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He was a very strange person.

His figure was extremely tall and sturdy, and his facial features were plain with veined patterns that looked to be inborn, but this wasn't the strange part—he had two small buns on his head, looking as if a fawn about to grow antlers.

He had Heaven Tier presence, and it was high-level, even a being at the peak stage.

"Fourth Uncle, what's there to say to these lowly humans? Let's just seize them and be done with it." A youngster also walked in the imperial palace, wearing a multicolored battle suit, looking as if a peacock showing off its feathers.

Helian Xun Xue moved closer to Ling Han, and whispered, "The older one is Xianyu Cheng and the smaller one is Xianyu Dongming. Don't provoke them, just make them leave by going through the motions."

Ling Han suddenly realized it was the sea race!

How truly arrogant, did they really take this place as their territory? It was no surprise thinking about it. The royal lineage of Xianyu alone had nearly thirty Shattering Void Tier elites, and what sort of accumulation was this? How terrifying was their strength?

In the eyes of the sea race, this was a remote and desolate place.

But, Xianyu Dongming?

Ling Han looked towards the peacock man—he was Helian Xunxue's fiance?

He'd heard Helian Xunxue say that the Helian and Xianyu Family were in the process of discussing an alliance to resist against the Wenren royal family together. Among the north sea's three royal families, Wenren was the strongest—strong to the point of being able to annihilate either of the two other families with its own power.

Thus, the two families could only resist it by establishing alliance.

But how could it be guaranteed that everyone was with one heart and mind and wouldn't stab each other in the back?

Union by marriage!

Helian Xun Xue was the most outstanding girl in the younger generation of the Helian Family, and Xianyu Dongming was the most outstanding male in the Xianyu Family, though slightly inferior to Helian Xunxue, but not by much—Helian Xunxue was too outstanding.

However, when Helian Xun Xue discovered about settling accounts, she had the plan of obtaining the Vial of Curses, and could only conduct it in secret, or else, once she was charged with murdering a royal family member, even the imperial family would be furious.

She'd never expected to be struck by a giant silver spider and lose all her memories, from then on to follow Ling Han and recover her memory after having sex once. She returned to the north sea, but discovered that she was pregnant, and then no longer had the intention of marrying Xianyu Dongming, and hid to give birth to the child.

However, the fire couldn't be stopped—the news leaked—so she obviously could only run away with her son.

Now… the sea race had finally found her.

Ling Han withdrew his gaze, got up from the throne, walked over in large strides, and said, "I can make decisions, what is your business here?"

He wasn't afraid that the two people from the Xianyu Family would recognize Helian Xun Xue, because Helian Xun Xue not only changed her appearance with the Disguise Pill, but also cultivated his ancient art, which could change her aura. Now, she was only a Flower Blossom Tier warrior, and wouldn't be associated with the north sea's pearl.

Xianyu Cheng's gaze swept by, overflowing with terrifying coercive might that could make the skin of even Deity Transformation Tier elites break. He purposefully put on a show of strength for Ling Han, but to his disappointment and surprise, Ling Han seemed perfectly fine, and wasn't the least bit effected.

This human was somewhat strange!

But that was all there was. Xianyu Family's roots were very deep, and even against the five large ancient sects, they could keep their backs straight and even berate them from a commanding position, so what of a mere Deity Transformation Tier junior?

He spoke, "This Lord wants you to find someone."

"Oh, whom?" Ling Han said indifferently, although he already knew it was Helian Xun Xue.

Xianyu Cheng raised his hand and threw out a scroll painting, and said, "Pour all the power into finding the girl on the painting for This Lord. Find her, and This Lord will have rewards for you, but if not… hehe, you guys can prepare for your own funeral!"

"Fourth Uncle, the environment here isn't bad." Xianyu Dongming sat on the throne casually. "Let's wait here?"

"Okay!" Xianyu Cheng considered it slightly and nodded. Although north region was far from being as large as the north sea, it was too much to search for two people. They found nothing running this way and that, so it'd be better to wait for news here.

Besides, though he was the senior one, Xianyu Dongming's status in the family was above his. The child had very pure ancestral blood, which just hadn't completely awoken—his future accomplishments were limitless, and he received key training of several Shattering Void Tier elites in the family.

So, as long as it wasn't excessive, he would let Xianyu Dongming have his way.

"The palace maid over there, bring over the thing you're carrying." Xianyu Dongming beckoned at the two palace maids that stood tall and majestically on the two sides. These palace maids were holding all sorts of fruits, colorful and sweet smelling, that worked up his appetite.

Those palace maids all looked towards Ling Han, while a shred of killing intent arose within Ling Han's eyes, but after seeing Helian Xun Xue, he forcibly held down the killing intent and nodded, signaling the palace maids to do as told.

The hundreds of ministers all felt they'd been humiliated, for here was Great Ling Empire's power center, which represented the face of Great Ling Empire, but now an outsider sat on the imperial throne and snapped at will.

But what could be done, the opponent was too powerful, and even Yuan Cheng He couldn't endure that presence, so who could rival him?

To provoke hostility would be only to invite their own destruction, so the choice was simple.

Xianyu Dongming casually took some fruits to eat, relaxed his countenance, and said, "Fourth Uncle, these things are really delicious. You try some too!" He threw some fruits over to Xianyu Cheng.

Xianyu Cheng was old and prudent, and obviously wouldn't disregard his appearance like Xianyu Dongming, but the latter had good intentions. It would be inexcusable if he didn't accept it, so he took a grape and put it into his mouth.

Instantly, he also revealed an astonished expression—too fresh and too delicious!

Moreover, within the grapes was a shred of spirit power, which could be directly absorbed, and though it was pitifully little, it was definitely something good for low-level martial artists. If Xianyu Family could plant these grapes in large amounts, then in twenty to thirty years, their family's strength as a whole could definitely increase by a level!

Xianyu Dongming was more and more unbridled as he stared at a few palace maids and couldn't help but reveal a lecherous smile. He said, "I didn't expect human girls to look good too… hey, that one in charge, in the future, prepare a large box of these fruits for me, and these palace maids… just ten. Although the human race is lowly, playing's no harm. Ten's enough, can't manage more than ten anyway."

Ling Han revealed a smile, but it was threateningly cold. "You enter my territory, take my position, and want me to gift you women and money?"

"What, you're not convinced?" Xianyu Dongming sneered. What a joke! He was a dignified genius of the Xianyu Family, and his willing to sit here was already thinking highly of Ling Han, or else, with the dirtiness and inferiority of the human race, he would avoid coming here!

"I plan on living here for a month. In a month's time, you'll find me the girl on the scroll painting, and if you find her, I'll leave, but don't forget the fruits and palace maids every month. If you can't find her, you can go die!" he said.

The smile on Ling Han's face was brighter and brighter as he said, "I've tolerated you all this time, but you had to seek your own death… Then, I'll have to kill you! The imperial prestige can't be challenged, keep that in mind in the next life!"
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