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Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire was instantly annoyed, and said, "You haven't worked for This Lord yet and you're already asking for benefits?"

He'd never seen such a shameless person!

"To come here wasn't an easy thing! Senior, in this world, I can guarantee that there are no more than five people that can come here. If anything happens to me, Senior might have to wait another eighty to hundred years," Ling Han said with a smile.

Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire didn't respond, and seemed to feel that what Ling Han said had some logic to it. After a while, he said, "Alright, This Lord can teach you a mystic art that's slightly inferior. However, something passed down by This Lord is obviously a unique art."

"Senior, please instruct me," Ling Han said respectfully. After all, he was receiving the benefits here.

Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire thought, and said, "What do you want to learn? This Lord is a master of all sorts of mystic arts, saber arts, sword arts, rod arts, and palm arts, and although some of these even This Lord hasn't learned yet, the exceptional arts in my memory are enough to shock the world."

Ling Han didn't know if he was boasting. He said, "I want to learn… formations!"

In close combat, he had the Earth Overturning Seal, which was a Mystical Power, and at a medium range, he had the Three Styles of Black Origin, which was usable up to the Shattering Void Tier. At a long distance, the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow was also a Mystical Power with infinite power.

Therefore, he had to make up for his lack of skill in formations.

He couldn't master any profound formations so far. Firstly, there were pitifully little formation masters, and not many formations were passed down. Secondly, forces that grasped formations kept it all to themselves and were unwilling to teach outsiders formations above sixth-tier.

The key was that formations could perfectly match with any mystic art, and they just had to be laid out—no effort needed to be spent controlling them.

"Hmph, you're quite lucky!" Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire said somewhat sourly. "This Lord doesn't use formations, but I just happen to have had obtained an ancient formation once. Lucky you!" The stone statue flickered as a luminous ball floated out from it.

Ling Han observed it momentarily, and then pressed his finger on it.

Weng, a formation diagram instantly appeared in his consciousness. It changed continuously with a wonderful pattern, and some information surfaced that told him some of the basics about this formation.

The formation was called Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation, and after it was set up, it could gather heaven and earth's Spirit Qi to form an ice dragon, which possessed the power to rival the Shattering Void Tier.

Sh*t, I've been deceived!

Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire should be an elite from the divine realm, and the mystic arts he grasped were obviously at divine level, like the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven and similar Mystical Powers. However, this formation… couldn't be called something at divine level.

Although it could rival the Shattering Void Tier, it was a tenth-tier formation, which was far from what Ling Han had anticipated.

Whatever. Even if he was given a divine level formation, he wouldn't have the divine materials to create the formation's eye.

Even now, he wouldn't be able to take out tenth-tier treasured materials, and could only gather materials slowly. However, it also wouldn't take just a short amount of time for him to grasp tenth-tier formation patterns, and when he grasped them, he probably would've already found enough materials.

After all, if he were to unite the east, north, west, and south regions, it would obviously be much less difficult to find tenth-tier treasured materials. Perhaps he could ask Feng Po Yun to strike down a star, and if he was lucky, he might be able to reap some tenth-tier rare metals.

Stupid, I have Heaven Transformation Bowl. What does it matter even if I don't have tenth-tier rare metal? As long as there are massive amounts of materials, I can refine them step by step! Ling Han said inwardly.

Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire sneered inwardly. Although he'd indeed imparted to him a genuine tenth-tier formation, would a mere Deity Transformation Tier brat have the ability to gather the materials?

Even if he could, to carve formation patterns on tenth-tier rare metal was also a massive undertaking.

Dare mess with This Lord? Then This Lord would have you watch helplessly!

However, he didn't know that Ling Han had Heaven Transformation Bowl that could "create" tenth-tier rare metal and the Black Tower, such a heaven-defying thing. So long as the ingredients were there, how difficult would it be to carve the formation patterns?

Instead, it was the comprehension of the formation that was difficult.

"Thank you very much, Senior," Ling Han said with a smile.

"Hehe, the emperor doesn't have hungry soldiers. Since you're working for This Lord, This Lord wouldn't treat you shabbily!" Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire also said with a smile, thinking that Ling Han definitely suffered an unspeakable grievance.

He paused shortly, and went on, "Leave this little girl with This Lord first, and let This Lord instruct her with utmost care. Someday, she'll definitely become a genius of a generation, and sweeping across the world would be nothing difficult!"

"No, no, stinky stone. Lord Niu Niu is warning you, don't have any ideas about Niu, or else Niu'll eat you!" Hu Niu said ferociously. To dare say to take her as a disciple, was he even fit to?

"Senior, she's still small, and whether she'll be a disciple can be discussed in the future. Anyway, for senior, a hundred years passes in a snap," Ling Han said with a smile.

Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire wasn't pleased, but he needed Ling Han to work for him, and could only stomach it. As he saw it, after Ling Han found the four divine items for him, he would be able to extricate from the current predicament, and sorting out Ling Han then would obviously be as easy as a hand's turn.

At that time, it would be hard for the little girl to escape his grasp, and she would have to become his disciple obediently.

"Senior, can you tell me about the divine realm?" Ling Han asked again.

"Hmph, This Lord has already given you benefits, and you're not even doing things for This Lord yet still caring about these meaningless things? Someday, when you advance into the divine realm, you'll obviously know. What's the difference between earlier and later?" Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire said impatiently. "Go, go, go, hurry up and leave!"

If the stone statue could move, he would definitely have waved his hand non-stop.

Ling Han knew the stone statue was obviously not Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire's true body, and the rivers of lightning and fire flowed down the mountain walls, so could this person's true body be at the bottom of the valley? Unfortunately, whether he was trapped or hurt, he definitely wouldn't reveal his secrets to Ling Han.

"Then, Senior, farewell!" Ling Han said and cupped his hands, pulling on Hu Niu and turning to leave.

Hu Niu was still somewhat annoyed, and turned around to make a face at the stone statue, then finally turned to leave.

As before, she led Ling Han away.

After the two of them disappeared, a divine sense was transmitted in the stone house. "Strange, who exactly is this little girl, being able to defy this lord's five sense blockade? Her strength is clearly low, but even if this lord's current strength is not 0.01% of what it was at peak stage, it should still be able to trap an existence at the Sentiment Severance Tier.

"However, if it were so, they wouldn't be able to enter. This Lord can't control his own power anymore. The five senses blockade can protect This Lord, but it has also become a fetter for This Lord. Fortunately, meeting this strange little girl, there's finally a ray of hope for This Lord to be free.

"This brat'd better not die!"

Soon, Ling Han walked out of the cave and his five senses returned, making him deeply moved. Although the road he walked by earlier wasn't long, it was like a thousand or ten thousand years to him, and if it weren't for his resolute willpower, any other person would've already collapsed.

"On the vast lands, just how many more old monsters are hidden?" he muttered, looking back.
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