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Corpse Two left.

Ling Han didn't stop him. Corpse Two's physique was comparable to tenth-tier rare metal, and he would need to strike it for a long time to split it open, but Corpse Two wasn't a dead person, so would Corpse Two let him attack as he pleased?

He felt a sense of urgency arise. He'd assumed that with Purple Moon Empire's impact, the five great sects and the Thousand Corpse Sect would be restrained in the middle state, and wouldn't care about "small places" like the east, south, west, and north regions, yet the Thousand Corpse Sect unexpectedly assaulted here first.

Fortunately, they'd only sent a Heaven Tier elite.

The unification had to be faster so that the world would be a king's territory, then wherever he fought would be his home turf, and he would be able to receive the blessing of the power of the nation. Moreover, the larger the territory and the more numerous the citizens, the stronger the blessing he would receive.

Besides, Ling Han had to hurry up and grasp Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation, a tenth-tier formation, which would bring him the battle prowess which he most urgently needed at the moment.

A trip to Blood Flame Valley and killing a few stubborn ones who wouldn't heed the persuasion; Ling Han also became merciless and definitely wouldn't care about the discontentment of a few people for the great cause of splitting open the skies.

Were the lives of the people in the world more important, or was satisfying a few people's desire for power more important?

As the Winter Moon Sect and other large sects surrendered one after another, north region's unification also became smooth and orderly—wherever the great army passed, white flags were raised.

Heaven Grade alchemist and Heaven Tier battle prowess—the two added together were invincible!

Ling Han embarked on a return trip. After a slight rest and reorganization, he marched westward to take down the west region first, then he'd seize the south region, and at last take down the east region to complete the unification of the periphery. The middle state's battle would have to be left to the Purple Moon Empire and Ma Duo Bao.

The eight kings were very powerful, but this generation's five great sects were also powerful, and the eight kings might not be able to succeed. The Lunar King had also said that the eight kings together weren't a match for Ma Duo Bao—who knew how powerful the damned fatty really was.

Helian Xun Xue moved the capital to north region's Cold Wind City. The place was chosen, on one hand, because of its location, just at the center of the north region, which made it convenient for dispatch, and on the other hand because Cold Wind City had the character "han" in it.

Ling Han was now walking towards Cold Wind City, and after seven days, the party returned to the imperial city.

Helian Xunxue indeed was skilled at ruling a country. In a short while, the imperial city already appeared imposing, and had the prestige of a king. More important were the aspirations of the people—people were discussing Great Ling Empire's new policies and praising them unceasingly.

Earnestly thinking for the people, the people would obviously respond with sincerity.

People were very simple—you let me live a good life, so I'd support you!

Ling Han as a sovereign—not as a Heaven Grade alchemist or a high-level martial artist—finally left an impression on the minds of the ordinary people.

He was glad to see such change, and purposely slowed down his pace, walking slowly along the way.

"Damn it, you dare to contest over a girl with this young master, do you know who this young master is?" When they passed by a place, they suddenly heard a voice filled with arrogance.

"Hm, why does it sound familiar?" Ling Han stopped in his tracks.

From the voice and the tone, he knew that it was a fop, but why did it sound so familiar? Could he be acquainted with such trash?

Zhu Xuaner's delicate face blushed as she said, "It's my younger brother!"

Oh, right, Zhu Long Xin!

Ling Han couldn't help but reveal a smile, and said, "Then let's go in and have a look." He was Zhu Xuan Er's relative, and since they encountered him, they might as well have a look. He looked up shortly, and shook his head.

Spring Full Pavilion—a place for men to feel ecstasy.

"Masters…" A souteneur greeted them and was about to express his warm welcome, but then he saw Ling Han's party, which was too damned unnatural—a grown man, then a celestial beauty, a beautifully decked little girl, and a rabbit.

What assembly was this?

Gold-seeking Rat scuttled over and scratched the souteneur's face—why'd you ignore this baby, why'd you ignore this baby!

Ling Han snatched back Gold-seeking Rat, threw over a gold bar, pointed at the second floor, and said, "What's going on there?"

The souteneur was still panic-stricken. Such a large rat! Although it was chubby and made him instantly think of hot pot, its claws were too fierce, tearing open his skin! But receiving Ling Han's tip, he instantly turned his anger to joy, and said, "My lord, those are two customers quarreling due to jealousy."

It was simple. Two young masters took a fancy to a hostess and wanted to have her first time.

This was problematic—the first time was one and only.

Consequently, the two young masters got into a quarrel, first competing who had more money, and now it rose into the competition of family backgrounds.

The typical style of rich and good-for-nothing young men.

"You look quite fine, could you be a catamite?" the other spoiled young man said smilingly.

"This young lord is Zhu Long Xin! Do you know what those three words represent?" Zhu Long Xin hooted. "My sister is north region's number one genius, the world's most beautiful Zhu Xuan Er, and my brother-in-law is even more impressive: he's Great Ling Nation's emperor, Heaven Grade alchemist Ling Han!"

"Hahahaha, if you say so, I can also say I'm Ling Han. Catamite, be nice, call me Brother-in-law!" the other spoiled young man said.

Zhu Xuan Er couldn't help but reveal an irritated look. The foulness was directed at her and angered her.

Hu Niu, however, clapped, and said, "Good, good, let's gift him the alluring woman."

Peng! Peng! Peng!

They started fighting upstairs, and Zhu Long Xin shouted, "Damn you, you're not fit to be this young master's brother-in-law. Why don't you take a piss and look in the mirror, see how this young master will bloody your face."

"Like I'm afraid of you!"

The two began fighting upstairs and the pavilion was instantly in turmoil, but the two of them had great backgrounds, so the other people didn't dare to stop them, and could only run out one after another.

Zhu Long Xin and the other youngster already fought their way out onto the main street, kicking and punching each other. They weren't experts and their fight was like that of local hoodlums; their faces and bodies were full of bruises and injuries.

With the disturbance on the main street, the guards obviously came quickly and took down both of them.

"Impudence, how dare you seize me, do you know who I am?" The other spoiled young man was also just as arrogant after being seized, having no fear, but rather extreme arrogance.

"I'm Qian Feng, and my brother is Qian Wu Yong! Qian Wu Yong, do you guys know him? He's His Majesty's good brother, a right-hand man!" the youngster shouted.

He was Qian Family's clansman?

Ling Han frowned. The old friends in the Hu Yang Academy all joined the army and assumed significant posts. Although their cultivation wasn't high, they had Ling Han's trust. After all, there wasn't that much time to develop the backbone in the army.

However, what came with it were such problems.-

People from large families were obviously lofty, and it was hard to lose the habits that were maintained for a long time. Contrarily, coming from the desolate north, these large families instead inflated in their pride and were less and less reverent.

It was time to put them in order.ED/N: Guess the meaning of Han in Ling Han.
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