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That Deity Transformation Tier cultivator saw Ling Han, and could not restrain the smirk appearing at the corners of his mouth. This, in his view, was a thing to be expected as a matter of course—merely a Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator would also dare to challenge him?

"Heng, I reckon you are sensible!" Beside that Deity Transformation Tier, there was another junior, and he stared at Ling Han with disdain, yet in fact, there was profound envy hidden in the depths of his eyes.

Certainly, both of them were of nearly the same age—strictly speaking, he was even older by five to six years—yet he had just broken through to the Flower Blossom Tier, while Ling Han was already in the Spiritual Infant Tier, which made it a difference of a whole cultivation tier. Upon calculating, how much older was he than Ling Han? At least ten years!

He was only over twenty years old, having cultivated for no more than over ten years, yet their difference was ten years, what kind of notion was this? There was such an enormous gap in both their talents.

Ling Han swept a glance over, and mentally took note of these two's appearance.

F***, I did not display my prowess, and you all really think that I'm a weakling?

"Stop staring, stare some more and I will dig out your eyeballs!" That junior glared, his face looking absolutely ferocious.

He was called Zhou Yu Cheng. This time, he came out together with his Third Elder, Zhou De Yuan. He was young and the one with the best talent in three generations of the Zhou Clan—he was only twenty-four years old, and had already broken through to the Flower Blossom Tier. It was extremely likely that he would achieve the Deity Transformation Tier in the future.

The Zhou Clan was a clan on the level of the Deity Transformation Tier, with four clansmen on such level. This kind of existence, with Third Elder Zhou De Yuan as the strongest, had achieved the pinnacle of the Deity Transformation Tier.

In the Zhou Clan, Zhou Yu Cheng was fully deserving of the title number one genius, and was also similarly considered to be one of the existences to be reckoned with within the surrounding radius of a thousand miles. The geniuses that could stand beside him on an equal footing were few in number.

But if placed in the middle state, he could only be termed as a genius; there was still a huge difference between him and first-class geniuses and super geniuses—for instance, him not being able to get into the Restore Heaven Academy directly.

Thus, after not being able to pass the admission test of the Restore Heaven Academy, he became excessively hateful of those who were more of a genius than him, wanting to exterminate any that he encountered, possessing a kind of morbid obsession.

Ling Han retracted his gaze and his attention returned to that light sphere once again.

Earth Overturning Seal, a Mystical Power!

In comparison, the incessant chatter of this kind of nobodies was nothing but superficial; in future, simply dealing him a killing slap to finish him off would do. Whereas, if because of such a trivial thing he let slip a Mystical Power, then that would be a massive loss, and a loss he could ill afford.

Zhou Yu Cheng could not help but feel pleased with himself. So what if you are a genius, can you win against someone in the Deity Transformation Tier?

Zhou De Yuan also did not pay further attention to Ling Han, for his focus now was naturally on capturing a light sphere. If he could just obtain a first-class cultivation technique, perhaps he could then make that crucial step to break through into becoming a Heaven Tier existence.

That would be really awesome.

Zhu Xuan Er and Rabbit's efforts were also fruitful. After managing to get a light sphere each, they were both delivered outside.

The duration that allowed one day and one night was almost up, and the light sphere that Ling Han had been staring fixedly at all this while descended from the sky once more.

Ling Han had long since rushed forth, stretching out his hand to quickly grab it.

But at this time, another hand stretched out, similarly grabbing towards the light sphere.

That person was really lucky. Naturally, it was not that he had calculated the descending path of the light sphere, but rather was originally standing there, and by coincidence, the light sphere crashed in his direction, making it seem like the light sphere was voluntarily throwing itself into his arms of its own accord.

And that person also did not hold back, stretched out his hand to swiftly grasp it, and touched upon the light sphere at practically the same time as Ling Han.

It was Xuanyuan Zi Guang!

Ling Han was somewhat faintly surprised. He already knew beforehand that this person, classified as the super lucky person, the kind that not only did not perish after falling down a cliff, but also obtained ancient treasures of predecessors. Currently, this so-called 'lucky attribute' was also put in action as the Earth Overturning Seal willingly hurled itself into his bosom, making Ling Han feel totally envious.

Ai, some people are really born with a lucky life.

