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A night had passed, and Ling Han felt a kind of faint melancholy.

In the "heated exchange" with Helian Xun Xue, he had had absolute dominance and gained the upper hand during the first half, tossing her about as she wailed "don't", "don't". But women were really odd creatures, for they said "don't", but in actual fact enjoyed it tremendously.

After that, in the second half, it turned into him being the one that was crying "don't", "don't", and in the end being turned over by the female dragon who became the master, conversely tossing him about.

Why was this so?

The inexperienced Ling Han summed this all up as his level now being inferior to the other party's… regardless of Origin Power level, or level of brute force, perhaps he could only compete with the her after he broke through to the Heaven Tier.

At this moment, he was still lying on the bed, resting, while Helian Xun Xue was already in front of the mirror, combing through her soft tresses. The black hair akin to a waterfall was in stark contrast to the fair ivory of her satiny smooth skin.

"Have you not looked your fill?" Helian Xun Xue gazed at Ling Han through the bronze mirror, her cheerful mood obvious in the slightly upturned corners of her lips.

Ling Han let out a sigh, and replied dryly, "I was thinking that hereafter, I will have to work hard to diligently knead those two small mounds on your bosom into two peaks, or else if you were to cover your face with your hair, who would know whether it's your front or your back!"

"Ling Han!" Helian Xun Xue instantly flew into a storming rage. "You want to die?" she spat out word by word.

"Well, it's already a fact that you have small breasts, anyway," Ling Han whispered under his breath, but did not provoke this woman any further. She was, after all, the mother of his child.

The two of them came out of the house and saw that Hu Niu was looking after the child, playing fly, fly, fly with Ling Jian Xue, all of a sudden flinging the kid into the air as high as a few thousand metres, after which she caught him into her arms just as he was close to reaching the ground.

The kid was ecstatic, his acute excitement evident in his incessant screams of delight, blissfully unaware that Helian Xun Xue was actually scared to death witnessing such an act. So long as Hu Niu were to carelessly miss, then her son would definitely fall to his death into broken pieces.

She hastily leaped into the air and flew over, swiftly taking her son into her protective embrace. She then turned towards Ling Han, and demanded, "Quick, you tell her properly!" This little girl was only but a child herself, not knowing the severity or grave nature of such precarious acts, which could quite possibly bring about a mishap at any minute.

Ling Han nodded, and walked over and gently admonished, "Can only play fly fly fly in here, but not outside!"

"En!" Hu Niu promised in a crisp clear voice.

Helian Xun Xue felt like fainting out of exasperation—was that even considered a warning? What she didn't know was that there was still Small Tower's existence here. How would it possibly let anything go amiss with Ling Han's son?

Hu Niu held Ling Han's hand and walk over to have breakfast. The others also woke up one after another, then, after washing up, sat waiting to partake of their meals.

In fact, with their strength, it did not matter whether they ate or not, but given the food in the Black Tower was so tasty and furthermore also highly nourishing, of course it was something not to be missed.

Ling Han gathered the ingredients, then Zhu Xuan Er, Li Zi Xian, and Helian Xun Xue all went about getting busy.

"Ling Han, yesterday you and that big stupid girl had a fight? Niu heard her cries and screams, it was most gratifying, and Niu even wanted to rush over to help you, just that I couldn't get in!" Hu Niu remarked while waiting anxiously.

Pa, Helian Xun Xue suddenly knocked down a pot of clear water by accident, then directed a murderous gaze at Hu Niu. Someone had actually eavesdropped through the wall last night!

The faces of Zhu Xuan Er and Li Zi Xian flushed bright red; although they were both unmarried chaste young ladies, yet in the dead of night, with everyone already asleep, a man and a woman "fought"… It didn't take much to figure out that it was the kind of fight for adults only.

Ling Han seemingly was also struck by a sudden coughing fit as he cleared his throat and chided, "Little children need to sleep more to grow up faster. Go to bed earlier from now on, don't become a night owl."

Hu Nu gave an oh, pointing her finger at Helian Xun Xue's chest, and said, "Niu will definitely sleep early, must not become like big stupid Niu so flat-chested!"

