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"I've got to send a message to the Purple Moon Empire," Ling Han said. Now he and Ma Duo Bao could be considered allies, although his own strength was not worth mentioning.

If the Sea Race were to suddenly launch an attack, and attacked from both sides together with the five great sects, then the Purple Moon Empire was likely to be wiped out.

Since Helian Xu Xue was already one of his own people, Ling Han had explained the plan to split open the skies to her, which caused Helian Xun Xue to feel shock beyond comparison.

She had only thought of unifying the Northern Sea, and then to use the strength of the Northern Sea to resist the Reckoning. She didn't expect Ling Han to have such a big ambition, wanting to split open the skies and allow the entire realm to ascend into the realm of the immortals.

"You don't have to worship me like this. It's good enough to know it in the heart. I am not a vain person," Ling Han said, smiling. In front of his own people, he didn't mind to add in a few words of teasing.

"Show off!" Helian Xun Xue rolled her eyes at him, and actually looked quite sassy. Had it not been that her chest was too flat, she would be extremely attractive.

"I will bring the news to the Purple Moon Empire first. Then, we will… return to the north region!" Ling Han said. "They will fight to their heart's' content in the middle state. We will first unify the East, South, West, and North—the four regions. Should Ma Duo Bao win, I will then give him the country and have him split open the sky. If he can't, then I will."

Relatively speaking, the middle state was in fact the central area of the war. Its area was bigger than the four regions combined, but one also couldn't underestimate the four regions. One had to know that the population of the Desolate North was close to one billion, and the power of the nation of every country could spark the rise of a Flower Blossom Tier elite—it would still be quite staggering.

"Let us surround the city with villages," Ling Han said, laughing.

They came out from the Black Tower and headed towards the training camp. After Xiao Yong Nian was found by them, Ling Han asked him to hand over a letter either to the Flame King or the Lunar King. The letter informed that the Sea Race was likely to send troops. This was so that Ma Duo Bao could make preparations.

Yet, Xiao Yong Nian was somewhat troubled, and stared at Helian Xun Xue as if he wanted to snatch her away for some interrogation.

Ling Han quickly smiled, and said, "This is my wife, and the child's mother. She wouldn't leave and was playing around with me!"

Xiao Yong Nian couldn't help but wear a strange expression. He muttered in his heart, Both of you make a weird couple. So much foreplay displayed without a consideration for others who might not be immune to it. However, since Helian Xun Xue was an elite of the Heaven Tier, he naturally dared not underestimate Ling Han's letter—it had to be submitted.

However, he was just a colonel. It would be impossible to see the Eight Kings directly. Therefore, he only passed this letter up to the level of general. Naturally, there would be big shots who would give due consideration to the letter, and whether to continue sending it up the ladder or otherwise, they'd decide.

Ling Han again secretly returned to the Restore Heaven Academy. After changing his appearance, he contacted the Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing, telling them of his plan and leaving them with a lot of alchemical pills. He further called over Yuan Cheng He and the Li Siblings to return together with him to the north region.

After more than a month, they've returned to the north region.

Ling Han had reached the peak of the Spiritual Infant Tier, but he wasn't in a hurry to rush towards the Deity Transformation Tier. He intended to tamp his current level until he could no longer go further before he broke through to the next and achieve the ultimate maximum of his capacity.

Actually, Zhu Xuan Er had dashed into the the Spiritual Infant Tier, and the Rock Spirit had taken the lead as the first to break through into the Deity Transformation Tier. With the great power of a spirit of one of the five elements, a breakthrough was comparable to an existence of the peak of the Deity Transformation Tier—although still not able to defeat Ling Han, it could be considered the third most powerful elite on this side.

The rate of cultivation of Yuan Cheng He and the others was extremely fast. Following close to an Alchemy Emperor, how could they fear not having medicine to consume? If it wasn't because Ling Han was afraid that upgrading the cultivation level by means of consuming alchemical pills would lead to instability, it was estimated that Yuan Cheng He would have already charged into the Deity Transformation Tier.

