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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 770 The Divine World and the Underworld

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Ling Han stared at Yi Shuang Shuang.

"What, is there something on this lady's face?" Yi Shuang Shuang said.

"There's not, but I'm curious, can't you just interrogate me with your abilities?" Ling Han asked.

"Hahaha, were you born with wretchedness in your bones? This lady's not torturing you, and you're still not pleased?" Yi Shuang Shuang rolled her sleeves, and said, "Then this lady had better not be polite."

"Hehe!" Ling Han waved his hand. "I'm not being wretched, it's just pure curiosity if there's anything that can tie up a Shattering Void Tier elite."

Yi Shuang Shuang cocked her head, thought for a while, and said, "Alright, this lady is a divine being, but in this small world, this lady has to suffer the suppression of the heavenly dao. What is meant by the heaven has eyes is that if this lady overdoes it, she'll be met with the the realm's repulsion."

"Isn't that just right, you can return to the divine realm," Ling Han said.

Yi Shuang Shuang rolled her charming eyes, and said, "If this lady could return to the divine realm at will, would she not want to? But this world's been sealed off by a killing formation, and if this lady is repelled by the realm's force, she'll definitely be finished off by the killing formation!"

"You're the divine being, you're the greatest, what's there to be afraid of!" Ling Han said with a smile.

"Nonsense, this lady has been suppressed for a hundred thousand years, with all the blood essence absorbed, and if she still had the power in former years, would she still need to be afraid?" Yi Shuang Shuang said extremely furiously.

"Hey, hey, hey, how many years old of an old monster are you?" Ling Han felt disgusted. This woman kept saying this lady, but in reality she was an monster that couldn't be any older.

"What's that look in your eyes—this lady is forever young. Besides, to convert it to this lady's lifespan, she's only now in the prime of youth!" Yi Shuang Shuang slapped the table, looking like she was about to eat someone.

As expected, age was women's pet peeve and shouldn't be touched.

Ling Han changed the topic, and said, "In short, your attacking me would enrage the heavenly doa, and then you'd be repelled and end up dead."

"Not that exaggerated, it's mainly that this lady cherishes talent." Yi Shuang Shuang wasn't pleased with his wording.

Ling Han knew that she definitely wouldn't speak all the truth; the things that involved the crux obviously wouldn't be revealed. But, for now, she indeed wouldn't lay hands on him. He changed the subject, and said, "Do you know Asura Demon Emperor?"

"Tsk, a lackey of the underworld… what demon emperor? He even dares to call himself an emperor? Really making this lady laugh her head off!" Yi Shuang Shuang said in disdain.

She proved to be a real divine being, daring to look down on Asura Demon Emperor, who was split into nine parts and suppressed, still living after countless millennia—he was absolutely a monster amongst monsters.

Hold on!

Ling Han was startled, and said, "Asura Demon Emperor is from the underworld?"

"A wisp of Demonic Qi born in the underworld that became a living spirit through countless years and entered the divine realm through the divine realm and underworld's barrier, and then was utterly defeated. Originally thought to be dead, it turns out he was just sealed here," Yi Shuang Shuang said, but she immediately let out a faint sound of surprise, and said, "Why not kill him?"

"Maybe Asura Demon Emperor escaped here, and the elites in the divine realm can't enter?" Ling Han speculated.

Yi Shuang Shuang first nodded, but then shook her head, and said, "The small world rejects the outsiders, and it's hard to exit, but even harder to enter—even the for people of the divine realm, not to mention Asura Demon Emperor from the underworld. This matter's definitely strange!"

Ling Han was astounded. From his perspective, Asura Demon Emperor was hunted in the divine realm and had to escape to the small world of the vast lands in the end. This was only to be expected, so why was it suddenly strange?

"How about the Thousand Corpse Sect? I heard the divine realm also has this sect," Ling Han asked again.

"You brat, why do you have so many questions, aren't you annoying?" Yi Shuang Shuang's patience was apparently not so good.

"Come, serve up good tea, snacks and fruits." Ling Han waved his hand, and there immediately were palace maids that delivered all sorts of delicacies, which were all cultivated in the Black Tower. To mislead people, Ling Han placed many of them in the reserve and took it out from there ordinarily.

"You think this lady is a chowhound?" Yi Shuang Shuang protested, but soon began to eat delightfully. The things grown inside the Black Tower were indeed delicious, and even she praised them unceasingly.

"Alright, this lady will slightly disclose some secrets for you to know, but each realm has its rules, and this lady can't speak too much, or else she might be targeted!"

She pointed at the sky, obviously meaning the Eye of Heavenly Dao.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "You speak whatever you will, and I'll listen casually; nothing will be held."

Yi Shuang Shuang snickered, and said, "The vast lands is a small world with incomplete rules and space, and just like a sealed pond, the sky you guys can see is only that large, and the world that can be reached is only that wide. It has an end."

Ling Han nodded. So, Shattering Void Tier elites were able to strike down the stars in the sky here, but if it were a true world, each star would be at least the size of the vast lands, so how could it be struck down?

"And the divine realm could be said as connected rivers and seas. You can enter the rivers through the lakes, and enter the seas through the lakes, it's boundless," Yi Shuangshuang said. "It is a large world; at least from what this lady knows, no one can explore the ends of it."

Ling Han was shocked—even divine beings didn't know how large the divine realm was. How immense was that world?

"However, between heaven and earth, if there's a positive, there must be a negative, a yin to yang, and evil to good," Yi Shuangshuang went on. "There's an underworld that exists side by side with the divine realm. It can be viewed as an overlapping space, but we can neither see nor interfere with each other.

"But in reality, the two worlds are overlapping, so how can there be no interference at all? The underworld's Qi is constantly seeping into the divine realm, affecting the living beings of the divine realm, and the two worlds also come into conflict. At the place where the conflict is most intense, the realm barrier is very very thin, and the underworld's cultivators can enter the divine realm as they please!

"The Thousand Corpse Sect is called Hades in the divine realm, and was created by some of the almighties that entered the divine realm from the underworld. The Thousand Corpse Sect here is one of its sub-branches. Their purpose is to bring chaos to the divine realm and turn it into the second underworld.

"If the two worlds could fuse, their level would definitely increase by a cut!"

Ling Han was left speechless. He was here thinking about splitting open the skies and ascending to the divine realm, but the divine realm didn't seem to be much safer, being targeted by the underworld. Maybe it'd really become a world of monsters and demons in the end.

"Is the divine realm inferior to the underworld?" he asked. Since the two worlds were parallel, then the divine realm shouldn't be weak.

Yi Shuang Shuang rolled her eyes, and said, "The underworld covets the divine realm—that's one matter, and whether they can take it down or not, that is another matter. At least from what this lady knows, although countless campaigns took place over hundreds of millions of years in the two worlds, now the underworld is still the underworld, and the divine realm is still the divine realm—neither side can deal with the other.

"Besides, you think that the divine realm doesn't want to absorb the underworld?

"They're both like two dogs, so how can you call either noble?"
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