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Ling Han's expression turned serious. It was a Heaven Tier cultivator, and a high level one at that, far exceeding even the maximum of his present combat strength—if he were to fight head on, he would probably sustain serious injuries.

Of course, if he were to parry merely one move, he definitely would not die. After all, his physique and recovery ability were both very strong.

"Xuan Er, come here!" Ling Han beckoned. Naturally, he would not hide in the Black Tower by himself.

Fortunately, although Hu Niu and Rabbit followed him over, they were waiting at a distant place, and did not gather here. Presumably, if they were also seen by the Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan, they would also be overlooked.

Zhu Xuan Er slowly came over, not daring to move overly swift for fear of triggering a reaction from the Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan.

How would the Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan be bothered with Ling Han or Zhu Xuan Er, such puny Spiritual Infant and Flower Blossoming Tier cultivators. He was still searching for the whereabouts of that mysterious person. He exclaimed, "Since you would not show yourself, then I shall dismiss my reservations!"

His raised right hand immediately pressed down in Ling Han's direction.

Pa, a person's shadow flew upwards, and strongly slammed into the building structure of the bandits' lair, peng, peng, peng, directly breaking down about a dozen rooms before coming to a halt.

That was the Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan—he was actually given a resounding slap which sent him flying!

Hiss, that old man struggled to scramble to his feet. He only felt that at least about a dozen bones in his body were broken, and he was now forcibly putting them back together using Origin Power. Otherwise, he would not even be able to get up now.

Who was this, wasn't that too strong? One slap already sent him flying without even giving him time to react.

He stared over there fixedly, and only caught sight of a masked person appearing at the spot he had been previously standing at. But even if the face was masked, one could also make out from the figure that the person was actually a lady. Slender and graceful, she could be said to be perfect… were it not for **** being indeed rather flat.

Everyone was both startled and delighted—even though they had yet to know the identity of this masked lady, for her to stand against the Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan, it should be a good thing, right?

Ling Han's gaze swept across that incomparably flat bosom of the masked lady, and blurted out unwittingly, "Hai Niu!"

There really weren't that many women with such powerful strength and the chest still so flat.

"If you dare persist in spouting nonsense, I will kill you!" the masked lady snapped coldly.

Ling Han bared his teeth and queried, "You've recovered your memories?"

If it had been Hai Niu, then she would have acted silly and cute, but were it Helian Xun Xue, then she would have acted high and mighty as befitting a senior Heaven Tier elite. Judging from the present circumstances, evidently, it appeared to be the latter.

But why would she step forth and come to his aid?

Could it be that she felt that it was more satisfying to kill him with her own hands? Then again, they also did not have much of a score to settle, merely that he had once deceived her, but it was already such a long time ago—why not just dismiss the animosity with a smile? After all, we have lived together for a long time.

Helian Xun Xue did not deign to answer, but merely stared coldly at the Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan and uttered, "Just now I told you to scram and you didn't, now you still want to leave?"

The Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan clasped his hands together as a gesture of respect and offered a truce. "Honorable Lord, this person has killed a member of my Yu Clan, so it stands to reason that I have come to avenge his death. But since you protect him, then I shall lay this grievance to rest, how about it?"

"Heng!" It appeared that Helian Xun Xue was full of pent-up anger, and at this moment finally found a venting target as she gazed intently at the Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan, her killing aura circulating.

Ling Han bared his teeth. He felt that this murderous fury ought to have been directed at himself, but not knowing where or how, this Hai Niu seemed to have let her focus gone awry and turned haywire along the way, and actually let him, the real culprit, off the hook, and shifted onto the Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan.

Wish you good luck, he thought.

The Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan was also infuriated. They were both similarly of high level Heaven Tier, and he had already set down his stance so low; on top of that, he'd also been given a resounding slap by her, so what more did she want? He flicked his sleeves and stated boldly, "Honorable Lord, I am also not one easy to be trifled with!"

He drew out a green-colored stone tablet. On its surface were closely woven patterns, filled with an ancient air.

