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Chapter 74: The Next Battle
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Still, Li Dong Yue forfeiting was only to be expected.


After all, there had been many previous fighters who had forfeited even without any obvious signs of impending loss, so everyone was somewhat prepared that this kind of thing would happen again. Additionally, Ling Han could form four flashes of Sword Qi, which granted him invincibility amongst those of the same cultivation level, even if his cultivation level was still a bit low.


"Thank you for the match!" Ling Han said, clasping his hands in a polite gesture. Yet he couldn't help pondering, would all his opponents let him win all the way to the first place?

As the battle between Ling Han and Li Dong Yue's battle had concluded, everyone turned their attention back to the duel between the Fourth Prince and Jin Wuji. Both of them were young geniuses who were studying at Hu Yang Academy, so their respective ability was quite even. There wasn't really too big of a gap in power between the two of them.


But when Qi Yong Ye started to use the Son of Heaven Fist Technique, Jin Wuji immediately fell into a disadvantage.


When the Son of Heaven appears, all shall bow!


This was a kind of aura domination, and only a Prince like Qi Yong Ye would be able to cultivate this technique. Even if Jin Wuji learnt the same technique, it would still be useless. He did not possess the royal heritage necessary to tap into its potential.


'Rumor has it that stealing the divine weapon of a nation would allow the manipulation of that nation's power. It would not only speed up the rate of cultivation, but could also be used against one's enemies, increasing your own battle prowess. Looks like the rumors aren't false. Just a mere Prince, and he possesses such power,' Ling Han nodded to himself.


The power of the nation is an ability that is equivalent to four flashes of Sword Qi. According to the slang of Rain Country, this would be the standard of a ruler.


If the Da Yuan King were to use this fist technique, he'd probably be able to reach approximately the level of seven flashes of Qi since he is a real noble lord. For the true ruler of the nation.... he'd probably have the power equivalent to ten flashes of Qi, at the level of completion.


However, Qi is only the first step in martial arts. One still has to go through 'Ray' before being able to reach the highest level, 'Heart'. Thus, cultivation ultimately still depends on the effort of the individual martial artist,' Ling Han thought, yet he had to admit--to be able to manipulate and make use of the power of a nation at the low level of Element Gathering Tier and increase his individual battle prowess to a new level was already impressive enough a feat, even if it was just the tiniest part.


'Based on Qi Yong Ye's current ability, he is practically half a foot into Gushing Spring Tier. Perhaps my little female attendant would be no match for him either. After all, she has just formed the second flash of Sword Qi, so she still has no way to rival the might of a ruler that he possesses.


If it was me, I'd definitely need to use Lone Wolf's Blood to upgrade my power to the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier. Otherwise, I would need to depend on the self-recovery ability of the Indestructible Heaven Scroll and slowly wear him down. With the Body of Dead Tree ability that I have now, my defenses are not something that a martial artist in Element Gathering Tier can break through!


I had better stick to using Lone Wolf's Blood. Indestructible Heaven Scroll is my real trump card. I should avoid using it if I can.'


While he had been thinking pensively, the battle between Qi Yong Ye and Jin Wuji was nearing its conclusion. The Son of Heaven Fist Technique granted Qi Yong Ye the battle prowess of a ruler and allowed him to completely dominate Jin Wuji. As long as Jin Wuji himself had not yet formed four flashes of Qi, he couldn't possibly be a match for Qi Yong Ye.


There's nothing to be done. Qi Yong Ye had the advantage of a good, noble background, and this was something even Liu Yu Tong could not compare to.




By the time Qi Yong Ye threw his eleventh punch, Jin Wuji could no longer resist and was directly flung away. With an "Ao~", he spat out four consecutive mouthfuls of blood, half-kneeling on the floor, no longer able to continue the battle.


"I have lost!" Jin Wuji declared with slight reluctance. Strictly speaking, he had not lost because he was weaker, or because he was less talented. Instead, he had lost because his opponent had a better background than him. How could he not become depressed at this reality?


"Thank you for the match!" Qi Yong Ye clasped his hands politely in response. Although his victory was due to the Son of Heaven Fist Technique, it could have been possible only if he had learned it successfully. There were so many princes and imperial princes in Rain Country, but how many had actually successfully learned the technique?


