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Xiao Yong Nian put both his hands behind his back and challenged him. "Are you seeking death?"

"Hahahahaha, I have hidden my actual strength in these recent days all along, yet you…" Jian Qi Zheng laughed while pointing his finger at Xiao Yong Nian. "I have had you thoroughly figured out and learned of your actual strength already; furthermore, I have also distinctly seen through the secret to this array of cooperative attack, so in my eyes, there are weaknesses everywhere and it's a piece of cake to break such an array!"

"I am giving you the last chance, hand over the cultivation technique if you don't want to die by my hand!" he demanded in a stern voice, his expression absolutely horrifying.

He gave the black sword in his hand a jerk, and, immediately, the fearful aura circulated.

Xiao Yong Nian could not help the abrupt change in his expression. This person was already at the great perfection of the Spiritual Infant Tier, and moreover had a frightening Spirit Tool, so his battle prowess absolutely exceeded ten stars! While he was only at the seventh layer of the Spiritual Infant Tier, his battle prowess was also only eight stars, and he was absolutely not his match.

There were not many geniuses among the military officers of the Purple Moon Empire, but in the case of drawn-out combat at close range, they had all developed an ironclad discipline. Teamwork was also well-coordinated; more skilled in fighting on a battlefield, they could perfectly layer up the combat strength of many people and triumph over an enemy that originally could not possibly be defeated.

However, individual combat strength… they were really mediocre unless they attained the level of king or at least general—at least those could battle an opponent five Battle Stars superior to themselves, and their battle prowess would be monstrous.

The problem was, he was only by himself now, and these new recruits had just received training, so could they be of any use? And the opponent was even aware of certain secret combinations of the array, which were extremely easy to break.

"The lot of you return to the training camp at once!" He came to a prompt decision.

"Instructor!" everyone shouted.

"Obey the command!" Xiao Yong Nian barked sternly.

Jian Qi Zheng laughed scornfully as he jeered, "Want to leave? Heng, no one can leave!" He would not want to be pursued everywhere and killed by the elites of the Purple Moon Empire; thus, he wanted to kill off everyone to silence them—in that way, naturally, no one would know about what happened today.

"Run!" Xiao Yong Nian shouted. "I will hold him back!"

"Would you be able to hold me back?" Jian Qi Zheng sneered as he raised his black sword and held it high, but he did not strike it downwards, and was appearing to be seeking a target.

Everyone's hearts were full of alarm and fright—this was the combat strength of a peak level Spiritual Infant Tier. With a Spirit Tool in his hands, who could oppose him? This was practically like he could look at anyone and that person would die, so how could they not feel intimidated?

Ling Han prepared to strike forth—everyone had trained together for two months, so no matter what, they had also developed certain camaraderie.


At this moment, a terrifying aura whisked by, drawing a feeling of constriction in everyone's hearts—it was so uncomfortable that they felt like spitting blood.

An old man inconspicuously appeared, unimposing in appearance, and indifferently asked, "Which one of you is Ling Han?"

Jian Qi Zheng was just being smug. Abruptly being interrupted, he immediately felt extreme displeasure in his heart, and he coldly uttered, "Who are you, is it your place to interrupt?"


As soon as he finished, his whole body exploded into pieces. Fresh blood splattered onto the bodies of a few people on the side, making them silently groan, their expressions unpleasant in the extreme—this was the flesh and blood of a Spiritual Infant Tier warrior, filled with a frightening aura! It almost made their bodies follow in its wake as they also wanted to burst.

Everyone was panic-stricken to the extreme as they looked upon that old man—he was really too powerful, for his one move could already instantly take care of Jian Qi Zheng, who was at the peak of the Spiritual Infant Tier. Could it be that he was at the Deity Transformation Tier or even high-level Deity Transformation Tier?

"Senior, may I know how should I address you?" Xiao Yong Nian asked as he clasped his fists. Although this old man had helped them got rid of a big disaster, Ling Han was precisely a new recruit under him, and this old man was evidently not here to have tea.

As an instructor, he was duty-bound to protect the troops under him.