Ling Han made an exclamation of surprise, knowing that this was certainly an antique.

The skill of forging Spirit Tools had long since been lost, so the cultivators now all nurtured their weapons with the martial willpower and Origin Power of their own body. Then, as time passed, it naturally became a Spirit Tool, one with the cultivator, and drew forth their most powerful strength and full capability.

But in ancient times, Spirit Tools were forged by Weaponsmiths, with the patterns being inscribed using engraving, which meant the Spirit Tool would be able to wield its utmost power no matter in whose hands it was, and could even possibly surpass the cultivators' level.

A Heaven Tier elite not using the Spirit Tool he nurtured himself actually drew out an ancient Spirit Tool—it showed that the power of this Spirit Tool was definitely above the Spirit Tool of his own.

It could not be underestimated.

So, it was inevitable that Ling Han, given his nature, would feel a bit of an itch, wanting to suck away this stone tablet with the Heaven Transformation Bowl. Most likely, the Rock Spirit would salivate as well.

Nevertheless, Helian Xun Xue was totally unconcerned, putting one of her hands behind her back, and only leveled her outstretched right hand as she fearlessly declared, "Dealing with you, one hand is enough!"

The Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan was seething with anger. He'd long made a name for himself, and Heaven Tier was also considered the top existence of this world. Who would not greet him respectfully after meeting him? Yet now, to actually be looked down upon in such a manner… it made him feel a sense of utter humiliation and disgrace.

He drew out the stone tablet, and weng, this stone tablet immediately flew up, vigorously emitting extraordinary light in midair while also rapidly enlarging into something like a small mountain peak, which then smashed towards Helian Xun Xue.

No fancy moves, only one word: smash!

Helian Xun Xue's expression revealed a slight tinge of astonishment, for she could sense that this stone tablet's weight now was surprisingly heavy, reckoning it to be even more terrible than a mountain peak's. Ancient people's technique of forging weapons was really amazing; it looked to be the forceful refining of a real mountain into a smaller size, and to be used to directly smash on anyone as and when needed.

When the weight reached a certain extent, smashing down would be just like the world's most formidable attack.

She snorted, and zi, her body transformed into a thunderbolt, and with unparalleled swiftness struck forth.

So fast!

Ling Han only felt a blur before his eyes as he totally could not keep track of Helian Xun Xue's figure. Given that once he had cultivated the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, his speed became barely comparable with Heaven Tier, then Helian Xun Xue as a Heaven Tier elite after mastering the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven… how terrifying could her speed be?

Even with how superior a Shattering Void Tier cultivator was, with her speed, she should at least be a match for them, right?

In a flash, Helian Xun Xue materialized in front of the Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan, with her delicately tender snowy-white hand directly struck out and pressed onto his forehead.

The Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan hastily raised his hand to ward off the blow, a dumbstruck expression on his face as Helian Xun Xue's speed had far exceeded his expectations. This was too swift already, so swift that he practically didn't even have time to react.

Peng, peng, peng, two mighty Heaven Tier cultivators were locked in fierce combat. But in fact, it was entirely the Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan being beaten up, with absolutely no chance to fight back.

Strong, really strong! Ling Han thought to himself. Helian Xun Xue was, in fact, a genius of the Sea Race. Not only that—her Origin Power had advanced to the Heaven Tier, but even with regards to physical skills, she was in no way inferior. This kind of dual cultivation elite naturally could crush Origin Power cultivators of the same level.

Now, she further cultivated a Mystical Power that strengthened her power even more.

It was apparent from a battle between two opponents of the same level how terrifying the strength of the Mystical Power was.

The Seventh Elder of the Yu Clan was boiling with rage, seeing that he could not even touch so much as the side of Helian Xun Xue, and was only being ruthlessly beaten. He then exploded in a fit of overwhelming rage as he summoned the stone tablet over, and had it smashing down his way.

You going to dodge or not? If not, I will smash you together as well!
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