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Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "The ones to die here today will only be the two of you!"

"Bullsh*t!" Xianyu Cheng spread his arms and snatched at Ling Han, but his expression turned stern. This human was surprisingly fast, and his physique was formidable; he really wasn't easy to deal with.

Fighting in the sky, Ling Han obviously had no more misgivings and furiously attacked his opponent.

Peng, peng, peng, the two battled fiercely.

They fought in close-quarters combat, each punch to the flesh, completely unlike supreme elites, and instead were like local ruffians, throwing punches and kicks completely without order. However, after fighting like this for a while, they both retreated without prior agreement.

There would be no end fighting like this.

Ling Han's physique reached the level of ninth-tier rare metal, and Xianyu Cheng wasn't weak, either, being able to take Ling Han's blows head on without damage to his body.

Ancient true dragons naturally had formidable physiques.

Although Xianyu Cheng had pathetically little ancestral blood, as long as there was a shred of true dragon's blood circulating inside his body, it was enough to increase his physique to a shocking level, equivalent to rare gold of his tier.

At least, he would be a first-rate physical cultivator before ancestral blood reached its extreme. This was the sea race royal family's advantage, being a cut above others inherently.

No wonder the sea race would be so proud—it was a racial strength.

Ling Han touched his hands and golden light instantly flowed everywhere. He'd activated the Earth Overturning Seal and the Eye of Truth at the same time. He didn't believe that every part of the opponent's body was cultivated to a flawless degree—there had to be a weak part.

Xianyu Cheng also shook both hands, and, strangely, his hands turned into dragon claws, flickering with cyan luster.

Dragon claws!

His bloodline was limited, and could only transform two hands into dragon form, which could only be maintained for a certain amount of time, but dragon claws were definitely the world's most powerful weapon; breaking metal and shattering jade would be nothing difficult.

Both parties increased their battle prowess, and after standing off shortly, they charged towards each other.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The Earth Overturning Seal clashed firmly against the dragon claws, and with each impact, golden and cyan-colored brilliance would explode in the sky, clearly visible to the entire imperial city.

"Hahahaha, human, your physique is indeed formidable and your battle prowess is strong too, but your greatest weakness is your tier—you're only in the Deity Transformation Tier after all!" Xianyu Cheng sneered. Dragon claws were enough to resist the Earth Overturning Seal, even having a slight edge, and his power completely crushed Ling Han's.

"Is that so?" Ling Han took a deep breath, and operated the power of the nation, and, blessed with fortune, his power instantly skyrocketed.

Arts and skills, power of the nation, medicinal pills, and so on could increase battle prowess. Battle prowess could come down to many factors, similar to how one person would definitely have different battle prowess if he were to fight with a wooden sword or a metal sword.

The power of the nation's increase was power!

Now, Great Ling Empire already unified the north region, enough to increase Ling Han's battle prowess by five stars, and in reality, it was the boost of fortune that forcibly increased his power by five stars.

It could be considered the same as Black Tower's power boost, just not that powerful.

With the power increase of five stars, Ling Han still couldn't rival high-level Heaven Tier, but wasn't far from it. He used the Demon Fairy Step, and with the addition of the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, his figure wavered like a ghost as he searched for and struck wildly Xianyu Cheng's weak points.

Xianyu Cheng only possessed true dragon's bloodline, and wasn't a true dragon; besides, true dragons definitely had weaknesses too. He was struck violently by Ling Han, and instantly began to scream.

Ling Han found his weaknesses and beat him painfully, and blood burst from all over his body.

"You've infuriated me!" Xianyu Cheng glowered. He was from the royal family in the north sea and a true dragon's descendant—how honorable and respected was he? But now, he was actually beaten viciously by an insignificant human, which he couldn't accept!

He roared loudly and knelt halfway down as the muscles all over his body pulsed and the two small buns on top of his head flickered with faint light.

Ling Han sneered, and said, "Are you constipated?"

Xianyu Cheng ignored his scathing remark and held his breath. Weng, a true dragon's shadow formed behind his back, over three thousand meters long, coiling upright.

It was an azure dragon, vivid and lifelike, and even the dragon's beard could be seen moving under the airflow.

Ling Han didn't dare to be careless, and directly unleashed the Revere Life Sword.

"Lord Ancestral Dragon, please assist me in annihilating this human!" Xianyu Cheng roared furiously, and charged towards Ling Han while the true dragon's shadow in the sky also moved and threw itself at Ling Han.

There was a shred of the might of the Shattering Void Tier!

Should he use Black Tower's power boost?

Ling Han immediately shook his head—it would truly be a waste to use Black Tower's power boost on a high-level Heaven Tier elite.

… If Xianyu Cheng were to know his thoughts, he'd definitely be infuriated. High-level Heaven Tier elite? How many were there in the world?

It was just a shred of Shattering Void Tier power, he'd receive it head on!

He struck out with his sword, executing the 10,000 Techniques Return to One with his right hand while unleashing the Earth Overturning Seal with his left hand and simultaneously activating the demonic pattern, attaching a shred of the power of laws onto it.

"Reckless!" Xianyu Cheng sneered. He'd summoned ancestral blood, which could only be used by royalty after reaching the Heaven Tier; due to the different intensity of ancestral blood, the true dragon's shadow's power would be different.

The strongest could even reach the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier. Unfortunately, with the realm's suppression, it was impossible to break through to the divine level.

But no matter what, it was the sea race's grand move—kickass to the extreme.

Shattering Void Tier, the world's strongest!


Ling Han exchanged blows with Xianyu Cheng, and a terrifyingly strong Qi fluctuated as dazzling light burst forth, exploding in the sky like a small sun, which temporarily blinded the people below—except for a field of brightness, nothing else could be seen.

The brilliance passed. Ling Han was sent flying at least 3000 meters away with blood all over his body, with his arms bent at a strange angle and his chest was caved in—apparently, the bones in his arms and ribs were all broken.

The true dragon's shadow was formidable as expected, heavily injuring Ling Han in one blow—he had a physique of ninth-tier rare metal!

"Hahaha, you overestimate yourself!" Xianyu Cheng charged over. He was going to behead this terrifying human.


"It isn't much!" Ling Han said indifferently, and opened up his arms as his injuries recovered at a visible speed; his chest also began to rise up—the broken bones almost instantly healed.

Diamond Body!

It was Indestructible Heaven's Scroll's mystic art: strengthening the physique was only one side of it, and it also had supreme recovery power, which was the most terrifying part. You injured me heavily ten thousand times, and I recovered ten thousand times, how about it?

"W-what?!" Xianyu Cheng immediately stuttered. Was this human a monster, immediately recovering from such a heavy attack? Are you really a human? You sure you're not from the Silver Moon Race, famous for powerful recovery?

No, no, no, even the Silver Moon Race's recovery abilities shouldn't be so kickass!

Ling Han raised his sword, and said, "The battle's just begun!"

Xianyu Cheng calmed down, and said, "To instantly recover from such heavy injuries, you definitely paid an extremely great price, and definitely can't use it many times!" He launched an attack again, trying to break Ling Han's limit.
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