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Zhou De Yuan barely managed to turn his body around, and looked blankly at Ling Han as

he uttered, "How… did…" He remained unable to comprehend the reason for his demise.

Just what had brought about his fatal downfall? After all, it was only his heart that had been punctured.

This was naturally because the Demon Birth Sword was a Level Ten Spirit Tool—although

Ling Han was unable to bring out its true impressive ability into full play, being solidly

pierced through by it with one strike, the body had immediately been taken over by the sword intent wreaking utter destruction, and it would not be too far-fetched to say that even Heaven Tier elites would not be able to withstand it.

Otherwise, it would be rather too shoddy for a Level Ten Spirit Tool.

Ling Han had no intention to respond to a dead man, much less a shameless one at that.

Was there a need to satisfy the other's curiosity? He pulled out the sword and leveled his

gaze at Zhou Yu Cheng.

"No!" Zhou Yu Cheng hastily made a run for it.


He only managed to take three steps, whereupon he felt a jolt in his body as pain exploded in his chest—only then did he realize that a sharp arrow created by Origin Power had already punctured his body. He stretched out his hand, seemingly like he wanted to grasp onto something, but fell down with a loud crash nevertheless, completely lifeless.

Pa, pa, pa, someone applauded. They only saw that an old man in a gray cloak came forth as he clapped his hands, and he was full of praises. "I would expect no less of a genius from the

Restore Heaven Academy, exceeding the gap of an entire cultivation tier and destroying the enemy."

"Who are you?" Ling Han asked with indifference.

"Is this any way to greet a senior? Where are your manners?" the gray-cloaked old man

admonished with apparent slight displeasure. "I am from the Azure Thunder Sect, and also a

teacher in the Restore Heaven Academy. Now that you have met me, quickly give me your

greetings and use proper address!"

Ling Han gave a short laugh, and responded, "Talking about proper etiquette with me? Fine, I

will have a talk about proper etiquette with you. I am a Heaven Grade Alchemist, considered

to be on par with Heaven Tier, and you are but a puny Deity Transformation Tier warrior. Now that you have met me, quickly give me your greetings and use proper address!"

Indeed, a Heaven Grade Alchemist was considered to be on par with Heaven Tier. Actually, as the Heaven Tier elites still needed the former to concoct pills for their use, such an alchemist's status was even higher than theirs, and even the Shattering Void Tier also needed to give him face somewhat.

Furthermore, he was still only a Heaven Grade Low Level Alchemist—if one had already become Heaven Grade Medium Level Alchemist, in other words, a Saint Grade Alchemist, then even Shattering Void Tier elites also had to receive them as a distinguished guest. What a pity that, at present, there was only the Ling Han from ten thousand years ago who had achieved such a high level. Although later generations had produced Heaven Grade Alchemists, all were only Heaven Grade Low Level, and not qualified to have Shattering Void Tier elites bow to them.

But even if he was a Heaven Grade Low Level Alchemist, it was more than enough to be used as a scare tactic for Deity Transformation Tier cultivators.

Mao Jun could not help but be struck speechless. This was indeed a problem. After taking a look at Ling Han, because of his age, he subconsciously overlooked the high level he had achieved on the path of alchemy.

Among anyone who wanted to become a Heaven Grade Alchemist, which one was not a three or even four hundred year old ancient monster? Even when the past Ling Han broke through to the level of Saint Grade Alchemist, that was also when he was nearing two hundred years of age.

"Pay your greetings quickly!" Ling Han's tongue was as sharp as lightning, striking straight into one's spirit. "Don't tell me that people from the five great sects can disregard rules and act insolently towards a Heaven Grade Alchemist?"

"Hehe, just because you say you are a Heaven Grade Alchemist, it means you are one?" Another old man came forth. He was also garbed in a gray cloak, but he was taller than Mao Jun by half a head. "Then I even can say I am a Saint Grade Alchemist. Why don't you come over and pay your respects?"

"Right, you expect us to just foolishly take your word for it just because you said so? You are just an insignificant brat!" Mao Jun also had a total change in his demeanor. "Produce your Alchemist Identification, and I will absolutely act whatever way you want me to act! But… if you deliberately pretended to be a Heaven Grade Alchemist to deceive the five great sects, then what?"

