even the ice dragon couldn't rival Corpse Boss, he would have to consider hiding in the Black Tower or using up Black Tower's one-time power boost—though a great pity, it was better than dying here.

Corpse Boss attacked, throwing out a palm, and countless large stars instantly fell from the sky as if a meteor shower was raining down on Ling Han.

These weren't large stars, but something that used Origin Power as cores, gathering Spirit Qi, and under the blessing of martial intent, they were heavier than stars, so it wasn't excessive to call them large stars that rained down cluster after cluster.

This was an ultimate move unleashed by a Shattering Void Tier elite—it was ineffably terrifying.

The ice dragon roared, crying out repeatedly as it charged towards the sky. Instantly, the sky burst forth with shocking light rays, and even Ling Han couldn't help but lower his head, not daring to stare at it.

He was within the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation, which was also a powerful defense, enough to resist against the impact of Shattering Void Tier five stars.

Corpse Boss made multiple snatching movements with both hands; countless large stars continued to fall, flickering, and even the sun's radiance was completely concealed.

The ice dragon was extremely formidable. It possessed battle prowess of the Shattering Void Tier seven stars, even being undying; even if it was knocked apart, it wouldn't matter, for with the accumulation of Spirit Qi, it could immediately recover.

Its root lay in the formation, and with the formation unbroken and there being no lack of Spirit Qi, it could exist forever.

Corpse Boss was very strong, but not superior to battle prowess of Shattering Void Tier five stars. Not only could he not deal with the formation, he was even hunted down by the ice dragon. If it weren't for his extremely formidable physique, he might've been instantly killed.

He stopped, and muttered, "One more move."

Ling Han was assured within. Although he completely couldn't see through a Shattering Void Tier elite's strength, he could still make a judgement based on the confrontation between the ice dragon and Corpse Boss—Corpse Boss's strength was roughly Shattering Void Tier four stars, which was also when he released an ultimate move.

Unfortunately, Ling Han only relied on the ice dragon's strength, or else it would be even possible for him to oppress Corpse Boss. After all, formations couldn't grow legs to carry out a pursuit and attack. The ice dragon could at most move in the range of the formation, and would disappear when leaving it, for it was created by the formation.

There was one more move. Did Corpse Boss have an even stronger ultimate move?

Corpse Boss spread open his right hand, and a crystal-shaped skeletal hand appeared.

A skeletal hand should look terrifying and ghastly, but this crystal skeletal hand seemed like the most exquisite piece of art, without any ghastly feel to it and instead full of grandeur. But examining closely, one would see that there were countless veined patterns on the skeletal hand, so numerous that they were uncountable.

Ling Han was shocked within, and said, "Could you also have cut this off your own body in your previous life?" Corpse Two's bone mallet was made from his own femur; for a being that reached such a tier, even severed limbs could regenerate, but they couldn't regrow rapidly the way Ling Han's did.

Using one's own bone as a Spirit Tool would definitely be the most comfortable—more than using a Spirit Tool nourished by oneself.

Corpse Boss shook his head, and said, "No, this hand is certainly something obtained in my previous life, but it's definitely not from my own body. According to my many years of research and conjectures, it might be a divine being's hand."


Ling Han was shocked—a divine being's hand!

Wait, didn't this realm not allow divine spirit elites to appear? Uh, no, it was just a severed hand, at most seen as a divine tool— even Black Tower, Heaven Transformation Bowl, and Bottle of Curse could exist, so why couldn't a divine being's hand?

The key was what sort of power it could unleash.

"Is it strong?" Ling Han said with a smile. The more dangerous the moment, the more relaxed his mind was.

"Very strong!" Corpse Boss said solemnly. "It can kill normal Shattering Void Tier elites, and if not for the realm power's suppression, it can be even stronger."

"Then I shall see!" Ling Han said, brandishing the Revere Life Sword, which also became stronger when encountering a strong opponent. He also took out the Heaven Transformation Bowl. Could the skeletal hand be absorbed and refined into a few drops of divine being's bone marrow?

Corpse Boss grasped the crystal skeletal hand, and weng, the veined patterns lit up. Kuang, the sky immediately echoed with a clap of thunder; sensed by the heaven and earth, the dark clouds rolled, gathering densely above Corpse Boss as if a heavenly tribulation was going to descend to kill him.

That crystal skeletal hand was too powerful—it threatened the existence of this realm. The heavenly dao was also startled, and prepared to intervene at any time, opening a spatial fissure to expel it.

Ling Han had seen the look of the heaven and earth unleashing its might. In Zi Xue Xian's memories, those as powerful as divine beings were immediately devoured and expelled once they erupted with power not belonging to this realm.

However, the dark clouds were rolling, but lightning never struck down, and no spatial fissure opened up. Apparently, the crystal skeletal hand was strong, but not strong to the point of making heaven and earth expel it.

What a headache!

Ling Han unleashed the Heaven Transformation Bowl, and weng, the treasured bowl lit up and began to absorb everything around it unrestrainedly. Even normal rocks weren't let off, yet it had no way to fend against that crystal skeletal hand.

Apparently, the Heaven Transformation Bowl couldn't deal with it.

The levels of the two things were about the same, so Heaven Transformation Bowl couldn't do it.

Ling Han retrieved the Heaven Transformation Bowl, and fully activated the Revere Life Sword.

Even though he carved out a tenth-tier formation, he still had a hard time grasping the formations on the Revere Life Sword. Till now, he still only activated seven formation patterns, yet the formation patterns on it reached the number of over ten thousand.

Sensing the threat posed by the crystal skeletal hand, the Revere Life Sword began to awaken on its own. Its killing intent spread out, influencing the air to spiral on its own; inside the vortex, there was a gaseous sword, pitifully small, yet it could make Shattering Void Tier elites feel fear when they saw it.

Corpse Boss's eyes instinctively burst with a chilling glare as he said, "Your sword… is remarkable! I seem to have some memory of it, but I can't remember!"

Would Shattering Void Tier beings forget things? Of course it was impossible! Then what he meant by being unable to remember was definitely a memory from his previous life. After all, it was an old corpse that had a newly birthed soul, which could be seen as a completely different being.

But for Revere Life Sword to stimulate Corpse Boss's memory from the previous life, that was even more terrifying!

How deeply engraved did the memory have to be for it to connect two souls through several hundred thousands of years?

It was probably deeply engraved in his bones!
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