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"Heng!" A horrifying aura shook the earth as a figure flitted over with such astonishing speed that even the light rays emitted by the Absolute Saber and the Revere Life Sword also would not be able to conceal him.

This man was of a tall and broad stature, with his upper body bare, the bulging muscles in clear view. He remained afloat in midair akin to a high mountain, which people could only look up at.

"Lord Gu Lin!" Xu Xiu Ran hastily bowed in a respectful manner.

This was a Shattering Void Tier elite; if not, even a Heaven Tier elite simply could not break into the combat range of the Absolute Saber and the Revere Life Sword.

"The Earth Overturning Seal Mystical Power is on this person?" Gu Lin asked. He was an elite cultivator of the Earth Dragon Sect, and naturally was renowned for his physical skills; he did not need Origin Power to defend his physical body. Thus, he just allowed the sword and saber to slash forth onto his chest, which resulted in a burst of innumerable flying sparks, yet either was unable to even injure him in the least.

After all, these were but the aftermath of the combat.

"Precisely so, My Lord!" Xu Xiu Ran answered respectfully.

Gu Lin nodded and immediately struck out with a palm to grab Ling Han.

As a Shattering Void Tier elite, he naturally had no need to heed any rules of conduct, and had the liberty to act as he pleased. So what if he offended all the elites of the entire world? If he intended to flee, then he definitely would be able to flee. As a result, his nature was wilful, of course.

Facing just a puny Spiritual Infant Tier junior, he naturally did not need to take him seriously, and couldn't even bother with an interrogation—wasn't it better to just directly seize him?

At that moment, Ling Han wanted to enter into the Black Tower. It definitely was not possible for him to oppose the attack a Shattering Void Tier elite made—unless the Demon Birth Sword once again acted on its own and came back to life. However, that sword now was not showing any response, so evidently it was not going to get him out of this predicament.

"Really promising, you even struck out against a junior!" A disdainful voice drifted over, and a huge hand pressed down and hit Gu Lin's palm.

The huge palms, which each seemed as huge as a mountain peak, that stretched forth were formed of Origin Power. Expectedly, it caused immediate thunderous rumble in the wake of their collision, exuding terrifying strength all around, making the sun in the sky flicker waveringly for an instant almost like it was going to die out.

A man with his body engulfed in flames emerged. He had a slender figure, his long hair draped over his shoulders, and his hair was similarly also entwined in flames, dancing dearly around his locks. Multiple blooms of Dao made up of flames burst forth at his feet, making him akin to the embodiment of a King of Flames.

"Flame King!" Gu Lin gave a muffled snort as killing intent in his gaze flared up. He demanded, "You dare to meddle in others' business?"

"Whatever I want to do, what business is it of yours?" the Flame King replied with nonchalance.

"Heng, better scram this instant if you don't want to see your downfall here!" Gu Lin shouted.

The Flame King held both his hands behind his back, and responded, "Could it be that you didn't know that this is a historical site left behind by the ancient dynasty we've founded countless years ago? The Earth Overturning Seal that you covet is precisely the Mystical Power mastered by Seventh, the Earth Spirit King. Since I am already here, how could I sit by and watch this Mystical Power fall into the hands of the five great sects?"

Gu Lin was stunned. No wonder the Purple Moon Kingdom was so powerful—at that time, they wiped out the five great sects, and nearly broke off and ended their legacy. Were it not for the fact that the five great sects had their roots in the Immortal Realm, they really would possibly have disappeared forever.

Could the Mystical Power actually be passed on? What kind of notion was this?

It meant this Mystical Power had reached the level of great accomplishment!

The Flame King seemingly had no interest whatsoever in this Mystical Power, and yet what did this imply?

Thinking up to this point, Gu Lin immediately shuddered in fear. The Purple Moon Kingdom was staging a comeback, so could they really reenact the glory of a good many thousand years ago? No, no, no, this time, their strength was much, much stronger, and elites of the Shattering Void Tier had also increased more than fourfold; moreover, the natural environment had also reached the summit in these ten thousand years, giving rise to innumerable geniuses' appearance.

