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This move was very despicable, yet very effective.

Naturally, Helian Xun Xue had no intention to perish together with him, and her figure immediately flitted, deftly avoiding the smashing range of the stone tablet.

The Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan, upon seeing the effectiveness of this move, could not hold back the uncanny cackle that escaped his mouth, spurring this stone tablet to give chase in Helian Xun Xue's direction. Of course, he knew that with Helian Xun Xue's speed, it was impossible for him to launch an attack against her, but he could drive her away.

What he wanted was Ling Han's life!

Helian Xun Xue seemed to have an immensely apprehensive kind of unease about her, obviously being unwilling to engage in a reckless fight with the Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan. Otherwise, given her strong physique, which was even above Ling Han's, she was absolutely qualified to shake off by force this sort of heavy-type Spirit Tool.

This made Ling Han click his tongue in wonder, unable to comprehend it. Could it be that even now, the memory loss from before was still affecting Helian Xun Xue, hampering and hindering her movements in fight as if her hands were tied and her feet were bound?

The Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan unleashed a torrent of attacks relentlessly, while Helian Xun Xue successively retreated, instantly bringing about a complete turnabout in the situation.

"Honorable Lord, I have no wish to be likened to someone being of inexperienced mindset and persist in such unsophisticated pettiness with you. If you were to leave now, I will treat it like nothing ever happened!" the Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan exclaimed. He indeed did not want to end up having a feud with such an elite.

Helian Xun Xue merely gave a cold snort, and with a light pat of her snowy-white hand, drew forth a whirling motion, giving rise to a wave of Origin Power. Patterns could be seen visibly gleaming and flashing, their powerful force exceedingly frightening.

"Heng, then I, too, shall cease wasting words with you!" The Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan sneered. Then, he abruptly turned around and directed his line of vision straight at Ling Han. "I shall kill you first!" This was after all the main objective of his being here in the first place.

On this person was a ten-thousand-year-old treasured bead—he had to acquire it. Of course, killing Ling Han to avenge the death of Yu Clan's descendant was also one of the reasons. But in comparison with a ten-thousand-year-old treasured bead, it had become something secondary, which he was doing just in passing.

Ling Han smiled faintly as he uttered, "Monster, just see how I will subdue you!"

He tossed out the Heaven Transformation Bowl, which lit up as a series of patterns came alive, emitting a brilliant radiance.

Boom, boom, boom. That stone tablet was already rapidly moving towards the Heaven Transformation Bowl, and in the process was also boundlessly reducing in size.

"What!?" The Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan was struck with great shock and felt that he was losing his connection with this Spirit Tool. He let out a violent roar as he charged in Ling Han's direction. He'd obtained this Spirit Tool in an ancient tomb, and it'd helped him kill a few elites of the same level. It was his strongest trump card, and he absolutely could not lose it!

On the other hand, what Ling Han wielded was merely a bowl. To actually be able to affect and absorb the stone tablet, this made the elder shocked beyond words, yet also exultant—if he could seize this bowl, then wouldn't he have gained yet another treasured item?

His face was awash with greed, and he was stretching out his right hand to clutch Ling Han.

"Heng!" A frosty snort filled with disdain suddenly rang out from behind him.

Oh no!

This thought of his had yet to entirely formulate when he felt a pain in his chest as his body was once again being hit and propelled through the air, seeing the figure of Helian Xun Xue in his eyes becoming smaller and smaller.

Sure enough, he was struck and sent flying again!

But this time he was not so lucky, as Helian Xun Xue caught up to him and started landing brutal strikes on him.

Without the Spirit Tool to safeguard him, how could he match up to Helian Xun Xue, this royalty of the Sea Race, who was a dual cultivator of Origin Power and physical skills and on top of that possessed secret techniques of the Sea Race? Her combat strength definitely fearful.

In only a short while, the Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan was already beaten and utterly defeated, and had no other choice but to take flight.

Heaven Tier was after all Heaven Tier—burning up his own life force, his speed was already swift beyond reasonable limits, reaching the level comparable with Helian Xun Xue's. However, such damage was irreversible—his life origin was being drained, which was going to shorten his lifespan at least by a few dozen years!

But as opposed to being beaten to death by Helian Xun Xue then and there, he naturally would not care to live a few dozen years shorter.

