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"This cloak has the effect of concealing the body, right?" Ling Han said.

Corpse Two nodded, and said, "Correct, it's a mystical treasure that can escape divine sense and cut off vision within a certain distance. It's a divine item for assassination and infiltration."

"Thanks for explaining," Ling Han said with a smile.

"You're welcome. Anyway, you're a person about to die, and I usually give a certain amount of respect to a person who dies in my hands," Corpse Two also said with a smile.

"If there's a Corpse Two, is there a corpse one?" Ling Han asked again.

Corpse Two shook its head, and said, "There's no Corpse One, but there's one called Corpse Boss that awakened one step earlier than me and unlocked intelligence."

Ling Han's heart instantly thumped fiercely. Awakened one step earlier and unlocked intelligence—what did this mean? Could Corpse Two not have been born, and like the Rock Spirit, its body existed for countless years, then it suddenly possessed intelligence and became a special living thing?

Corpse Two cracked a smile, but the smile was extremely stiff and made it look strange. It said, "You've guessed right. I was originally a corpse, some elite in the previous life, but my corpse didn't decay through tens of thousands of years and finally received the blessing of heaven and earth, birthing a new consciousness."

Ling Han's expression turned stern. No wonder he'd felt that this person was both extremely old and extremely young, which was extremely contradicting. It turned out that it was an old corpse that gave rise to a new soul's appearance, an intriguing life form spawned by the heavens—the composite form of life and death—so it was obviously young and old.

"So, Corpse Boss is also the same?"

Corpse Two nodded, and said, "Yes, Corpse Boss is stronger than me because his skeletal corpse is better. However, transformed into a second life, I can cultivate again, and won't lose to him in the future."

Fu*ck, what a freak. It was a resurrected old corpse, and its battle prowess would be immeasurably astonishing. Would it be able to utilize the mystic arts from its previous life? The host of this body could actually make its corpse not decay over tens of thousands of years, and was definitely an extremely powerful being in life, definitely fusing their martial intent into every single piece of blood, flesh, and bone.

Now that their body wasn't destroyed, their martial intent might be reactivated; was this not surprising?

"Thousand Corpse Sect really thinks highly of me, sending such a strong card to kill me!" Ling Han said. The opponent's strength was at least Heaven Tier five stars, and such strength could probably be counted as that of an expert amongst experts in the Thousand Corpse Sect; there definitely wouldn't be many people that were stronger than him.

Corpse Two laughed loudly, and said, "Why'd you have to follow the path to your own destruction, establishing a dynasty? This is something that our sect definitely will not allow!"

Ling Han suddenly came upon an idea, and said, "Could the Thousand Corpse Sect also have the intention of establishing a nation?"

"Haha, it's no secret that the goal of this sect is to establish an enormous corpse country!" Corpse Two said indifferently.

Ling Han seemed to have caught onto something, and said, "Could it be, the Thousand Corpse Sect is also interested in…?" He gestured splitting open the skies.

Corpse Two cracked a smile, and said, "Yes, but it's slightly different from what you're thinking."

Splitting open the skies meant to bring the entire vast lands into the divine realm and improve the level of vast lands as a whole, turning it into divine ground. Wait. Ling Han was startled on the inside. Since some people cultivated underworld arts and could break open the other void to enter the underworld, then if those who cultivated underworld arts split open the skies… which realm would the vast lands ascend to?

The underworld!

Hiss, Thousand Corpse Sect also had a great "dream!"

However, with the current strength exhibited by the Thousand Corpse Sect, did they have such strength? It wasn't that Ling Han looked down on them, but there really was a vast gap—anyone from the five great sects could probably make a clean sweep of them.

If not, then why did Thousand Corpse Sect cower for so many years?

Corpse Two took his time and didn't seem like he was here to be an assassin. He said unhurriedly, "I know you're stalling for time, but I am as well? You've been poisoned by my corpse poison, which can't be expelled, and will only get worse! I said, I have considerable respect for a dead person."

Ling Han looked down and saw that the black wound was expanding as expected, almost turning his entire waist black.

Zhu Xuan Er immediately cried out. To be injured by people from the Thousand Corpse Sect, the result couldn't possibly be good; it was either death or becoming a Corpse Soldier.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "As expected of an old corpse ten thousand years old. My Diamond Body actually can't automatically dispel such Corpse Qi!" He activated the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, and weng, his entire body immediately flickered with golden light as if he turned into a divine and imposing god of war.

Corpse Two put both hands behind his back and appeared not to care at all, having no intention to stop him. He said indifferently, "You're right, I am indeed a ten-thousand-year-old corpse, at least this body is, and not just ten thousand years, but at least several tens of thousands of years!"

He suddenly seemed to become interested in talking, and said, "Do you know corpses are like trees and have corpse rings? There are at least thirty thousand corpse rings on my body. Hehe, sorry, I don't have the time to count them all."

If it were in terms of age, it probably boasted the highest seniority in the vast lands—even Ma Duo Bao and the others that slept for ten to twenty thousand years fell short of it.

"Over thirty thousand years, my body was constantly in a land of absolute yin where yang was extinguished and the heaviness of the Corpse Qi formed was unimaginable, or else, a new divine spirit couldn't have been produced, and I could've only become a Corpse Soldier."

Ling Han's entire body was covered in golden light as he said, "Then why did you seek refuge with the Thousand Corpse Sect when you very well could roam the world freely?"

"People have to have some dreams, and my dream is the same as Thousand Corpse Sect's, so we obviously share the same views. Besides…" Corpse Two cracked a smile. "My corpse body also needs Corpse Qi to improve in cultivation, and where else to join other than the Thousand Corpse Sect?"

The golden light faded as Ling Han shook his head, and said, "An old corpse of ten thousand years is impressive as expected. I can't dispel such corpse poison."

It wasn't that the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll wasn't impressive, but that the old corpse was buried for over thirty thousand years, and the corpse poison fermented for too long—even Shattering Void Tier elites that were infected with it might not be able to withstand it. Moreover, Ling Han's cultivation was also somewhat low—if it were equal with the opponent's, then the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll definitely would have space to show off.

At this time, the corpse poison already climbed to Ling Han's chest.

Corpse Two was somewhat shocked, and said, "Your strength isn't bad, and the art you cultivate is even better, being able to control the spread of the corpse poison to reduce it to such a slow pace. If it were another Deity Transformation Tier warrior, or even a thousand, they should've turned into Corpse Soldiers by now."

"Sigh, such a genius, I'm really somewhat reluctant to kill you. Although Corpse Soldiers are strong, they're without intelligence after all, and their strength would be limited." He sighed sorrowfully.

"Since you've already said so, how can I disappoint you?" Ling Han smiled, and his figure flashed, and then flashed again, faster than the blink of an eye, but the corpse poison on his body dissipated completely.

His skin clear and pure was as if a warm jade that emitted divine light and caught no dust.

Corpse Two's expression changed drastically—how was it possible!?
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