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Ling Han's first move was a huge one as there were too many elites present. It was unpredictable as to whether someone at the Heaven Tier or Shattering Void Tier would suddenly jump out and attack. Therefore, he had to be decisive and end the battle in the shortest time possible.

Killing a teacher of the Academy was a serious crime. However, with Ling Han's temper, would he care?

Kill first, talk later!

Shua, shua, shua. The Sword Ray was like a blaze. Although the Revere Life Sword could not be fully activated, with Ling Han's strength, it could still bring about the destructive power of the Deity Transformation Tier, taking the form of a frightening killing array as it whirled towards Mao Jun and his partner.

"This is not an ordinary Sword Ray!"

"Sword Array!"

Mao Jun and the other were both frightened out of their wits. How could it be like this? It was only a sword, but it could unleash Sword Ray that would automatically form a killing array! At first glance, their hearts were filled with fear, and their only thought was to escape.

In actual fact, the destructive power of the killing array was indeed frightening. Before this, it was bent on killing Ling Han. Had it not been for Ling Han's comprehension, which countered its strength with gentleness, it would have been impossible for him to obtain this precious sword!

Yet he had only obtained the sword, and not conquered it—there was a huge difference between the two.

Once the killing array was launched, it was equal to it joining forces with Ling Han, and could even slay a high level Deity Transformation Tier cultivator. How formidable was that?

With just a few moves, Mao Jun and the other were both heavily scarred and covered in blood.

Everyone was staring in awe; this was really too strong. Battling one on a higher cultivation tier was already so violent. Wouldn't it mean that if Ling Han were to reach the Heaven Tier, he would be qualified to compete against the strongest in the world?

With Ling Han's age and cultivation level, who would have considered how long the Spiritual Infant Tier and Deity Transformation Tier could suppress him?

"Brother Mao, let's launch our ultimate moves together. As long as we can withstand a few more moves, reinforcements will surely arrive!" said Qi Li Guo.

"Alright!" Mao Jun's expression appeared concentrated. Suddenly, there was ray of thunder spiraling around his body, while his eyes were blazing brightly as if they had become electric eyes.

In order to launch a great move, there were only two options.

Firstly, one had to take the time to gain momentum. The so-called major move would naturally be extremely powerful and far superior to ordinary attacks. However, it would also have taken longer to accumulate power; the natural law was fair, after all. Yet, one could make the time of power storage become extremely short—even as short as the time taken to launch a normal strike—but there was a price to be paid.

To launch a major move quickly, one could do so by means of self-damaging or overdrawing.

It was like, as the saying went, killing one thousand enemies by sacrificing eight hundred of your own.

Generally speaking, no one would easily choose the second option. Most would just make use of the time of going through the battle to store up enough power, and then launch a major move which could decide the victory with a single strike.

However, where would Mao Jun have the time to go through the battle?

Under the murderous attack of Ling Han and sword array combined, he had to go all out with every move. Each exchange left behind blood and grievous wounds, yet he still wanted to store up power to launch a major move? It would be almost the same as courting death.

Therefore, he could only force a major move at the expense of suffering some damage.

Hong, his whole person morphed into lightning. His height reached almost 30 meters, like a giant. He then struck by slamming his palm downwards in the direction of Ling Han.

This wasn't the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven. The Azure Thunder Sect also manipulated thunderbolts, so there wasn't any difficulty in transforming the body into lightning. However, a bolt of blue lightning wasn't the same as the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven's white blaze. Thunder Ray spread throughout the whole area, with an incomparably terrifying destructive power.

"Brother Qi, you're— f***!" Mao Jun was just about to tell Qi Li Guo to attack Ling Han together from both sides, but when he glanced in that direction, he discovered that the other party had actually escaped without a trace.

The other party's proposal of attacking together was obviously a lie. Its purpose was just to mislead him into going all out so as to buy time for the other party to escape!

"Qi Li Guo, f*** eighteen generations of your family's ancestors!" Mao Jun screamed. Making him fight alone against Ling Han, he wouldn't be able to drag out the battle for any longer even if he could unleash a major move. And what about after the major move?

