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"This is your son!"


Ling Han instantly choked, then countered, "Oi, oi, oi, though our relationship may be considered somewhat close, you should not spout nonsense! I am still a virgin, how would there be a son? You want me to raise a child for you and be a good Samaritan? Fine, but I won't be a fool!"

Helian Xue Xue was furious. Clutching onto his chest, she lifted him up effortlessly, and snapped, "Are you blind, didn't you see the striking resemblance your son has to you? He is the spitting image of you!"

Ling Han looked intently; it was really hard for him to say much.

In this life, he truly had only looked in the mirror a handful of times, so his familiarity with his own features had been regarding his past life all this while. He could not help but bare his teeth—in the future, if he were to have any children with the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden or Zhu Xuan Er, then would the kid be considered his or his predecessor's?

Oh, what a mess, this matter is seemingly hard to work out.

Helian Xun Xue became even more furious. He still dared let your mind wander at this moment? She gave Ling Han a shake and reiterated, "Listen, this is your son, raise him well. When I come back, if I were to discover his missing even a single strand of hair, I will mince you to pieces and feed you to the fishes!"

Ling Han made a waving gesture with his hand, and said in response, "Fine, I shall believe that he is really my son, for the time being…"

"Of course he is your son!" Helian Xun Xue interrupted.

Ling Han sigh in exasperation and pointed out, "How come I don't remember having done… that with you!"

A becoming blush spread out over Helian Xun Xue's pretty face, yet with her face masked, she feared not it being seen. She mumbled, "Have you forgotten about that time when obtaining the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven?"

Ling Han was startled. At that time, this foolish girl charged into the Thunderclap region, and he wanted to pull her back, but in the end, was also whirled in by the Thunderclap, and both their clothes were torn to pieces and entangled together.

Could it be that during that time he had actually slept with this girl by accident?

F***, my virgin body!

Ling Han gave a miserable cry in his heart—he had actually lost this life's first time in a state of vagueness? He stammered slightly, "Really such a bullseye? One time and conceived already?"

"You think I wanted this?" Helian Xun Xue was riled once again, raising her fist to hit, yet still managed to refrain from doing so. "Not long after I returned to the Sea Race, I discovered I was with a child, so I went into hiding and was planning to deliver the baby in secret. However, the truth still leaked out. Now, I am being hunted down by my clan and the Xianyu Royal Clan, two mighty forces. Otherwise, would I need you to take care of the child?"

Ling Han did not ask her why she did not abort the baby. With a face full of amazement, he was looking intently at his son, filled with awe.

He actually had a son already!

In his past life, he was obsessed with alchemy. Although there were countless beauties who threw themselves into his arms, he actually would not even look at them twice. Now, a child of his own, with his flesh and blood, actually lay in his arms as if immediately giving rise to a certain kind of spiritual connection, making him feel extremely excited and emotionally moved.

"I have a son already?" He raised his head and look at Helian Xun Xue.

"Apologies that I only bore you one, and did not give you a daughter as well so that you may have both a son and a daughter!" Helian Xun Xue gritted her teeth, adamantly holding onto animosity.

Ling Han was wild with joy, and without thinking much, replied, "Never mind, we can still have one later on!"

Helian Xun Xue was indignant. She once again clutched and lifted Ling Han up. "You still want to do me?"

What a violent female dragon!

Ling Han secretly harbored admiration for himself—he actually had become a brave man who had mounted the dragon! He patted Helian Xun Xue's hand and cajoled her indulgently, "You have already born me a son, then, of course, you are part of my Ling Clan. Hereafter, I won't allow you to run around anymore, you are to take good care of my child!"

"Still really tyrannical and overbearing!" Helian Xun Xue coldly snorted, and uttered, "Why did you think I sought you out? Were it not for me being chased by two mighty forces, don't think that you would ever see me in this whole life! For now, you take good care of our child. I know you have a Spirit Tool that can take in living beings, so if our child were to stay at that place of yours, no one would discover him. I will divert the attention of the pursuers; if I do not die… the child you must hand over to me, and we shall never be in contact at all!"

