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After summoning Zhu Xuan Er, the rabbit, and the Gold-Seeking Rat from the Black Tower, the party started to walk back.

They still had a mission—to defeat and convince north region's large sects, and when the time came, Great Ling Empire's army could simply collect the territories. Moreover, the massive influential power of these large sects could arouse the small forces in the periphery to surrender and greatly speed up Great Ling Empire's expansion.

The saying "capture the leader first to capture all his followers" reflected just that—it was an intellectual conclusion of the ancestors.

On the way, Ling Han tried to understand the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation.

It was a tenth-tier formation, and theoretically speaking, it shouldn't be something that Ling Han could grasp now. However, Ling Han had constantly studied the formations on the Revere Life Sword earlier, and this killing formation was more kickass than the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation.

He was quite the clever and intelligent man. In the previous life, he'd resolved quite a few ninth-tier formations, and had considerable fundamentals. Now that he'd obtained the detailed explanation of a tenth-tier formation, his improvement was obviously fast.

On the other side, he was also collecting various rare metals.

Buying, buying, and buying along the way, he bought all the rare metals that could be bought.

Don't doubt his financial capability!

He was a tycoon with the Black Tower, and if he took out a Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng, a large party of the Spiritual Infant Tier would probably have to pay out all its resources for it. Of course, Ling Han wouldn't sell Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng, but how much treasured medicine was inside the Black Tower?

He refined some pills, and if there wasn't enough time, he'd simply sell the raw materials in exchange for wealth, which all turned into rare metals.

Inside the Black Tower, Ling Han took out the Heaven Transformation Bowl and refined these rare metals.

First tier turned into second tier, second tier turned into third tier, third tier turned into fourth tier… spending huge amounts of raw materials, he definitely could turn it into a pile of tenth-tier rare metals used to construct a tenth-tier formation.

Soon, the Shinra Sect also chose to pay allegiance, then the Beast Emperor Sect, and, at last, the Blood Flame Valley was the only one left.

After Ling Han spent a shocking amount of wealth, he finally refined enough tenth-tier rare metal; probably half of the entire north region's rare metals were swept up by him. This was something that even the Half Moon Sect, the Winter Moon Sect, and other such super forces didn't dare to imagine, but Ling Han did it.

An alchemy emperor and the Black Tower, the combination of the two…

Money? No big deal!

Of course, without the Heaven Transformation Bowl, all would be naught.

This treasure was truly nature-defying!

Ling Han forged the tenth-tier rare metals into 108 short swords… In reality, he wanted to make them normal in size, but there was too little rare metal and he could only opt for the second-best option.

The number 108 was the demand of the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation, which needed that many formation's eyes. Inside the Black Tower, it was too easy for Ling Han to refine tools, and the so-called tenth-tier rare metals were no different from dough, which he could knead at will.

The next step was the key—he had to carve the formation patterns on the swords.

Ling Han still hadn't thoroughly grasped the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation, and if he forcibly copied it, then he would only draw out its shape without obtaining its essence. Formations needed to communicate with heaven and earth to attract Spirit Qi, or else it would be but a bare outline, so Ling Han could only wait till he truly grasped the formation's essence to lay out the large formation.

He believed that it wouldn't take too long; Ling Han was very confident in himself.

The party hastened towards the Blood Flame Valley. It was obviously not difficult to subdue a mere Spiritual Infant Tier force, but hurrying on the journey was somewhat time-consuming. After all, north region wasn't small, either.

Since they were constantly on the way and had little time to rest and eat, Hu Niu had enough, fervently requesting to stop for a rest. Ling Han thought that they would be able to reach the Blood Flame Valley tomorrow and a night's time wouldn't matter, so he agreed.

There was obviously fine wine and dishes prepared. In the north region, everyone was very relaxed. After all, they could declare themselves as kings or overlords as they were invincible beings here.

With the bonfire raging, Zhu Xuan Er specially played a song on the pipes and danced, agitating Ling Han's heart and mind as he watched, thinking that exceptional beauties were exceptional beauties after all, making him want to turn into a beast by the minute.

Hu Niu was unconvinced, and started to dance amusingly, shaking the ground with rumbles that scared off the nearby beasts.

Ling Han laughed loudly and felt very happy. Under such a harmonious atmosphere, he even forgot about ruling the world and simply wanted to live on undisturbed; as for the important matters like splitting open the skies, other people could do it. Why should he carry the burden on his shoulders?


At this moment, a frightening strong wind assaulted straight for Ling Han's back.

The time of surprise attack was grasped extremely well. It was not only when Ling Han was eating, but also when he was the most relaxed, and the attack's destructive power was also extremely terrifying, reaching the level of medium-level Heaven Tier.

Zi, Ling Han's body turned into lightning, avoiding the attack by a hair's breadth.

No, no, no, he didn't completely avoid it. His left rib was still hit, the cloth on it torn apart, and a black mark shockingly appeared on his waist as if clawed out by five fingers. It was not only terrifyingly black, but it also emitted a faint odor and was extremely likely to be containing poisonous Qi.

"Who is it!?" The others shouted angrily. Hu Niu was more direct and charged out, diving into the underbrush.

Peng, peng, peng, two figures came out fighting. One was obviously Hu Niu, who was distinguished by her small figure. The other person was tall and sturdy, and wore a black robe and a black cloak on his head, looking as if his entire person could fuse into one with the darkness.

This wasn't an illusion, or else with their divine sense, Ling Han and Hu Niu definitely wouldn't not know that someone had gotten so close… Unless the other party was a Shattering Void Tier elite, but, apparently, it wasn't one.

Shattering Void Tier elites wouldn't need to launch a surprise attack, and would just take them away with one move.

Ling Han called Hu Niu back, and said, "Sir, you've been following us for quite a while, right?"

"Nine entire days," the person in black robe said in a calm tone, appearing composed. His voice was extremely low and deep, and even had an indescribable strangeness like the grating of metals.

"Such patience!" Ling Han said. This person had obviously long wanted to assassinate him, yet endured it silently, finding the best opportunity, and the result was that he finally got it and slightly injured Ling Han with one attack. "What are you called?"

The person in the black robe removed the cloak covering his head and revealed a square face that appeared very young, but Ling Han had a strange feeling that the other party should be extremely old because the wrinkles on his arms were very deep.

"I'm called Corpse Two," the person in the black robe said.

Corpse Two, what sort of a name was that?

"From the Thousand Corpse Sect?" Ling Han asked again.

Corpse Two chuckled, and said, "It's not a good given name, and once its said, people would guess so."

"Then you can change it." Ling Han also laughed.

"Forget it, I don't mind others knowing," Corpse Two said, not caring at all.

From the two's harmonious conversation, who would've thought that Corpse Two had ruthlessly sneak attacked Ling Han and tried to kill him?
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