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"How could that be possible!" the old rain emperor quickly waved his hands in denial. He was not one to forget his debts.

Previously, he'd looked like he was dead, but that was only because he had been too weak. He'd still been aware of his surroundings.

Ling Han did not argue, but rather withdrew the handwritten letter from the Rain Emperor and handed it over to Qi Chang Yue.

Qi Chang Yue subconsciously received it, and after a moment's blankness, he finally understood that he was to open it and read.

The old rain emperor neared him, and the old man and young man alike began to read with utmost seriousness.

"My Imperial Father broke through to the Spiritual Infant Tier!"

"Haha, I just knew Hai Chao's talent exceeded all our previous generations; indeed, he has led the way to the greatest prosperity of our Qi Clan!"

Qi Chang Yue and the old rain emperor were both excited. Spiritual Infant Tier, that was the most powerful existence in the north region! Not merely unifying the whole Desolate North, but even in the whole of the north region, that kind of existence would be able to get his own acknowledged place.

But as they read on, their expressions immediately darkened.

The Rain Emperor actually wanted to pass on his imperial throne to Ling Han!

Furthermore, the Rain Emperor actually did not supply a clear explanation for such a huge matter, and merely said that they would naturally understand his decision in future.

F***, this was not something as simple as declaring him a king, but related to the imperial throne!

The old and young man were both hesitant. The imperial throne was the most important asset of the Qi Clan, and was also their root. The Qi Clan could allow a lapse in their generations of geniuses, for they would be able to produce a Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator just by depending on the power of the whole country, and added with the power of the nation, it was definitely not a problem for them to have someone that could somewhat possess the power of the Flower Blossom Tier.

This practically guaranteed the many years of the imperial authority in the hands of the Qi Clan.

But now, they were to actually hand over the imperial throne? Wouldn't the Qi Clan be heading downhill, then?

If the Rain Emperor was personally here, then with his forcefulness as well as his current ability as a Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator, even if the old rain emperor and Qi Chang Yue had disagreements, they would not dare to say much. But if there was only a single letter, then the persuasiveness of it was greatly reduced.

Ling Han saw this, and said calmly, "The Rain Emperor is my sworn big brother. We brothers naturally have reasons for our actions, and you all need only to do as we say! I have not yet gone to the point of taking a mere Rain Country seriously; it is only that there is a ready-made army here, and power of the nation has to be plundered with the form of a nation. Otherwise, I would not care about such a tiny place.

"The first step is to unify the whole of the Desolate North, and the second is to conquer the north region. The third step is to unify all four regions under one ruler, and then ally with the Purple Moon Empire of the middle state to help them… cut the cake," Ling Han recited smoothly.

Cut, cut the cake?

Both the old Rain Emperor and Qi Chang Yue felt like passing out; what a lofty and grand ambition it was to unify all four regions, but the purpose of doing so was actually to combine forces with another party in order to cut a cake? Did you have too much free time!?

Ling Han could not bother with more pointless talk, and said to Qi Chang Yue, "Just prepare to abdicate. This time, it is me, a senior, who is bullying you, so there will, of course, be compensation." He waved out a hand casually, and alchemical pills and various secret techniques were spread out all over the table.

Before coming here, he had naturally made appropriate preparations.

"Heaven Grade cultivation technique!"

"Furthermore… it's a complete one with all nine layers! One would be able to break through to the Heaven Tier by cultivating accordingly!"

"Heavens, there's even a Heaven Grade martial arts technique!"

"This, this, this, this, this is an Earth Grade alchemical pill!"

The old rain emperor and Qi Chang Yue exclaimed in shock, their faces twitching madly.

Some treasures could be considered priceless, but there were some treasures… that were even more valuable than a country, such as Heaven Grade cultivation and martial arts techniques and Earth Grade alchemical pills. But now, these things were laid out in front of them like they were worth nothing.

This was more than enough to buy the whole Rain Country, and with these resources in the hands of the Qi Clan, as long as there appeared a genius after many years in their clan, then once he advanced to the Heaven Tier, he would be able to conquer a hundred or even ten thousand Rain Countries again.

After the old and young man got over their excitement, they realized that there was no longer any sign of Ling Han.

"Elder, what do we do?" Qi Chang Yue asked the old rain emperor. Since this concerned the imperial throne, the decision naturally had to be made by this strongest elite of their clan.