"What's this rubbish you are spouting!" Ling Han was also becoming angry. "Without me, would you have been able to conceive the child by yourself? I don't care how I slept with you at that time, now that you are my woman, and have also even born me a son already, do you think I will just watch you die?"

Helian Xun Xue felt slightly touched by Ling Han's words, but she immediately rebuked, "Don't let your emotions affect you, you are totally unaware of the formidable strength of Helian and Xianyu, the two mighty royal clans. Just in terms of Shattering Void Tier elites, there are already thirty-odd of them; there are even more so up to several hundred of Heaven Tier cultivators… and this is just merely one clan, not two!"

Indeed they were very strong, but when he recalled that the five great sects at least also had over hundred Shattering Void Tier elites, Ling Han then became unconcerned.

He then remarked, "You only know that I have a Spirit Tool that can take in living beings, but what you don't know is actually what is the extent of the strength of this Spirit Tool! Fine, don't resist my divine sense from wrapping around you and I shall bring you into it to experience it."

Hehe, once you've entered into the Black Tower, then you can just take care of our child in earnest!

Given choice, Helian Xun Xue naturally also would not want to be apart from her son, so she hesitated for a moment then decided, "Fine, come on!"

Ling Han wrapped his divine sense around Helian Xun Xue and his son, and the three of them entered into the Black Tower together.

"What?!" Helian Xun Xue was shocked, this space was actually so huge? This was practically a Mystery Realm!

"So, how is it?" Ling Han said with a smile. "When I have also entered into this place, the Spatial Spirit Tool will then transform into a mustard seed, and even a Shattering Void Tier elite also would not be able to discover it, so it will be entirely safe here."

In a flash, something suddenly dawned on Helian Xun Xue. It was no wonder that the first time she stumbled upon Ling Han, as she struck forth a blow towards him, Ling Han actually vanished into thin air all of a sudden—it turned out it was because of having such a rare treasure!

"Fine, I will stay here awhile first, hide for ten to twenty years, wait for the unrest to subside and the turmoil to calm somewhat. then depart." Giving a nod, she acceded.

"Yi ya!" The child suddenly woke up. Yet when he discovered that he was being held by a stranger, he did not cry and just gazed at Ling Han wide-eyed, the black and white of his big eyes in stark contrast. He even stretched out his chubby small hand and grinned as he grabbed towards Ling Han's face.

Ling Han could not contain the strong paternal love that surged through him as he voluntarily brought his face closer and let his son grab it.

The kid promptly gave a hearty laugh while he kept on rubbing Ling Han's face as if treating it as a plaything.

Ling Han smiled as he said, "The kid's strength is really strong, he will definitely show promise in future!" This was not just mere boasting or singing one's own praises, for the kid's strength was indeed great, and in no way below that of the ninth layer of the Body Refining Tier.

Helian Xun Xue proudly exclaimed, "That is a given, his True Dragon Bloodline is even above that of mine!"

"It must be the genes of my Ling Clan!" Ling Han directly disregarded her words.

Helian Xun Xue's pretty face twitched; this man was really shameless—it was obviously because the son possessed the True Dragon Bloodline that he could have had such horrifying tremendous strength, and how could the human race possibly accomplish that?

"Wu wa!" The kid suddenly cried.

Ling Han was at a loss and queried, "What's the matter?"

Helian Xun Xue rolled her eyes at him then replied, "Our son is hungry already!" She took the kid back into her arms and was just about to raise her shirt, but then she actually gave Ling Han a pointed stare. She ordered, "Why aren't you turning around?"

"Tsk, it's not like it's something I've not seen before, moreover it's so flat, who would want to look at it!" Ling Han spread out his hands and turned around.

Helian Xun Xue ground her teeth and felt like killing someone again.
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