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Having the Flame King to fend off the pursuers, Ling Han naturally escaped with ease. He very quickly came upon the Herb Garden area, but did not waste time to scout around, but rather directly passed through all the way while heading in the direction out of the Mystery Realm.

He was deep in thought while he moved, pondering his next course of action.

After killing both Mao Jun and Qi Li Guo, could he still return to the Restore Heaven Academy?

These two were not exactly just simple Deity Transformation Tier warriors only, for they also held the title of teachers of the Restore Heaven Academy. Going against one's elders, especially murdering one's teacher, was considered as an act wicked beyond redemption in the world of martial arts… although Ling Han had never even met them before.

The key point was, the stance of the Alchemist Society was too ambiguous as they did not recognize his status as a Heaven Grade Alchemist all this while. Otherwise, so what if he had slain two Deity Transformation Tiers—what were they going to do?

Oftentimes, status was really very important.

The most important thing was, he still had the Earth Overturning Seal on him, and the elites from the five great sects eyeing it definitely would not be few. Who could guarantee that some bastard would not suddenly make a move and directly search his soul for the secret?

Leaving aside the rest, just looking at how Mao Jun and Qi Li Guo behaved, he would already have known that the five great sects, should they want to be shameless, could really show a total disregard of shame to the most extreme extent.

Ling Han reconsidered and gave up. His staying at the Restore Heaven Academy was because of wanting to take in followers, but now there was the Rain Emperor and Murong Qing to take care of that, and they seemingly also had no need of him… When it came to taking in followers, definitely the Rain Emperor was even more skilled at it given he was originally an emperor, adept at winning the hearts of the people, good at judging rewards and punishment as appropriate. He naturally was exceptionally good at it.

In that case, he could just leave it to these two brothers of his.

"Then I shall just portray the image of a disciple who was forced to turn against the Restore Heaven Academy, and start a dispute with them." A smile broke out on Ling Han's face. Before long, he could already break through to the Deity Transformation Tier, and by then, his battle prowess would allow him to match the Heaven Tier. By then, in the world, those that could suppress him would really be miserably few, and he would already possess the qualifications to run wild.

He decided to join the armed forces of the Flame King to hasten the downfall of the five great sects. He also would not know when the ten thousand years' period would end. Perhaps in a few years, or maybe a hundred, the five sects of the Immortal Realm would act and begin the concocting and refining of the Realm Pill.

Wipe out the five great sects as soon as possible, unifying the entire world under one ruler to get rid of the last obstacle in the course of splitting open the skies.

With his mind made up, Ling Han was no longer hesitant.

Zhu Xuan Er, Hu Niu, and Rabbit naturally would not have any comments. As for Yuan Cheng He and Li Feng Yu and his sister, Ling Han also did not intend to bring them along with him. He'd just let them return to the Academy—when the time to fight came, he'd just give a clarion call and have them change sides.

He kept Zhu Xuan Er and Rabbit in the Black Tower, launching the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven as he hurried on his journey at full speed. Hu Niu also similarly transformed into a lightning bolt and followed closely beside Ling Han, seemingly still with more than enough strength.

On the other hand, the Gold-Seeking Rat was still being carried along by Ling Han. It'd occasionally still discover the whereabouts of precious metals, which Ling Han would then collect in passing. Although it wasted some time, it did not have too much of an impact.

Seven days later, he finally flew out of the Mystery Realm, and remained nearby the armed forces of the Flame King while he awaited the latter's appearance.

Of course, he did not just sit around waiting, and immediately entered the Black Tower to begin studying the Earth Overturning Seal.

Judging from Flame King's words, it seemed that the Eight Great Kings had each mastered a Mystical Power, and moreover had perfected them to a great extent, for only then could they have passed on that Mystical Power, and the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven was also left by one person among them.

What made Ling Han feel perplexed was something else—why did the Eight Great Kings not learn from each other? In that way, everyone would have grasped all eight Mystical Powers, and how awesome would that be?

