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Ling Han grabbed hold of Zhu Xuan Er, not bothering with the others.

Although Yuan Cheng He and Li Feng Yu were his underlings, both were also disciples of the Restore Heaven Academy. Tong Yang Wen would not be frenzied to the point of doing something stupid like laying his hands on them. As for Hu Niu and Rabbit, their speed was not inferior to his, so there was no need for him to carry them along.

Most importantly, the lesser the burden, the faster Ling Han's speed would also be.

After he developed a body of lightning, it really did manage to elevate his speed to unimaginable heights, but it could only be considered barely comparable with the Heaven Tier's. Thus, if he wanted to bring along more people and yet still be capable of fleeing from a Heaven Tier elite, that would really be crazy.

"Want to flee?" Tong Yang Wen sneered, stepping forth in one big stride, maneuvering that colossal palm in a swift attempt to grab them.

He was fast, but Ling Han was not slow, either. With the activation of the Demon Fairy Steps, his figure was akin to that of a ghost. At the same time, he brandished his sword in a backwards slash. Sword Ray appeared in a blaze, and with the addition of the might of the Revere Life Sword, this strike was a blatant display of his abilities.

Even Tong Yang Wen dared not let this strike hit him, so he had no choice but to give his right hand a shake to set off a stream of energy to dissolve the threat that this strike presented to him.

Ling Han seized the opportunity to flee far into the distance, with Zhu Xuan Er naturally hanging upon his back, without the need for Ling Han to expend energy to hold onto her. He drew forth the Setting Sun Bow, gathered his Origin Power into an arrow, and xiu, xiu, xiu, multiple****.

Although he did not draw an actual arrow, the layering of the three Mystical Powers together was still absolutely astonishing. Tong Yang Wen had no other choice but to repeatedly wave both hands to swat aside the arrows of Origin Power which caught him by surprise, making him bellow loudly in fury.

Damn it, his skill completely suppressed Ling Han, yet he was actually being inflicted with a series of clever maneuvers deployed by the other, and could only gaze on helplessly at the other's receding figure.

In the end, he was completely livid, all the blood in his body boiling, to the point he was no longer concerned with Ling Han's attack. He transformed into the likes of a raging arrow and pursued after Ling Han. Xiu, xiu, xiu, the arrow of Origin Power hit his body, yet could only pierce through his clothing and reveal the bulging muscles; it seemed as if his body was forged from precious metal.

In the Earth Dragon Sect, everyone cultivated body arts!

Tong Yang Wen's natural talent definitely was not as good as Jia Ming's, yet to be able to advance to the Heaven Tier, he also could not possibly be any ordinary person, either. Furthermore, the higher his cultivation level, the higher naturally would be the cultivation level of his body arts, using his higher cultivation level to compensate for the gap in quality.

He went against the Exterminating Dragon Star Arrow, and charged in Ling Han's direction.

Heaven Tier… was really so troublesome!

Ling Han sighed. For a Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator to be able to manage this much, it was already considered a miracle. He had no choice but to put forth a real arrow, and after drawing out his full strength, shot it in the direction of his opponent.

The destructive power of this strike was too strong. Even Tong Yang Wen dared not counter it head on, and could only wave forth his palm in a strike to bat away the arrow.

Yet it was precisely because of this short span of time that Ling Han once again took the advantage to flee far away, greatly widening the distance between them.

"Shameless old wretch, wait till I advance to the Deity Transformation Tier, I will definitely chop off your dog's head!" With these words, Ling Han turned around and hastily fled away with his full speed.

Hu Niu also made a face at him and said, "Old wretch, next time Niu will come again to beat you!"

Rabbit wore an expression of innocence—it obviously did not do anything, so why did it have to follow in their wake and escape as well? "Why do I have to flee together with the lot of you? I feel so wronged!" it spoke out in thorough discontentment.

"You have pilfered so many Spiritual Herbs that being wronged once or twice in a while is also considered nothing short of appropriate and fair." Ling Han roared with hearty laughter, yet even stronger wind was being tossed out under his steps as he ran even faster.

