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Ling Han didn't enter the Black Tower alone—Hu Niu did as well.

He was relieved that he'd wasn't separated from Hu Niu, or else searching for a little girl in that environment would be harder than climbing the skies.

Now, his five senses returned to normal.

It was like he had the pleasure of a new lease of life. Zhu Xuan Er just happened to come, and Ling Han rushed up and embraced her, kissing her passionately on her charming cherry lips and smelling her faint body scent. He felt the faint heat of Zhu Xuan Er's body and that ample touch, which all made him feel a sense of reality.

Zhu Xuan Er didn't think that he'd be so passionate, and couldn't help but be taken aback, then blushed—other people were still watching. However, her body soon became limp and heated from Ling Han's kiss, letting out a faint moan from her small mouth, and she spread her arms out and embraced Ling Han like a snake, kissing back intensely.

She awoke to passion.

Ling Han let go reluctantly of the beauty in his arms and was embarrassed to find that his right hand had climbed onto her chest as they were kissing.

One really wouldn't know what was good until one could make a comparison. This girl's size completely crushed Helian Xunxue's, and it was somewhat difficult to grasp it with one hand. It was very elastic, and if he could hold it without gaps, it would probably slide out of his hand?

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

"Aiyaya, Niu's mad! Niu's mad!" Hu Niu was driven mad and stared fiercely at Zhu Xuan Er, looking like she wanted to kill her.

Ling Han laughed loudly, walked over to pat Hu Niu on the head, and said, "Be good."

Hu Niu still pouted, her killing intent still not waning.

Ling Han got out a pig trotter and handed it over. The little girl didn't take it out of spite at first, but couldn't resist her chowhound nature, and soon took and munched on it. Her small face immediately blossomed like a flower.

Coax with food—it would always be a success.

"Brother Han!" Zhu Xuan Er was delicate and beautiful like the spring water. She had just come back to her senses from that long kiss, her eyes still lost, so remarkably charming.

"Adulterer****! Adulterer****!" the rabbit muttered on the side.

Ling Han spoke briefly about the encounters inside the cave. Zhu Xuan Er only felt terrified, but the rabbit said, "Sealing the five senses, it's definitely a mighty person! If you're against such a being, then you wouldn't even know how you died."

Indeed, deprived of all five senses, how would you know where the attack came from? Where should your attacks be aimed?

"But Niu can see." Hu Niu nibbled on the pig trotter—grease all over her small mouth—and waved her small hand as she spoke, splashing it all over Ling Han's body.

"You could see?" Ling Han was astounded.

"Yes!" Hu Niu nodded emphatically.

Although this was very inconceivable, Hu Niu was too freakish, so why couldn't she do it?

"Then, Niu can lead the way later." Ling Han patted the little girl on the head.

Hu Niu waved the pig trotter, and said, "Okay!"

The two exited the Black Tower, and Hu Niu took Ling Han's hand and led, while Ling Han completely relaxed himself. Although he couldn't feel Hu Niu's hand, he believed Hu Niu and let her lead.

In reality, he completely couldn't feel himself moving—time and space lost all meaning—and didn't know how much time had passed. He suddenly discovered that faint light appeared in front him.

He was taken aback at first, and then came to realize that he could see!

The five senses returned, and Ling Han sighed in relief.

The entrance wasn't ahead, and Hu Niu didn't lead him randomly. It was a stone house with milky white light, faint but gentle.

Ling Han walked inside and looked around. This stone house was very simple; strictly speaking, it was just a rock cave. Why call it a stone house? It was because a stone statue was erected in the middle.

It definitely wasn't formed naturally. The figure was extremely realistic, and every detail could be seen clearly.

It had the look of an old man, and even if it was but a stone statue, its celestial-like charm could still be seen.

So simple?

Ling Han couldn't help but reveal a disappointed look. At the end of the source of two strange rivers and a cave that could make people lose their five senses was such a simple stone house?

Even the stone house was formed naturally, without a trace of human efforts… except for the stone statue.

Strange, very strange—who would place a stone statue in such a place?

"What, disappointed to see This Lord?" A voice suddenly sounded inside Ling Han's consciousness.

Ling Han was suddenly startled, all his hair on ends, and felt pins and needles. What the hell was it? He clearly didn't see anyone!

"Hey, hey, hey, junior, where are you looking?" This voice sounded again.

"Show yourself!" Ling Han said sternly as his right hand grabbed onto Hu Niu, ready to retreat into the Black Tower at any moment.

"Isn't This Lord right in front of you? Tsk, tsk, tsk, a living person has a pair of eyes for nothing. Should This Lord pluck them?" the voice said.

In front?

Ling Han couldn't help but look at the stone statue, and pointed at it with his finger. "This is you?"

"This Lord doesn't like to be pointed at. Believe it or not, This Lord will break your hands off," the voice spoke again.

Ling Han retracted his hand in shock. He'd seen many strange things, and stones possessing life wasn't surprising, just like the Rock Spirit. However, this one… was clearly without any bit of vitality.

It was definitely not a Rock Spirit. Ling Han could tell that it was just a normal stone statue, yet, for some reason, it could emit divine sense.

After knowing what was going on, Ling Han was instead reassured, and said smilingly, "Senior, why not come out and let me see?"

"If This Lord could come out, would This Lord still chit-chat with you?" the voice said, somewhat angry.

"Could Senior be trapped here?" Ling Han turned apprehensive within. He remembered Asura Demon Emperor, who was split into nine parts, sealed in different areas across the vast lands… This had better not be a part.

However, it didn't seem right. Although this place was also rising with mist, the mist was purple, and the lightning and fire did not match Asura Demon Emperor.

"Junior, since you're able to come here, we're somewhat brought together by fate. How about this, give This Lord a few treasures, and This Lord will bestow upon you an exceptional Mystical Power… So?" The voice enticed.

Ling Han couldn't help but laugh loudly, and said, "Senior's conning method is rather profound. To say just a few words and have me work for you?"

"Damn brat, countless people fight with each other to lick This Lord's soles, and This Lord can't even be bothered to take a glance. Using an exceptional Mystical Power to exchange with you now, you're still not content?" The voice snorted, and zi, one of the stone statue's hands flickered with lightning.

How terrifying—the lightning's power at least reached high-level Heaven Tier, definitely surpassing Ling Han's current limit.

Ling Han's heart thumped. He could conclude that of the two strange rivers outside, at least the lightning river was inextricably connected to the mysterious being.
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