Helian Xun Xue could also give chase if she wanted to, but she'd similarly have to burn her own life force—she'd definitely catch up to him, but she was naturally unwilling to. She only made two steps in pursuit before halting and making a turnabout to look for Ling Han.

"My Lady, thank you for extending your assistance. The Purple Moon Empire will surely reward you, but should you act in any way that may bring harm upon Ling Han, you still have to pass through me first!" Xiao Yong Nian declared, stepping out to block Helian Xun Xue's way.

This was the Purple Moon Empire's belief—being the leader, he should look out for and protect his followers, or how else would the followers be inclined to commit their lives for their cause?

Helian Xun Xue stretched out her hand and gave a flick, easily setting Xiao Yong Nian aside, then she stood in front of Ling Han, her gaze flickering as if hesitating over something.

"Hai Niu, whatever the matter, we can all sit down and talk at length about it, there's nothing that can't be talked over," Ling Han smilingly said. He had already put away the stone tablet. The Rock Spirit's breakthrough to the Deity Transformation Tier was near at hand, and if he could still refine this stone tablet, then Heaven Tier would not be that far already.

Then only could he be considered a hired thug.

Helian Xun Xue stretched out her hand, and lifted Ling Han up with her grip, then she turned around and left.

"Stupid Niu! Stupid Niu!" Hu Niu sprang out and hurriedly chased after Helian Xun Xue. She could care less about everything else, but absolutely couldn't allow Ling Han to be snatched by someone else.

"Little girl, wait for Rabbit!" Rabbit also hastily follow suit and gave chase.

Zhu Xuan Er was not slow, either, but her cultivation was the weakest, hence she could only fall behind in the last place.

Xiao Yong Nian struggled to rise, yet felt a pain in his chest. He slowly took in a deep breath and sat down on the ground. Meanwhile, who amongst the new recruits would dare to give chase? She was a Heaven Tier elite; if they pursued, did that mean they were trying to deliver her their heads?

She did not launch a full-blown massacre, and that was already merciful beyond any conventions, but don't take life for granted!

"Back to the training camp!" Xiao Yong Nian also knew that to let these new recruits pursue and attack was not realistic; the only way was to pass the matter onto the higher-ups. Although it was only one new recruit, the Purple Moon Empire would not permit anyone to bully their own, and there definitely would be an elite rushing over—perhaps a General, or even a King!

Helian Xun Xue unceasingly forged ahead while clutching Ling Han. Her speed was astonishing, and even with the extra burden of Ling Han, her speed did not slow down much. After journeying for a very long time, she finally came to a stop and tossed him onto the ground.

Ling Han did not hide in the Black Tower. If Helian Xun Xue had wanted to kill him, she would not have lugged him along. He patted his rear and stood up as he protested, "I see your temper has grown!"

Helian Xun Xue stared at him ferociously, then suddenly struck forth, peng, peng, peng, giving him a sound beating.

Similarly, although her blows were heavy, none was fatal. As such, Ling Han only used his strength to shield his handsome face. Other parts? Well, go ahead and hit. He only felt odd—this Hai Niu was really becoming more and more abnormal.

After Helian Xun Xue had had her fill of beating, she finally stopped. She took off her cape, revealing the baby that was bundled up and which she was carrying behind her back. The baby was in deep sleep and blissful oblivion while sucking onto one of his fingers, looking extremely adorable.

No wonder she had not fought recklessly against that stone tablet earlier—it should've been for her fear of hurting the baby. Otherwise, given her strength and temperament, so what if she forcefully fought it on?

Eh, could it be that this was her son?

Helian Xun Xue carried the baby in her arms and gazed upon the child for a while. Then, she handed the child over towards Ling Han as she warned in all seriousness, "Take good care of him, but if he were to so much as loose a single strand of hair on his body, I will kill you! Kill you ten thousand times over!"

Ling Han instinctively caught the bundle, then scratched his head in bafflement as he remarked somewhat bemusedly, "I don't seem to have the habit of raising kids for others!" Had this Hai Niu's mind been slapped silly and gone nuts again that she'd actually want him to rear children?

"This is your son!" Helian Xun Xue said angrily.
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