This being the case, Yuan Cheng He had also reached the peak of the Spiritual Infant Tier, and his cultivation level was on the same level as Ling Han. The Li Siblings had also reached the peak of the Flower Blossom Tier in quick succession, and were not rushing to upgrade their levels. Following Ling Han's advice, they would do their utmost to improve their foundation.

These people were the backbone for Ling Han in building a country—although they might be a bit pitiful at the moment.

Ling Han had two Level Ten Spiritual Tools. When he came to the region's barrier, he simply took one of them out. When he touched the barrier, the Spiritual Tool recovered automatically, and created a screen of light, which protected them as they left, without being affected at all.

The barrier was used to isolate the three levels of Spiritual Infant, Deity Transformation, and Heaven Tiers; against the Shattering Void Tier, it would be useless.

"The existence of the region's barrier is so that the elites would not be able to communicate, leading to the decline of the martial arts of the four regions and conveniently providing better control," Ling Han lamented. "If it weren't for the five great sects, the martial arts of the realm ought to be flourishing. We would have been able to enter into the Immortal Realm after reaching the Shattering Void Tier and no longer have to consume the natural resources of this world, thus giving birth to more powerful elites."

This was what the five great sects had caused through these 10,000 years. At least in his past life, these region barriers did not exist. Perhaps due to the "revolt" of Zi Xue Xian, the five great sects were even stricter in controlling the communication between the regions.

After entering the north region, their speed had dropped; it wouldn't take long for them to return to the Desolate North.

Night fell. It was the first time that they had stopped for the night and not continued to hurry on their journey. A campfire was made, and food was being cooked. The delicious but strange Tentacles Soup was brought out again, and with the addition of the essence of the myrietes treasured pearl and a few drops of Spiritual Fluid, it became an extremely nourishing supplement.

At this time, the gluttons were not limited to just Ling Han and Hu Niu. Helian Xun Xue was both a Heaven Tier elite and Body Arts cultivator, so her appetite wasn't lacking in any way. The three people were grabbing for food, causing Hu Niu to keep grinding her teeth—this silly big girl, she not only snatched her Ling Han, but also grabbed her food. Really too awful!

They decided to take a good rest tonight and rid themselves of the exhaustion for the past few days.

Due to the fear of the Sea Race's pursuit, they naturally entered the Black Tower to rest as it was the safest place.

Ling Han had coaxed his son and Hu Niu, these two children, to sleep. He was about to fall asleep himself when he saw Helian Xun Xue walk over.

"What, still not sleeping?" he asked.

Helian Xun Xue did not answer, her eyes flickering with an ominous glint. When she came over, she pushed Ling Han down onto the bed and started groping him all over.

"Hey, hey, what are you doing?" Ling Han was shocked. Was her desire really so strong?

"You slept with me, but don't want to bear the responsibility?" Helian Xun Xue said through clenched teeth.

"I am not that kind of person. If you want to say anything, please do so nicely. What's the meaning of you taking my clothes off?" Ling Han mumbled weakly.

"Hey, you've already gotten into my bed, making me think of you every few days. You don't want to take up responsibility for it?" Helian Xun Xue continued to pull off his clothes. "Let me count for you, how many times did you owe me within this year?"

Was the nature of a Dragon lewd?

Ling Han shivered, saying, "Do you plan on making me return everything to you tonight?"

"Don't tell me that you're incapable!" Helian Xun Xue stared at Ling Han disdainfully.

"I'm incapable?" Ling Han was angered. Men hated the word "incapable". He immediately rolled over and came on top of her. "You'd better not ask for mercy."

"Bring it on!" Helian Xun Xue naturally wasn't scared.

"You already gave birth to a son. I don't believe that I'm unable to make you submit!" Ling Han snorted.

"Don't waste your energy talking!"

"Then where should I spend it on?"

"Focus on what you are doing!"
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