Helian Xun Xue was driven mad—today, it was already not the first time that she was being criticized for having a flat chest. So what of a flat chest, did it cause you any hindrance?

Ling Han roared with hearty laughter and brought Hu Niu to sit on his lap. "That's why Hu Niu must eat more meat, have more milk and vegetables, and eat more of everything."

"En, this one Niu likes!" Hu Niu was all smiles—ain't eating precisely her inborn attribute?

After breakfast, they left the Black Tower and continued to hasten on with the journey.

Zhu Xuan Er had felt a little resentful all along. Ling Han, before reuniting with "his old flame", had undoubtedly said that he would not speak of love, yet in the end, this guy directly got a son already, making her feel very jealous.

No matter what, she was the one who'd met Ling Han first, but it was Helian Xun Xue who first gave birth to a son?

While no one was paying attention, she moved near to Ling Han and whispered to him, "Xuan Er also wants to bear you children!"

Ling Han couldn't stop his heart from throbbing. Zhu Xuan Er's beauty was not any less than the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden's, and they had also gone through thick and thin together—the sentiment between them had already surpassed that of friendship. But because of the conflict in his heart, it had drifted slightly further away from being love.

But this did not stop Ling Han from appreciating the other's beauty. She was an extraordinarily beautiful woman, her beauty unrivaled and devastating, enough to cause the fall of a city. Whoever looked upon her would find her pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

With those words coming out from the mouth of such extreme beauty, wishing to bear one's own children, Ling Han naturally felt his mouth dry. He patted Zhu Xuan Er's sweet-smelling shoulder and remarked, "Thank you, but my affair with Hai Niu was rather muddle-headed."

"Then last night was also muddle-headed?" Zhu Xuan Er's beautiful eyes were filled with a myriad of emotions revolving in their depths.

This put Ling Han on the spot; after all, he could not say that he was unable to resist the female dragon's strength and was being forcefully getting laid? Who would believe it? Within the Black Tower, his existence was akin to that of a god, so could he not have safeguarded his innocence?

Ling Han only laughed dryly.

Luckily, Zhu Xuan Er's emotional intelligence was after all of an extremely high level, so she would not make Ling Han be stuck in an embarrassing situation, unable to back down with good grace. She was only pressing and being forceful in such a way to let Ling Han know and not let to forget there was still someone infatuated with him who was still persistently waiting for him.

Seven days later, they passed through the Fallen Moon Gorge and returned to the Desolate North.

First of all, of course, they'd see his parents.

The traveling group arrived at the Ling Clan Residence. The footman still recognized Ling Han, and immediately dashed off to announce the news.

"Young Master is back!"

This was like a whirlwind having swept through the entire Ling Clan Residence. Ling Dong Xing and Yue Hong Chang hurriedly rushed out. Their son had been away for over a year, making them wait for his return anxiously, their hearts wrought with extreme worry.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan followed close behind Ling Han's parents. Their coy expressions were filled with feelings of affection, distinctly touching to the heart, making Ling Han inwardly heave a sigh. It seemed the love debts he had accumulated had become somewhat more.

Zhu Xuan Er and Helian Xun Xue naturally were known faces. Yue Hong Chang looked at Li Zi Xian and thought in her heart, Could this be another prospective daughter-in-law candidate?

"Eh, this child…" Everyone had their eyes fixed on Ling Jian Xue, who was being carried in the arms of Helian Xun Xue.

Ling Han laughed mischievously and beamed. "Father, Mother, this is your grandson. His name is Ling Jian Xue."

Both parents were elated. There were three ways to be unfilial, but having no sons was the worst. Their son was always not around, yet suddenly brought back a grandson—of course that made them wild with joy.

The eyes of both Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan cast on Ling Han were those of resentment, similar to those of Zhu Xuan Er's as well—there was almost enough to gather for a round of mahjong.

At night, the Ling Clan Residence hosted an elaborate feast to celebrate the addition of the third generation to the Ling Clan, the flourishing of the family.

After this night, Ling Han then went to the Rain Country. He wanted to take over the imperial authority of the Rain Country to open up the path towards conquest.
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