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"Hmph, don't think that you can defy nature just because you grasped a shred of the power of laws!" Corpse Two sneered. Hu, he swung his right arm as a white bone mallet appeared in his hand. It was roughly one meter long and covered in gold veined patterns, but with a close look, one could tell that there were a few shreds of veined patterns that turned black.

Ling Han was inwardly alarmed, and hurriedly turned into lightning, retreating hastily. He frowned, and said, "Damn you, you actually took out your own femur as a weapon. I have to give it to you!"

It was clearly a human thigh bone, its power extremely terrifying, and most likely belonged to Corpse Two himself because finding a combination of physical cultivator and the Shattering Void Tier was too hard—there were obviously pitifully few that could satisfy both conditions at the same time.

Corpse Two stood extremely loftily with the mallet in hand, and said, "Yes, its refined from a femur that I extracted from my body in the previous life. Speaking of Spirit Tools, is there anything more handy than something refined from a part of one's own body?"

It stood to reason, but why did it feel so terrifyingly creepy?

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "If you say so, I'm at a loss of words. Sigh, don't you know how to chat? This really hurts my feelings."

"Don't be garrulous!" Corpse Two swung the white bone mallet and charged over. The bone was at the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier, branded full of this elite's martial intent, and if he were to be smacked once by it, then he'd definitely be done for.

Even though Ling Han possessed a shred of the power of laws, he didn't dare to receive it head on, and although Corpse Two couldn't operate the power of laws, his bones themselves might contain the power of laws—after all, he was once at the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier, and such an elite was unfathomable.

"When I completely refine this bone, I'll even be able to kill Shattering Void Tier warriors!" Corpse Two said coldly.

Ling Han looked at the black line on the white bone mallet which should be Corpse Two's progress. He now cultivated the path of a corpse, and the arts were obviously different, but it was the same body after all—the white bone mallet wouldn't go against him.

When all the golden veined patterns turn black, Corpse Two would've completely grasped the bone mallet and able to unleash power at the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier.

That… that would be terrifying!


Ling Han struck with his sword and parried the bone mallet, and said, "Don't think too highly of yourself. You're not the only one in the world with treasures and good fortune!"

Of course, it was the Revere Life Sword!


On the bone mallet, a veined pattern became active, and Revere Life Sword was as well. Instantly, Shattering Void Tier presence vibrated, making the space unstable—cracks instantly appeared within the air.

This was a confrontation of the greatest level.

Ling Han and Corpse Two retreated at the same time. Both parties had a great weapon in their hands that was so powerful that it far surpassed their tiers, so they obviously had worries.

"A sword that's aggregated formations?" Corpse Two's discernment was truly brilliant; he stared at the Revere Life Sword for a while. "Your luck is truly astonishing for all the treasures you've obtained."

Ling Han flourished his long sword with a smile, and said, "It can't be helped, my amazing luck."

"Being able to ascend as king explains a tough natal horoscope, on top of this luck…" Corpse Two's expression was stern. "I can't let you remain alive!"

"You say it like you're not here to kill me," Ling Han said in contempt. "Come, come, come, let's fight for three hundreds rounds—I'm not afraid of you!"

Corpse Two rushed forward. He was more confident because his physique was at the Shattering Void Tier, and might not even need to fear an encounter with Shattering Void Tier elites. Swinging his bone mallet, a hefty wind that swirled by could cause mountains to collapse and cut off great rivers.

Ling Han stored Zhu Xuan Er and the others into the Black Tower to avoid them being grazed by such attacks, or else the lot of of them would definitely die.

He could block the attacks because he had in his hand the Revere Life Sword, which also erupted with great power and blocked the white bone mallet's power of destruction.

Now, what the two of them competed with was not their own strength, but the control of the treasured weapon in their hands.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The two of them clashed fiercely, and the ground shook and mountains swayed. It was a battle of quasi-Shattering Void Tier, and although the stars still couldn't be shaken down, the destructive power was still extremely terrifying.

After fighting for half a day, their strength diminished heavily, and at this time, Ling Han's freakishness was fully displayed.

He was the alchemy emperor.

Medicine, medicine, medicine, take it one after another—he couldn't stop at all!

A few medicinal pills went down his stomach, and his Origin Power instantly rose sharply, almost instantly returning to its peak state.

It wasn't just the effect of the spirit medicine, but also had to do with him eating too much tonic medicine ordinarily. The benefits couldn't be completely digested, and permeated his blood, flesh, and bones, and now they were unleashed with the aid of medicinal power, allowing him to instantly return to peak state—even physical force as well.

He exercised his muscles and bones, which crackled loudly like thunderclap, showing the fineness of his current state.

Corpse Two's expression changed involuntarily. There was a great shortcoming with cultivating corpse arts—the medicinal pills refined for martial artists were completely ineffective for him. Now Ling Han was at an optimal state, but Corpse Two's power was exhausted and his battle prowess dropped drastically. How was he going to continue?

Of course, he didn't need to worry about being taken down by Ling Han. After all, his physique was at the Shattering Void Tier, which allowed him to stand in a secure position naturally.

However, after possessing such a great advantage, would he still have to run with his tail between his legs?

Ling Han cracked a smile, and said, "Now how about it, you still have the confidence to kill me?"

"Hmph, like you can take care of me? Don't forget, I'm assassinating you. Although unsuccessful, but if I'm to leave, you can only watch your back as well," Corpse Two countered—he wanted to sway Ling Han's invincible confidence.

Ling Han didn't care at all—all those years he'd lived in the previous life weren't for nothing. He said, "There's a saying: a monk may run away, but the temple remains. I certainly can't detain you now, but when I reach the Shattering Void Tier, it'll be the time of Thousand Corpse Sect's destruction!

"Remember these words and pass them on. If you don't want to die, hurry up and separate from the Thousand Corpse Sect and stay as a recluse for the rest of your life!"

Corpse Two's expression changed again. This brat talked so big, but the treasured sword in his hand was truly strange, becoming stronger in face of a strong opponent; even Thousand Corpse Sect's sect master, the Ninth Underworld King, might not be able to kill him.

Sneak attack… another sneak attack was needed not to give this brat the chance to unleash the treasured sword.

"I can't assassinate you, but it doesn't mean others can't," Corpse Two said indifferently. "Earlier, I said that there's still a Corpse Boss above me, and his battle prowess is a few times stronger than mine. Next time, perhaps he'll attack."

"I accept it!" Ling Han said loftily. His cultivation was soaring, and when Corpse Boss appeared, he might already be at the peak stage of the Deity Transformation Tier—it would be nothing difficult to rival a high-level Heaven Tier.

Corpse Two already completely recovered its calm, and said, "Don't be overconfident. Corpse Boss has constantly cultivated in the Pond of the Underworld, and when he comes into the world… perhaps he'll already be in the Shattering Void Tier!"

Trying to sway his heart of martial arts?

Ling Han snorted—so what of a Shattering Void Tier. He still had one chance for Black Tower's power boost, and he could unleash the Black Tower at the worst—they'd see who could be more kickass!

"Then I'll be waiting!"
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