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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 774 Drink Tea First Then Kill People

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In such desolate wilderness, a tea-drinking man unexpectedly appeared, completely relaxed. It was abnormal no matter how one looked at it.

Ling Han and the others stopped in their tracks and looked towards that person.

He was a man gentle like jade, looked to be in the thirties, filled with a manly charm, and with a full head of black hair that draped over his shoulders, seeming somewhat wanton and unrestrained.

This person obviously also saw Ling Han; he put down his teacup, and said, "Tea is really such a good thing, cultivating one's mind and illuminating one's heart."

"This sir sitting in the middle of the road, are you planning to serve me tea?" Ling Han said with a smile, and walked over with large strides.

The man took out a cup from the tea tray and filled it up, then said, "Why not?"

Ling Han pulled out a chair and sat down face to face with that man. He lifted the cup to smell it, and said, "It indeed is good tea."

That man cracked a smile, and said, "It's Dragon's Birth Tea, which according to legends grew bathing in the rain of true dragons, cultivated once in a hundred years. Whether it really bathed in the rain of true dragons is unknown, but the preciousness of it is not to be doubted. The tea's fragrance overflows in the mouth, lingering for a long time."

"Thanks!" Ling Han took a sip, and his brows relaxed involuntarily. He should also plant this kind of good tea inside the Black Tower.

"Please enjoy!" That man extended his hand, making an inviting gesture.

Ling Han took a few sips, placed the teacup down, and said, "I haven't asked what this lord's distinguished name is."

That man smiled faintly, and said, "I'm called Corpse Boss."


Ling Han almost spurted out a mouthful of tea. He'd thought of many possibilities, but didn't associate the man with the Thousand Corpse Sect.

No matter whether it was Rong Huan Xuan, Corpse Two, or the Ninth Underworld King, all of them had Corpse Qi, but in front of their eyes, the cultured and refined man like an erudite scholar really couldn't be associated with the Thousand Corpse Sect.

According to what Corpse Two, Corpse Boss was more… perfect than he was!

It really was perfect to the point that he didn't seem like a corpse returning to life. The marks of old age could still be seen on Corpse Two's body, but Corpse Boss truly shed off the old skin and obtained new life.

"How truly unexpected!" Ling Han said sincerely.

Hearing Corpse Boss's name, one'd think of a person with furrowed brows and blazing eyes, looking all murderous… Truly a huge gap from the one before their eyes.

Corpse Boss smiled faintly, and said, "I very rarely kill people, but facing those worthy of my intervention, I'll always treat them to tea."

"Does this count as the beheading tea?" Ling Han said.

"You could say so." Corpse Boss nodded.

"Can we chat before it's finished?"

"Of course."



The two completely didn't seem like enemies, talking cheerfully and humorously. Corpse Boss was well-read and could talk volubly no matter what topic they were on, while Ling Han wasn't to be outdone, either. He lived two hundred years in the previous lifetime, and obviously read extensively, so very few could rival his abundance of knowledge.

As they talked and drank, the pot of tea was soon finished.

After the two drank all the tea inside their cups, they suddenly stopped speaking.

Corpse Boss slowly stored away the teacups inside a spatial Spirit Tool, while Ling Han stood up so that Corpse Boss could also store the table and chair at the same time.

"If you can block ten of my moves, I'll let you go once," Corpse Boss said.

Ling Han didn't dare to be careless. He couldn't see through Corpse Boss's cultivation at all. According to what Corpse Two had said, Corpse Boss had always been cultivating in the Pond of the Underworld and was extremely like to have reached the Shattering Void Tier before he left.

If Corpse Boss was at the Shattering Void Tier, then he really could strike the firmament and destroy the depth of hell, strikingly powerful.

Ten moves… if Ling Han resisted with his own battle prowess, it would probably be extremely difficult.

Ling Han unleashed the Revere Life Sword, prepared for battle.

Corpse Boss very casually swatted his hand at Ling Han. Hong, the world dimmed as a large hand appeared out of thin air, pressing towards Ling Han. Nothing fancy, it was just an extremely simple palm attack.

However, the palm's power shockingly reached the peak stage of the Heaven Tier. Ling Han greeted it with his sword, but was immediately sent flying, trembling all over and almost spurting out blood.

It was extremely shocking. His physique clearly reached the toughness of ninth-tier rare metal, but his internal organs were still shocked under the attack as if overturning seas and rivers, being extremely hard to bear.

"The second move!" Corpse Boss swung his palm. The power increased a whole lot unimaginably, and although it hadn't reached the Shattering Void Tier, it really wasn't far from it.

This guy was undoubtedly at the Shattering Void Tier!

Ten moves, with each move increasing in battle prowess… on the third move, the power would probably reach the Shattering Void Tier.

Ling Han took another hit, and his entire person was smacked into a sheet of paper, becoming extremely flat. However, such a terrifying attack was neutralized in half, and the remaining half he could completely take on with his physique.

"Coupling hardness with softness?" Corpse Boss revealed an astounded expression. "I've never expected your physical arts to reach such a high standard… but this is only the second move." He swung his right hand again, throwing out the third palm.

This time, it really reached the Shattering Void Tier; even the skies trembled and the earth split, groaning soundlessly under the Shattering Void Tier's battle prowess.

Ling Han had no more hesitation and swung his right hand, spreading out 108 short swords, forming the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation.


The large hand hit, but was forcibly stopped as an ice dragon appeared, blocking the palm.

"Hm?" Corpse Two looked surprised again. "You really surprise people, you're actually a formation master as well?" This person was a little more than twenty, but he not only had amazing attainments in martial arts, but also had an identity of a Heaven Grade alchemist. Now, he even unleashed a tenth-tier formation—how truly incredible.

How could one person display such accomplishments?

"Corpse Two said that you might be some Shattering Void Tier's reincarnation with the soul of the previous lifetime, being able to use the realm power… Seems somewhat reasonable," Corpse Boss said. People were limited by time, and even if Ling Han started to study the three Daos meticulously once he was born, twenty years' time was by no means enough to get any single one to the extreme, let alone three Daos together.

Except for a Shattering Void Tier elite's reincarnation, there was no second kind of possibility.

But reincarnation and rebirth… this was completely unheard of!

Take him and Corpse Two as examples—although they were still with the bodies they had several ten thousands years ago, their souls had not a bit of relationship with their previous one. The body was indeed the same, but could it still count as the previous life's continuance?

The spirit's reincarnation? Inconceivable… It could shock the entire world if word were to spread.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "There are seven more moves!"

Corpse Boss's expression was stern as he raised his right hand in front of his chest and condensed a shocking light ray in his palm with veined patterns surfacing, emitting an ancient presence.

Was this his previous life's martial intent?

Ling Han was somewhat gloomy. He clearly knew that Corpse Boss was accumulating power for an ultimate move, yet he could only stare blankly. He pondered and decided that he couldn't be so passive, unleashing Sunset Bow.

Blocking ten moves was what the deal was, but there was no mention that he could only take the beating.

He drew the bow, mounted an arrow, and activated the Eye of Truth, searching for Corpse Boss's weakness.ED/N: I guess it's like the last meal before carrying out death sentence.
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