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Multitasking was nothing too difficult for a cultivator, but if one wanted to develop two high-grade secret techniques to their maximum limit, that was difficult to do.

Ling Han began to study the Earth Overturning Seal first, aiming to reach the point that he would be able to use it single-handedly.

The difficulty of this did not originate from the moves, and in truth, Mystical Powers did not have any moves per se—that was the case with the four Mystical Powers Ling Han had learned to date, at least. Instead, Mystical Powers merely taught you how to circulate your Origin Power so that it would adhere to some specific pattern, but exactly how one was to put it to use was entirely up to himself.

For example, in the case of the Earth Overturning Seal, both hands would be covered fully with unique patterns—the formidable power of this Mystical Power originated from these patterns as they possessed incredibly terrifying destructive power.

It was the same for the Exterminating Dragon Star Arrow: concentrating the patterns on the arrow allowed Ling Han to fire an arrow with formidable destructive power. Thus, this archery technique did not even need a real arrow and bow, as he himself could become the bow and his Origin Power could be formed into an arrow, and he would still be able to fire out projectiles with extremely strong destructive power.

What Ling Han had to do was to combine the patterns that were originally spread out onto two hands on a single hand.

He studied and practiced in earnest. Time passed very quickly, and in the blink of an eye, another month had passed, and he finally smiled. Stretching open his left hand, the patterns were closely intertwined, but the odd thing was that the demonic patterns actually resonated and combined with the Earth Overturning Seal.

"Yi, though they are completely different, why do I see a similarity?" Ling Han was curious.

"This is the power of regulation." Small Tower appeared.

"Regulation!" Ling Han mumbled. Small Tower had said long ago that the demonic patterns were the culmination of the regulation of the realm. He only knew that they possessed great power, but did not know why. He said, "Come, explain the details to me."

"I don't have any such duty." Small Tower was very tsundere. "However, what we know as Mystical Powers touch slightly on the boundary of the regulation of a realm, so cultivate these Mystical Powers well as that would be highly beneficial to you."

Even if it did not say so, he knew that for a fact!

Ling Han was very gloomy. This damned tsundere Tower completely did not treat him like a master. One day, he would definitely stuff it down the toilet so that it could earnestly reflect on the errors of its ways.

He exited the Black Tower to take a look, yet saw that the army the Flame King had disappeared, and there was a flag symbolising the Purple Moon Empire raised at the nearby city gates. Obviously, the Flame King had already conquered this city, and continued on his way to expand his territory.

Ling Han released the others from the Black Tower, and they headed towards the city. He had to make discreet enquiries about the current situation.

Apparently, the Lunar King had brought another army over half a month ago, and joined troops with the Flame King. With two ultimate elites attacking fiercely at the same time, they had completely routed the various parties responsible for guarding the city, and had forced the Alliance Army of the five great sects into retreat yet again.

"Recruiting, recruiting!" a soldier was yelling out loudly on the street. "Join our Purple Moon Army, and there is a chance you will be able to learn high-grade martial arts and cultivation techniques. Those who pass by, if you want to become friends with the ultimate elites, you should not miss this opportunity."

Ling Han could not help but feel an urge to laugh. Ma Duo Bao was undependable, and the soldiers under his banner were not really all that dependable, either. This slogan for troop recruitment would really make one want to laugh. However, using the temptation of cultivation and martial arts techniques would still attract many to join.

There were many who were stagnant at some cultivation level. It wasn't that they did not have enough talent, nor was it that they did not have enough resources; what they lacked was higher grade cultivation techniques!

"I can only advance to the Deity Transformation Tier with my cultivation technique, so how then am I supposed to break through to the Heaven Tier?" was what they thought. Although there were indeed alchemical pills that could allow a cultivator to reach the summit in a single step, there were pitifully few of them. Only if one had luck that defied natural law would he be able to obtain them.

But for the majority, they had very ordinary luck. Furthermore, high-grade cultivation techniques were treated as absolute treasures by powerful parties, and if they were not true disciples or clansmen at the core of the party, they were unable to cultivate at all. So, if they wanted to obtain high grade cultivation techniques, what should they do? It was difficult!