"Is it being a case of biting more than one could chew?" he muttered to himself, then chuckled as it occurred to him that he had not actually seen the Eight Great Kings striking out with their full strength—how would he know if they had not mastered all the eight Mystical Powers?

"Ah, eight Mystical Powers, just thinking about it already makes one feel a little excited!" Ling Han smilingly remarked, but on second thought, no matter how many Mystical Powers he possessed, he might not necessarily be able to put all of them to good use at the same time. For instance, so what if he had learned two archery-type Mystical Powers if he could only use one at one time. Furthermore, dividing one's energy between two Mystical Powers that were almost identical in nature was indeed pretty much a waste of time.

"Whatever, let's first learn this Mystical Power, and then decide if it is suitable for me."

Ling Han stuck that bead onto his forehead. A stream of consciousness surged in, immediately triggering a reaction from the bead, which transformed into rays of light that poured into his mind. A person's shadow emerged—he was of great height and powerful build; both his hands were sealed tight, and were in the midst of circulating some kind of secret technique.

There were closely intertwined patterns on that person's hands, which were akin to an exquisite drawing that was in line with some kind of natural law, and one could not help but follow his movements.

Boom, boom, boom, the sealed hands struck, and it was earth-shaking.

Earth Overturning Seal could destroy the earth if cultivated to very significant extent.

After that shadow completed demonstrating, he actually left behind a few words. Basically, the Earth Overturning Seal was not complete, and could only be considered as half of the form—the complete seal was known as Skies Toppling Earth Overturning Seal, and merging both seals would really topple the skies and overturn the earth, wiping out the universe.

Ling Han could not help but feel a rush of excitement—this Earth Overturning Seal was already so awesome, so if he merged both seals, then it absolutely had to be strong to the extent of having no friends.

He then started to cultivate.

Even though progress was also quite slow with his brilliant intelligence, this was a Mystical Power, not just a simple martial art technique, containing some kind of natural law. Fortunately, his comprehension ability was really terrifying. Although there was no one to give him guidance, the intricacies within were slowly and forcibly seen through by him.

He unceasingly made "ah", "oh", and "yi" exclamations in marvel. So that's how it is, so it's actually like this.

Half a month later, he finally had achieved minor accomplishment level, and could finally use the seal.

He made Rabbit become his sparring partner. As the Earth Overturning Seal unfurled, both hands were covered with patterns, glinting and shining as if he himself was a god, which made Rabbit feel like sneaking away on the spot. But it was being pinned down by Hu Niu's glare, and thus had no choice but to brace itself.

Between having a sparring match with Ling Han and being bitten by Hu Niu, it resolutely chose the former, signifying that Hu Niu was the more frightful of the two…

However, Rabbit was downright shameless—how could it be depended on to spar seriously? It very quickly cried out in surrender, and refused to continue to spar no matter what.

Ling Han also did not press further, as he had already roughly gauged the strength and capabilities of this Mystical Power.

Very powerful!

But it should not be better than the Exterminating Dragon Star Arrow. Nevertheless, Exterminating Dragon Star Arrow was a long-range attack, while Earth Overturning Seal was actually suitable for all distances—near and far—and when combined with his strong physique, it could bring out perfect results.

If I were to use my right hand to draw forth my sword techniques and my left hand to launch the Earth Overturning Seal, then wouldn't the force be even stronger?

Ling Han's mind was abuzz with ideas. This was not entirely impossible, because the Skies Toppling Earth Overturning Seal was originally two seals—one hand toppling the sky, the other hand overturning the earth. Now he had only learned Earth Overturning Seal, so why couldn't he use one hand to bring it forth?

Moreover, the Earth Overturning Seal ought to have been originally executed with one hand, but because the Skies Toppling Seal's legacy wasn't left behind, the Earth Overturning Seal's two-handed execution was developed to draw out greater force, Ling Han deduced.

What I have to do is trace the path and find the roots to let the Earth Overturning Seal regain its original form. Although using one hand is not stronger than using two, the benefit is that I'll have freed my other hand and could use a sword technique, or even a fist technique or a palm technique.

But, this will then require me to multitask, dividing my focus to do two things at one time.
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