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Ling Han turned abruptly and saw Dong Ling'er holding a scroll in her hand. It was this thing that made him feel extreme chills and pins and needles.

Was this… a Shattering Void Tier's law decree?

Other than that, Ling Han couldn't think of anything that could make him feel such a strong sense of danger.

The Shattering Void Tier, the strongest in the world, overwhelming Heaven Tier elites not just by a tiny bit.

Xu Xiu Ran also realized it, and said discontentedly, "Hmph, I can kill him!"

"The seniors have said that the only mission on this trip is to kill this person!" Dong Ling'er said coldly, and didn't give Xu Xiu Ran face. She opened the scroll slowly, and instantly, a terrifyingly powerful presence swept by, making everyone anxious.

The Shattering Void Tier, beings at humanity's peak; even a shred of their aura could cause the skies to turn pale.

Inside the scroll, white divine light rose constantly, and though Dong Ling'er was the one who'd opened it, it was as if she was nonexistent and only that scroll remained in the world, conveying the heavens' decree.

It was definitely a Shattering Void Tier elite's law decree!

Ling Han nodded inwardly; the five great sects were really even willing to take out such a law decree.

After all, it wasn't just the matter of a Shattering Void Tier expending their cultivation to write it down—just how precious were the materials? If it weren't a Shattering Void Tier beast's skin, how could it withstand a Shattering Void Tier's will? If it weren't a Shattering Void Tier being's blood essence, how could it possibly leave a mark on such a beast skin?

How many Shattering Void Tier beasts were there in the world?

Therefore, the five great sects really buckled down.

Xu Xiu Ran snorted, but said no more. His personal plans obviously couldn't override the sect's interests even if he was Absolute Saber Sect's most exceptional genius in ten thousand years—the one and only.

Hong, when the scroll fully unfurled, white light intertwined and formed a phoenix, with wings three hundred meters long, emitting an all-powerful presence.

The Shattering Void Tier!

As Dong Ling'er pointed with her index and middle finger, the phoenix cried out resoundingly and fluttered its wings. Even the blue skies were about to collapse as it was diving extremely rapidly towards Ling Han.

A Shattering Void Tier attack—did a Deity Transformation Tier warrior qualify to resist ist? Not to mention a Deity Transformation Tier, even a heaven-defying Heaven Tier elite wouldn't, just like how it was impossible to rival a Flower Blossom Tier opponent no matter how strong a Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite was—it was insurmountable.

But at this moment, the temperature of the air dropped rapidly as everyone felt like they were falling into an ice cave, trembling all over involuntarily, instantly losing their fighting spirit and simply wanting to hold their arms to escape the cold.

With a dragon's cry, an entirely icy-white true dragon appeared, waving its claws fiercely at the phoenix.


The two divine beasts exchanged blows, the momentum shaking the skies.

Theoretically, true phoenixes definitely wouldn't lose to true dragons, but true dragons were relatively stronger, so true dragons were regarded as the divine realm's standard measure of power; but, the problem was that neither of two were true divine beasts.

One was a formed by a formation, while the other was formed by a law decree.

Peng, in an exchange of blows, the phoenix was immediately sent flying, not enduring a single exchange.

Ling Han smiled proudly. He'd already expected such a result.

Where did the attacks of a law decree come from?

Martial artists branded their martial intent onto talisman paper with their own blood essence, which, unfolded, could form attacks, no different from spirit talismans. In this way, the power of law decrees was limited by two points: first, the martial artist's strength, and second, the talisman paper's quality.

The talisman paper used for Shattering Void Tier's law decree would definitely be Shattering Void Tier's beast skin, and if the beast was only in the third layer of the Shattering Void Tier, then it would be impossible to withstand martial intent even one layer higher. Similarly, even if the talisman paper was of the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier, but the creator only was at the third layer of the Shattering Void Tier, then the law decree created would have at most power of the third layer of the Shattering Void Tier.

A two-way restriction, decided two-way.

There were pitifully little Shattering Void Tier beasts to begin with, so where could a high-level one be slaughtered so that you can get beast skin? Such a thing was a most valuable treasure that could be used to refine high-level defensive gear, and creating a law decree was really too wasteful!

Besides, writing a law decree required one's own blood essence, which was a type of great expense for Shattering Void Tier elites. Who would be willing to do it?

Thus, Ling Han estimated that the law decree's power wouldn't surpass Shattering Void Tier five stars, and as he'd expected, the phoenix's attack was knocked back by the ice dragon. It probably only had Shattering Void Tier two to three stars of battle prowess.

"What!?" Xu Xiu Ran and other four all cried out in surprise. That was a Shattering Void Tier elite's personally refined law decree, how could it be not even withstand one blow?

That ice dragon?

They were all shocked. With their judgement, they could obviously see that it was a formation; and the biggest difference between formations and law decrees was that law decrees would naturally become a piece of wastepaper as the Shattering Void Tier's blood essence was all burned out after one use, but formations were different—as long as heaven and earth was still present, the formation could absorb Spirit Qi continuously, its power not decreasing.

If the law decree was powerful enough, then it could destroy the formation in one vigorous effort, and it would be useless to have strength that didn't run out, but the key was that the formation now was the stronger one!

What else could be done, then?

Xu Xiu Ran brandished the Absolute Saber, and said, "Ling Han, no one use their trump card of Shattering Void Tier, I'll fight with you!"

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "Sorry, it's a war now, not the time to contest with personal strength!" He spurred the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation towards the four great geniuses.

"Damn it!" Xu Xiu Ran yelled angrily, and could only awaken the Absolute Saber without any other choice. A terrifying supreme presence overflowed as the Absolute Saber floated in the sky, illuminating the blue skies.

Once the Absolute Saber was awoken, the Revere Life Sword also operated on its own and confronted the Absolute Saber.

Now, with the Shattering Void Tier battle prowess on both sides equal in number, the Absolute Saber and the Revere Life Sword were old opponents—hard to tell which was the better—but the ice dragon was definitely stronger than the phoenix, and law decrees existed limited in time; once exhausted, the west region's coalition army would undoubtedly be killed.

Xu Xiu Ran and the other great geniuses' expressions changed. Who could've expected that that Ling Han would possess battle prowess of the Shattering Void Tier in such a short amount of time?

"Retreat, it was a mistaken evaluation, Shattering Void Tier elites must personally take charge!"

"Yes, at least those possessing battle prowess of Shattering Void Tier five stars."

The four great geniuses immediately gave up the fight, and retreated swiftly with the Absolute Saber and the Shattering Void Tier law decree as protection.

Ling Han chased for a while and gave up. The focus now was to take the west region; as for the old scores with Xu Xiu Ran and the others, that could be settled in the future. As long as he advanced into the Heaven Tier, which one of them could rival him? When he advanced into the Shattering Void Tier, he would also be invincible.

When he returned, he saw that the Son of Lightning had already run. Hu Niu didn't lose out and showed her terrifying strength of the greatest genius in the world.

In the battle, the west region's coalition army was completely defeated and dispersed, with several Deity Transformation Tier elites being killed and high-end battle power being weakened greatly.

The Rock Spirit remained to assist the army on its continuous expedition, while Ling Han, Hu Niu, Zhu Xuan Er, and the others returned to the north region. The east region invaded; though it could be guaranteed that the imperial city wouldn't be lost, other cities falling into the enemies' hands would affect the nation's fortune after all.

They set out on the path of return. On the third day, a man appeared in the middle of the road with a table placed in front of him. He sat on a imperial tutor's chair and was sipping tea, looking to be completely at ease.
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