The name of genius, he bore it without guilt.

However, when the two of them saw that Ling Han had actually arrived on the third tournament stage, they could not help being shocked. Previously, they had been too absorbed in their own battle, and so had not seen Ling Han's fight with Baili Teng Yun and Li Dong Yue. Naturally, they had no idea that Ling Han was powerful to this extent, or even of the fact that he had formed four flashes of Sword Qi.


The other Stage Masters had wanted to continue watching the match, but since the duel between the two greatest young rulers had concluded, they began to issue their own challenges to aim for a better placement. Doing favors for Ling Han was one thing, but if they could manage to get a better rank, who wouldn't want to try?


Ling Han waited quietly. After half an hour, he would challenge Jin Wuji.


Currently, the space in his Dantian was still too small, and with the high-powered rotation of the Five Elements Origin Nuclei, his reserves of Origin Power got expended too quickly. After a fierce battle, he had to take alchemical pills to assist his recovery, thus this half an hour's time was also very important to him.

Very soon, half an hour had passed and Ling Han leaped onto the second tournament stage to challenge this martial artist that was ranked second in this tournament.


This fell into the expectations of all the spectators and they all stared with their eyes open wide, unwilling to miss a single moment. After all, this was the first genius in the whole of Da Yuan City who has managed to form four flashes of Qi.


Jin Wuji had a slightly awkward expression on his face. A few days ago, he was tricked by Ling Han, leading to his public embarrassment. But when he recalled that there were three Black Grade alchemists behind Ling Han, even if he did not abandon the thoughts of revenge, most likely those seniors of his in the Jin Clan would force him to give up such a foolish venture anyway.


After all, the very worst group of people you could offend in this world would be alchemists.


However, such a great humiliation, how could he simply let it go just like that?


'Very well, you were the one who challenged me, so I can take advantage of this opportunity to teach you a lesson! As long as I don't deal you any permanent injury, no one will be able to say anything! This is, after all, a martial arts tournament!' Jin Wuji thought, his gaze immediately turning sharp.


"Brother Ling, please offer your guidance!" He clapped his palms together and his two hands immediately dazzled brightly like gold. This was Jin Yang Palms, a Yellow Grade high level martial arts technique.


Ling Han waved his sword in a sword move, and said, "Please!"


"Whoosh," Jin Wuji immediately began a powerful offense. As his palms flew in attack, a resplendent light shone.


Ling Han gave a wave of his sword, and four flashes of Sword Qi immediately appeared. Since he had already revealed his abilities, then he naturally had no intention to hide his prowess any longer.


"What, four flashes of Sword Qi!?" Jin Wuji exclaimed in astonishment, his face twitching involuntarily in his shock.


Four flashes of Sword Qi, that was a ruler of those in the same cultivation level! Even in the imperial city, there were only a rare few who have reached the extraordinary height of possessing four flashes of Qi, and all of them were the absolute powerhouses of the older generation! How could Jin Wuji not be extremely shocked?


But he immediately realized that though there were some that were gasping and exclaiming in admiration, and some who were waving their arms and tripping over their feet in excitement, there wasn't a single expression of surprise amongst the spectators.


Hey, hey, hey. This was four flashes of Sword Qi, do you guys not see this?


Could it be that it was him who had seen wrongly?


Jin Wuji could not help the doubts rising in his heart. After all, just how rare was achieving four flashes of Sword Qi? Even if it had appeared in the imperial city, it would be enough to create a giant commotion. Yet the people here actually appeared so calm... of course he would be confused.


...Naturally, he had no idea that these spectators had already experienced the same shock as he just now, so of course, there would be no such scenes as people watching wide-eyed and flabbergasted, gaping in shock and wonder.


Thankfully, there was one person who "gave him face" and revealed an extremely shocked expression--and that, of course, was none other than Qi Yong Ye.


His mouth was partially open in shock, gaping at Ling Han with a completely dumbfounded expression, a faint twitch at the corners of his lips.


After Jin Wuji recovered from his shock, he still persisted in his attack. So what if Ling Han had four flashes of Sword Qi? Ling Han's cultivation level was still too low after all. He would definitely not forfeit just because he had been surprised by the revelation of Ling Han's four flashes of Sword Qi.


The two fighters were soon engaged in a fierce battle.
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