The old man's glance swept across Xiao Yong Nian, and he indifferently responded, "My surname is Yu. I do not intend to make an enemy of the Purple Moon Empire. As such, hand over Ling Han and I shall take my leave right away."


In a flash, it immediately dawned on Ling Han—he was the Seventh Elder of the Yu Family. Before this, at the Mystery Realm, Ling Han had killed an arrogant bastard named Yu Xuan Ying—strictly speaking, it was Hu Niu who killed him, but undoubtedly the score was counted unto him, and now they came to seek revenge.

He was a senior Heaven Tier elite, absolutely not someone Xiao Yong Nian could equal. But, precisely as this seventh elder of the Yu Family had said, he had no intention to go against the Purple Moon Empire. Hence, he did not make any move to annihilate them. Otherwise, how would a Heaven Tier elite be so obliging?

Yet if Xiao Yong Nian were to adamantly hold out, the seventh elder of the Yu Clan inevitably would not show mercy—unwilling to offend did not mean unable to offend. After all, this world was still not belonging to the Purple Moon Empire, and who would dare to look down upon the five great sects—who knew how solid and profound their power base was.

Ling Han resolutely stepped out from the crowd. He was the one who'd caused the trouble, so, naturally he could not let others be afflicted with the consequences. Besides, Xiao Yong Nian totally could not hold off this disaster at all, so why let him get killed in vain?

"Ling Han, go back!" Xiao Yong Nian immediately ordered as he caught sight of Ling Han.

Ling Han gestured with his hand as he said, "Instructor, this person is the seventh elder of the Yu Clan, with cultivation level of the Heaven Tier."


Everyone gasped in shock—there was only a few Shattering Void Tier elites in the world, and beneath the Shattering Void Tier was the Heaven Tier—one finger of the latter was enough to get rid of all of them.

Xiao Yong Nian was merely slightly dazed as he spoke with resolution, "Nonsense, of course I would safeguard the troops under me—unless I am dead, or else no one can so much as touch a hair on you."

"Although I do not want to oppose the Purple Moon Empire, since you are determined not to realize the gravity of your mistake, then go die!" the seventh elder of the Yu Clan struck forth, slapping in the direction of Xiao Yong Nian.


A palm struck over and landed on the ground, revealing a deep hole, but Xiao Yong Nian was nowhere to be seen.

The gaze of the seventh elder of the Yu Clan swept across, revealing a deep expression as he said, "You are unable to defend yourself, yet you still dare to meddle in other people's business?"

Ling Han put Xiao Yong Nian down. Just now, were it not for him moving just in time, bringing Xiao Yong Nian to a side, the latter certainly would have had a similar fate as Jian Qi Zheng, turned into an utterly indiscernible corpse.

Xiao Yong Nian was astonished—from Ling Han's move, he'd already discovered that Ling Han's strength was actually way above his because he absolutely could not possibly have dodged that strike.

"At least I am still alive now, right?" Ling Han smilingly said, and as he let down Xiao Yong Nian, he added, "Instructor, let me handle it."

The seventh elder of the Yu Clan was also not in a rush to strike out, and said, "You've killed someone from my Yu Clan, so you are destined to die! But, I am also a reasonable person, and will let you choose how you are to die, how about it?"

Ling Han roared with hearty laughter, and answered, "Then I will choose to die of old age! What do you say?"

"That is not realistic!" the seventh elder of the Yu Clan sneered. "You are destined to die today!"

"I think that may not be the case!" A voice rang out.

"Who?!" the seventh elder of the Yu Family immediately shouted—given his strength, he was actually unable to detect the source of this voice…!

"Eh, this voice, how come it sounded faintly familiar?" Ling Han mumbled to himself. It was a female voice full of heroic spirit.

"Show yourself!" the seventh elder of the Yu Clan shouted again. He unceasingly swivelled his body around, sweeping his gaze all around. "Dare to stop me yet do not dare to show yourself? Heng, then I also couldn't care less, and will just directly kill off this person."

He pointed his finger at Ling Han, his killing intent soaring.

"Get lost at once, else die!" That voice rang out again.

"Pretending to be mysterious!" The seventh elder of the Yu Clan stared fixedly at Ling Han, and raised his hand.
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