Thus, that was why there were so many willing to venture into ancient historical sites. What else could motivate them besides the prospect of being able to break out of their stagnation?

And now, the Purple Moon Empire used their cultivation techniques and martial arts techniques to recruit troops for their army, so this was naturally tempting.

Ling Han, too, wanted to take a look at the real situation in the Purple Moon Empire, so he said, "Come, let's try and enlist in the army."

They walked over, and Ling Han asked, "Brother, if we enlist, would we be able to learn high grade cultivation techniques?"

"Of course, as long as you all can gain military merits!" the soldier replied.

"Oh, how would we be able to do that?"

There was a considerable number of people gathered around. The soldier cleared his throat, and said loudly, "How to get cultivation and martial arts techniques? I've already explained this many times, but every time, a new friend would come over. Thus, I will still endlessly explain, and for those who had not heard this before, listen closely.

"In our Purple Moon Army, there are a total of five military ranks: king, general, colonel, captain, and private. As long as you can enlist, you would be a private, which is the lowest rank. Any private would be able to learn a Level Six cultivation technique of their choice, which will ensure you will be able to break through to the Flower Blossom Tier."

Hiss, the masses gasped in surprise. For the majority of the people here, this was the first time they had heard this, so it was naturally inevitable that they would be astonished.

Even though this was the middle state, where the overall martial arts level was the most prosperous, Flower Blossom Tier signified casting off one's mortal chains and gaining an additional two hundred years of life. No matter where, someone like that would definitely be considered a master, and whichever party they entered, they would be placed in important positions.

But it was precisely because of this reason that Level Six cultivation techniques were not easy to get. Who knew how many people were stuck on the Spiritual Pedestal Tier because, firstly, their talent and resources were inadequate, and secondly, they did not possess suitable cultivation techniques. Thus, how could they be capable of casting off their mortal chains?

Most importantly, breaking through to the Flower Blossom Tier would mean an additional two hundred years of lifespan, and this exceeded any kind of life-extending Spiritual Herb's effect—who wouldn't want that?

The soldier snickered, and said, "However, it is not that simple to become a soldier. At least, you would have to be in the Spiritual Ocean Tier! And after becoming a soldier, after every battle, or after completing a mission, there will be an accounting of your military merit. When your military merit has reached the bar, you would be promoted from private to captain. And a captain would be able to obtain a complete Level Seven cultivation technique, an Earth Grade cultivation technique!

"Similarly, if you accumulate even more merits, you'll be promoted and become a colonel, a general, and a king, and if you become a king, not only will you be able to choose any cultivation technique you want, you can even get a Mystical Power!"

A Mystical Power!

Everyone could feel their hair stand on ends from the shock. Although the majority did not know what a Mystical Power was, with the word 'Mystical', how could it not be something awesome?

"I'll enlist! I'll enlist!" Everyone raised their hands respectively.

The soldier laughed, and gave each person a piece of paper. The word "Recruitment" was written on it. He said, "Take this piece of paper to the training camp in the north of the city and undertake the test for new recruits. Only if you pass would you all be able to enlist. Additionally, you would only be part of reserve troops. You must complete the training before you can officially become a private. If not, even if we allow you to go into the battlegrounds, you would only be going straight to your deaths! You have to understand, our Purple Moon Army is well-known for having a low casualty and injury rate."

The crowds dispersed, thinking that even though they were not any supreme master, no matter what, they were still at least future supreme masters that were in the Spiritual Ocean and the Spiritual Pedestal Tier. How could it be that they couldn't even manage to become a normal private?

Ling Han asked for two recruitment forms as well—one for himself, and the other for Zhu Xuan Er. He then said, "Let's go and play too."

Forget about Hu Niu—how could she possible obey quietly?

They headed out to the north of the city. After exiting the city, there was a mountain peak not too far off, and at the foot of the mountain, there was a barracks which had the flag of the Purple Moon Empire raised over it. There was a large number of people gathered at the entrance.It also means god, soul, deity, etc.
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