He would fall into a state of extreme weakness, and could only be trampled on.

"Brother Mao, I shall bring people back to avenge you!" The voice of Qi Li Guo was heard in the distance.

How shameless!

Ling Han gave a cold smile. His figure rose. He temporarily kept the Revere Life Sword inside the Black Tower and took out the Sunset Bow, then notched an arrow forged from precious metal. Simultaneously, three Mystical Powers were activated and locked onto Qi Li Guo.

"Hehe!" Mao Jun saw this, and chose to keep quiet, standing by.

Xiu, an arrow ****.

Qi Li Guo was really an idiot!

Originally, he'd thought that since there was Mao Jun to counter Ling Han while he escaped so far away, he would be safe. Yet, in the moment when he was most relaxed, the attack reached him quickly, accurately, and fiercely!

Pu, an arrow penetrated his heart.

This arrow was known to exterminate dragons and destroy the stars. In addition to the destructive spirit of the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, it could really pierce through one's weak point like a bullseye; the power of this arrow was naturally horrifying to the extreme!

Qi Li Guo staggered forward a few more steps before slowly turning his body around. He stared blankly at Ling Han and Mao Jun, completely confused. However, when he saw the sneer on Mao Jun's lips, he finally regretted escaping.

If he had chosen to fight alongside Mao Jun and launch a major move together in unison, there might be a chance that they could have resisted Ling Han and stalled for time until the arrival of reinforcements. Yet, he didn't want to go all out to fight, so he had abandoned Mao Jun. On the contrary, it had turned out that he was the one to be finished first.

How regretful he was of his past deeds!

He crashed to the ground with blood gushing out from his pierced heart, staining the ground red.

Xiu, Mao Jun dodged quickly. His body was now in the transformed state of lightning. Although it wasn't a Mystical Power, his speed was still shockingly fast.

Ling Han brandished the Blood Sucking Origin Gold, retrieved the precious arrow that he had shot, and rushed to chase down Mao Jun. His body had also transformed into lightning. It could be seen that his speed was obviously faster than the other party's, and he was rapidly shortening the distance between the two of them.

Zhu Xuan Er, Hu Niu, and Rabbit also quickly followed.

Mao Jun was in panic. Now, he had only one thought in mind, which was to flee for his life. The young man behind him was too terrifying, and definitely not someone whom he could match.

His speed indeed wasn't slow, and in front of him, a person had appeared. The person had a slender body and was seemingly ordinary, but when one looked into his eyes, one would find himself looking into a starry universe with unlimited space.

Xu Xiu Ran!

He was overjoyed, and shouted, "Martial Nephew Xu, save me!"

However, Xu Xiu Ran had a grave expression. He extended his hand, and shouted, "Be careful!"

Be careful about what?

Mao Jun gaped. Pu, what could be seen was a long sword that passed through his body, with its killing intent swirling, and his soul was quickly wiped out. Pa, his body lost all its strength and slipped to the ground following the sword's blade.

Ling Han retrieved the sword and looked at Xu Xiu Ran coldly. He didn't mind slaughtering another genius of the Absolute Saber Sect.

Eliminating one elite from the five sects was equivalent to removing one obstacle towards the future splitting open of the skies. Especially so for geniuses like Xu Xiu Ran and Jia Ming—these two were bound to be difficult opponents in the future.

"That was Mao Jun of the Azure Thunder Sect," Xu Xiu Ran spoke up.

"So what?" Ling Han said coldly.

"'That means you've killed Small Saber King, and now Mao Jun. Does this mean you intend on revolting against the Restore Heaven Academy?" Xu Xiu Ran's words came out in a drawl.

Ling Han smiled, and said, "There is another one over there, called Qi Li Guo, whom I had also killed."

"That one was from Heaven's Sword Sect." Xu Xiu Ran wasn't angry, but seemed extremely calm instead. He said, "Ling Han, I originally wanted to treat you as a rival, but you have chosen a path to your own doom. There is no chance for you to spar with me in the future."
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