But Ling Han was actually even more confident, because what he depended on was actual strength.

Actual strength would always be there, moreover it'd only continuously elevate. As for luck, there would inevitably come a time when it was used up, or a time when it was ineffective. Furthermore, having too much good luck, progressing too smoothly all the time, was not at all benefiting one's advance on the path of martial arts.

"Ling Han!" Xuanyuan Zi Guang also caught sight of Ling Han, and could not restrain the reflexive roar that escaped his mouth. He especially detested Ling Han—not only had Ling Han defeated him again and again, which was a heavy blow to his confidence, but Ling Han had also snatched away the apple of his eye.

And yet now, he still wanted to fight with him over a secret technique?

A divine light was seen surging throughout his body, which made him appear like a deity descending from the heavens above, mighty beyond words. That was the armored attire he was wearing on his body—now there were several hundred patterns, every single one shining, setting off over a thousand rays of light, swiftly slashing towards Ling Han.

It was a Spirit Tool that was possibly at Level Eight.

Xuanyuan Zi Guang's luck was really so strong that it could even defy the will of the gods; he absolutely did not have this treasured tool before. He merely ventured out and picked up a Spirit Tool, Bell of Heaven and Earth's Fate.

Ling Han was fearless; his body emitted light just like a treasured tool.

You're depending on the Spirit Tool to become strong, however, I, on the other hand, am personally this strong on my own. Who is more awesome?

Shua, shua, shua. The rays from the treasured tool continuously slashed onto Ling Han's body, slicing open his clothing and slashing his body; every single part of his skin and muscle was moving as if they had a will of their own.

The attacks from the Spirit Tool were all rendered unsuccessful.


Ling Han threw out a punch, and how could Xuanyuan Zi Guang block it? He instinctively jumped backward as he retreated seven steps consecutively. HIs face was bright red and became pale after that as he gasped for air, losing his breath and almost lost consciousness on the spot.

His expression was unsightly; he was no match for Ling Han before, and he was still no match for Ling Han now—even with the aid of a Spirit Tool, it was still no good. Why was the disparity between them getting more and more prominent?

He was one who had the luck of Heaven and Earth on his side!

Ling Han smiled subtly; he had finally captured that light sphere. Pa, the the light sphere was smashed to pieces, and the writings on it instantly vanished, while it also became dull; within it was a green-colored bead.

The passing on of Mystical Powers was all non-verbal.

"Earth Overturning Seal, Mystical Power technique!" Xuanyuan Zi Guang bellowed, and pointed at Ling Han with his right hand. "Return the Mystical Power to me!"

All of a sudden, nearly all gazes—about two-thirds of them—simultaneously rested upon Ling Han, and none of them was not filled with greed.

Mystical Power… though no one had ever evaluated the grades of the Mystical Powers, legend had it that a Mystical Power was even more awesome than a Heaven Grade cultivation technique, deemed to be the secret technique cultivated by the deities and lost within the mortal world.

Who would not be envious?

Ling Han's figure flashed, and he had already left the library—he had obtained a secret technique and was delivered outside.

"Ling Han!" Hu Niu and the rest all greeted him.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "Get ready to flee."

"Going on the run again?" Hu Niu said with a face full of smiles, and clapped her small hands. "It's such fun, let's see who can run the fastest!"

"Hehe, where do you think you're fleeing to?" A group of people chased out of the library. They were not transported out of the library—rather, they came out on their own, and as such they were naturally slightly slower.

Zhou De Yuan gazed at Ling Han, and remarked with indifference, "Hand over the Mystical Power and I shall let you live!"

Ling Han could not hold back the murderous aura in him from spilling forth; earlier, it was because of prioritizing the Earth Overturning Seal that he did not deign to seek to get even with the other, yet, unexpectedly, here he was actually turning up of his own volition. Ling Han replied nonchalantly, "Oh? And why should I?"

Zhou De Yuan's conceit was obvious; it was apparent that he was very full of himself as he clasped both hands behind his back in a relaxed manner, and drawled, "Your intellect is really worrisome. It is impossible for you to retain this Mystical Power no matter what. The only choice you have is whether or not you want to lose your life as well."A cliche in wuxia, where protagonist falls of a cliff, but somehow survives and stumbles upon a hidden epic legacy.
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