Everybody knew that the Alchemist Society did not actually announce Ling Han as the third Heaven Grade Alchemist to the world, so Ling Han naturally also could not possibly possess any proof of Identification.

Mao Jun used this as a counter… If you can't prove that you are really a Heaven Grade Alchemist, then you are going against your elders, this is a big disrespect!

At this moment, the other gray-cloaked old man gestured with his hand, and said, "Since you are a disciple of the Restore Heaven Academy, we still have to grant you an opportunity to make amends! Ling Han, you have obtained a Mystical Power, very good, offer it to the Academy and it could be recorded as a great merit for you!"

"Such secret techniques, of course, have to remain in the Academy and be given to the most suitable person to cultivate!" Mao Jun immediately added.

The other gray-cloaked old man turned towards the people behind him, and asked, "You all, is that not right?"

"Elder Qi is right!" Many nodded their heads in succession; most of them were disciples of the Restore Heaven Academy, while a minority were disciples of the five great sects.

"Ling Han, quickly hand over the Mystical Power!"

"Right, this is not something a puny Spiritual Infant Tier warrior like you could possess!"

"Such secret techniques naturally will need the Academy to judge who is the most appropriate to learn it."

These people kept on pointing fingers at Ling Han while shouting with indignant looks, seeming as if like the secret technique that Ling Han had snatched away was theirs.

Ling Han shook his head and sighed. "Could the lot of you be any more shameless than this?"

"Ling Han, do you intend to ignore the big picture here?" Mao Jun exclaimed in a thick voice. "Disasters could possibly befall the world at any time! If this Mystical Power were to be handed to the mightiest of the five great sects to cultivate, it will give more assurance in resisting against adversities and calamities in the future. You, for the sake of your own power, actually cast aside the safety of the people with disregard? People like you, heng, so selfish…!"

F***, to actually be shameless to such a bold and forceful extent?

Ling Han could not help but give a mocking laugh out of extreme anger as he retorted sarcastically, "I have always thought that there was a limit to a person's shamelessness, yet the two of you actually brought it to new heights over and over again. I really salute to you both."

"Ling Han, it is still not too late to turn back!" The other gray-cloaked old man who was known as Qi Li Guo shook his head, his face filled with obvious amiability. "Don't persist with such wrongdoings anymore. Opposing everyone will make you destined to cut a sorry figure."

Ling Han's gaze deepened as he said, "You also knew that to oppose the people of the world would only come to a bad end? But from the looks of it, the both of you seemed rather quite merry in doing it."

Mao Jun and Qi Li Guo both felt a quiver in their hearts simultaneously—what did this kid mean by uttering such words? Could it be that he knew of the matter concerning the Realm Pill? Impossible, all the evidence in the past ten thousand years had been destroyed, and the brainwashing was also exceedingly successful. Any who spoke of the Realm Pill's matter, on the contrary, would be laughed at by others and even more so beaten to death!

Daring to slander the five great sects, bad-mouthing the meritorious great people? Wasn't this courting death?

"Heng, hand over the Mystical Power!" Mao Jun was playing the bad guy, while Qi Li Guo played the nice guy.

Ling Han smiled thinly, and countered, "Heaven Tier and Shattering Void Tier elites are not making any move to strike, so all you can do is only roar at me. Dare to make a move?"

"Such an arrogant junior!" Both Mao Jun and Qi Li Guo's expressions abruptly change. They were but in the Deity Transformation Tier, yet they were actually looked down upon by a junior of the Spiritual Infant Tier. But after witnessing Ling Han's battle prowess earlier, who would dare to rashly strike out?

To suppress Ling Han, except for Heaven Tier and Shattering Void Tier elite, then there were only Xu Xiu Ran, Dong Ling'er, Jia Ming… these few in the young generation with extraordinary battle prowess…

They were not aware that Jia Ming had already been beaten by Ling Han almost to the point of death—otherwise, they definitely would have tread even more carefully.

"You both are making me feel really irked, so I shall slaughter you both first!" Ling Han's figure leapt forth, and without the least hesitation, he drew out the Revere Life Sword, then charged in the direction of Qi Li Guo.

"Heng!" They snorted. A Spiritual Infant Tier junior actually dared to initiate an attack against them—this was completely underestimating them.
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