Looking from the other way around, though the Purple Moon Kingdom had changed its name, its strength was unlikely to have many changes.

He calmed down his nerves as he answered in a composed manner, "Since you do not want it, why bother meddling in other people's business?"

"Hahaha, I do not want it, but also cannot let an idiot like you gain from it." The Flame King sneered. "Furthermore, this Mystical Power was taken out from the Library by this person. He was chosen by the Mystical Power, so how could it be coveted by idiots like you?"

Gu Lin could not restrain the fury that was raging through him. He was an impressive Shattering Void Tier elite, and now, being repeatedly called an idiot, how could he tolerate such insult?

"Then I shall kill you first!" Gu Lin sneered, the shadow of a big serpent manifesting behind him, abruptly twisting forth in the direction of the Flame King.

The Flame King stretched out his right hand and grasped, and boom, an enormous fiery tiger as big as a mountain jumped to meet that big serpent head on.

Peng, peng, peng, the big serpent and the fiery tiger were locked in fierce combat, but before long, it was already painfully obvious which was the stronger of the two. The big serpent was defeated, with its head being stepped on underneath the paws of the fiery tiger, expending its strength in useless struggle.

"Trash." The Flame King coldly scoffed.

Gu Lin was indignant, but his strength was evidently inferior in comparison, so what could he do about it. At that time, the Eight Great Kings could already wipe out the five great sects, and it was for no other reason than that these Eight Great Kings being indeed incomparably powerful.

"Hehe, Flame King, how greatly imposing!" Another person's shadow appeared, completely fearless of the combat between the Absolute Saber and the Revere Life Sword.

It was a man as mild as jade, bearing a slender figure, and with a long sword behind his back. He had a divine air around him, but the most peculiar part was his eyes—the pupils were actually two swords, looking extremely weird and bizarre.

"You are the garbage of the Heaven's Sword Sect, right?" The Flame King swept his gaze over casually, seemingly unconcerned with the two formidable Shattering Void Tier elites.

"Heaven's Sword Sect, Ma Yu Tang, greets the Flame King," this sword-bearing man remarked as he warmly smiled, and even clasped his hands in greeting.

The Flame King paid him no heed and just gazed at Ling Han as he said, "Young man, your luck is not bad. This sword was made by His Imperial Majesty's own hands, and you have also obtained our seventh brother's Mystical Power. Seems like you are destined to have fate with our Purple Moon Kingdom.

"Just leave, the present situation is not something one with your kind of skills could engage in."

Ling Han naturally had no intention to interfere in a fight between Shattering Void Tiers. He retrieved the Revere Life Sword at once and, taking along Zhu Xuan Er, immediately executed the motion technique to depart, Hu Niu and Rabbit naturally following near behind.

"Did I say you could leave?" Gu Lin stretched out his hand to grab in Ling Han's direction.

Boom, flames swept across, forcefully compelling Gu Lin to retreat. It was precisely the Flame King who made a move. He then proudly growled. "I already said they could leave, yet you still dare to make a move? Is this not courting death?"

"Heng, now is not like how it was at that time. The Purple Moon Kingdom has long become nothing but history already. Antiques like the lot of you should also thoroughly disappear, you already do not belong to this era anymore," Gu Lin retorted.

Ma Yu Tang also made a move and struck forth, grasping in the direction of Ling Han. There was a Mystical Power on this fellow, so he absolutely could not be allowed to leave.

The Flame King once again struck out with a fist and held back Ma Yu Tang as well. He loftily laughed, and jeered, "I am still here and you lot still want to create trouble?"

"Team up!" Ma Yu Tang and Gu Lin both exchanged a look of mutual agreement as they successively struck forth in a joint attack against the Flame King.

The Flame King roared with hearty laughter, his figure rapidly expanding, turning into a giant flaming man the size of which was as much as 30 meters. His whole body was covered in shining golden patterns, which then transformed into chains that twined around his whole body.

"Regulation, the power of regulation!" Ma Yu Tang's expression changed all of a sudden.
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