"Immediately abdicate!" the old rain emperor declared resolutely. Wasn't being capable of handing out so many treasures without even a slight frown a clear indication of Ling Han's wealth as well as his terrifying prowess?

… Without power, how could he possibly hand out so many things?

The old rain emperor was very ambitious and greedy, but he knew that there were some small advantages that could not be coveted, as it could lead to deadly ruin!

However, even if Qi Chang Yue took these things for himself, Ling Han would not kill them, either. After all, they were the senior relative and son of the Rain Emperor. At most, he would draw the two of them into the Black Tower to be imprisoned and handed over to the Rain Emperor in the future.

He returned to the Ling Clan Residence, drew everyone into the Black Tower, and returned once more to the Rain Country.

Zhu Xuan Er, the Li Siblings, Yuan Cheng He, and the others appeared one after another. The Rock Spirit and Helian Xun Xue, especially, were in the Deity Transformation and Heaven Tier, respectively, so everyone's aura was incredibly terrifying.

The old rain emperor felt unbearably anxious, and was exceptionally glad that he had not had any inappropriate ideas. Otherwise, any person here would be able to easily crush him. He hurriedly urged Qi Chang Yue to abdicate to avoid any delays causing Ling Han to feel displeased and think that they were planning some tricks.

This person had spoken the truth. His power was enough to unify the whole north region, so there was no need for him to covet the Rain Country and moreover hand out so many treasures as compensation.

However, even if Qi Chang Yue was very cooperative, it was not that simple to abdicate. It had vast implications. After all, what Ling Han wanted was not merely a country by name, but a country in which every citizen was loyal so that there would be power of nation available for his use.

He deployed Yuan Cheng He and the others into the army. It was, firstly, to subdue the hearts of the military forces, and secondly, to retrain the troops following the methods of the Purple Moon Empire. He had already taught these methods to Yuan Cheng He, Li Feng Yu, and the others on their way here.

In truth, there were only a few key factors: discipline, cooperation, and courage.

Qi Chang Yue finally settled the various important ministers as well as the eight great clans of the Imperial City—Ling Han only had the Rock Spirit make a short round, and everyone naturally was terrified out of their wits, so who would dare to say another word in disagreement?

Half a month later, the abdication ceremony began. Qi Chang Yue abdicated, Ling Han inherited the throne, and changed the official name of the nation to "Ling", with the name as the Great Ling Dynasty.

Ling Han did not want to waste even the slightest bit of time, and immediately bestowed the title of general to Yuan Cheng He and Li Feng Yue. Each of them led a troop and began an expedition to conquer the remaining eight countries of the Desolate North.

The key of this war was conquest, and not slaughter. As much as possible, they were to avoid damage.

With an elite at the peak of the Spiritual Infant Tier and an elite at the peak of the Flower Blossom Tier as commanding officer, how could they not be invincible? In merely a month's time, the two great armies had utterly defeated the other eight nations; even assembling an allied army was useless, and they could only raise a white flag in surrender.

Ling Han could no longer suppress his cultivation level, and was forced to break through to the Deity Transformation Tier.

His initial plan was to continue suppressing his cultivation for a while longer. After all, the rate of his breaking through was too fast, but he was really incapable of suppressing it any longer, and could only choose to break through.

Deity Transformation Tier, that was to transform the Spiritual Infant inside his body into a Deity.

Naturally, that was transformation into a Deity inside his own body, and this was another leap.

To Ling Han, this step was incredibly easy to take. Firstly, he had really accumulated too much energy, and secondly, in his last life, he had already taken this step. As a result, it was natural that everything progressed smoothly.

"And now I'm already in the Deity Transformation Tier!" Ling Han was very rueful. He had originally thought that in this lifetime, he would only be able to return to the Heaven Tier in his thirties, but from the looks of things, he would probably be able to do so in another one or two years' time.

Firstly, the environment for martial arts in this lifetime was really too good, and secondly, it was also because he had obtained the Black Tower that could endlessly provide cultivation resources for his use, and added together with the fact that he himself was the Alchemy Emperor, it was natural that his cultivation rate was even faster than before.

"Next, we should launch a military campaign in the north region."ED/N: A reminder: it's the euphemism they use for splitting the sky.
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