Tong Yang Wen again gave chase, but because he had fallen behind too much, after pursuing for a few steps, he had already lost track of Ling Han and could only come to a stop, feeling vexed.

After running for quite a long time, Ling Han slowed down his pace. From the map, they were already fast approaching the Herb Garden.

"Rabbit, the Herb Garden is but up ahead, so how about it, don't you feel tempted?" Ling Han laughingly said.

Rabbit swallowed its saliva, but still spoke out obstinately, "Do you think that I have not seen the world and will lose control of myself over just a few carrots?"

Gold-seeking Rat also crawled out from Ling Han's front, with its big eyes full of anticipation. Spiritual Herbs and whatnot, they were its favorite.

"Niu also wants!" Hu Niu also joined in on the fun.

Ling Han was in a cold sweat; there were four people at his side, and three were actually gluttons.

They took another step forward and the barren desert finally disappeared as lush and verdant forest and grassland emerged ahead. They also caught sight of a dilapidated courtyard wall; evidently, this place had been subjected to grave damage.

"This… Is this still a Herb Garden?" Ling Han muttered.

Although Spiritual Herbs were nurtured by nature, nourished to the extreme, the requirements with regards to their growth conditions were also very stringent. As such, this Herb Garden had been divided into countless regions and every region had its own specific array, altering the environment to suit the growth of every kind of Spiritual Herbs.

But the damage this place had suffered was to severe; most of the arrays had been destroyed, which naturally brought a fatal disaster to the Spiritual Herbs that were originally growing here. As far as the eye could see, there were only ordinary trees and plants remaining here.

Perhaps there might still be some Spiritual Herbs here, but to seek them out was absolutely not a matter that could be done in a short while.

"Rabbit, now is the time for you to shine," Ling Han said.

"Pei, I am not a dog to have such good sense of smell!" Rabbit instantly retorted.

"Quickly look for it!" Hu Niu fiercely ordered while staring fixedly at Rabbit, and continued in a harsh tone, "Else I will eat you!"

Rabbit feared no one, but became alarmed at Hu Niu's words, and proceeded to sniff in earnest at once, leading the group in search of Spiritual Herbs.

However, this place was too wide, and even if Rabbit really had a nose like a dog, it also would not be able to sniff out and locate the Spiritual Herbs right away. They ceaselessly wandered and loitered all over the surrounding areas, while Rabbit also continuously shook its head, saying that it could not trace the scent of Spiritual Herbs anywhere.

Three days passed, yet they were still unfruitful, so they decided to depart and proceed towards the Lang Ya Library first.

After changing their course, they journeyed on. Less than half a day later, they came across a multitude of imperial palaces, which ought to have been incomparably magnificent, yet were now actually almost completely damaged. In addition, no matter how far the distance, one could also make out that there were signs of them being haunted by demonic beasts.

They advanced in the direction of the Imperial Capital, moving with extreme caution. The demonic beasts that roamed around this place were not to be taken lightly; furthermore, there were other powerful cultivators also scouting this place. They absolutely could not afford to be careless.

Those in search of treasures at such a historical site would not bother with any courtesy whatsoever. Given the opportunity, they would attempt to kill the others in an attempt to obtain treasures themselves.

Without doubt, the most important would still be to avoid the demonic beasts. There were a few auras that were extraordinarily powerful and had reached the level of the Heaven Tier. They were creatures that Ling Han was currently incapable of fighting against.

"The Library is… in that direction!" Ling Han possessed the map given by the Lunar King. After considering the direction, he took the lead and set out.

The area was huge where the multitude of imperial palaces were at, yet no matter how big, it was also only to a certain extent. Very quickly, three people, a rabbit, and a rat came upon the front of a pavilion which had remained in good condition.

The pavilion had only three floors, and was also not very big. In fact it was looking especially small in such a place with so many imperial palaces, but this was actually the only structure that had not suffered any damage—not even a shred—causing one to wonder.

It was precisely because of such peculiarity that this place attracted many, and they practically filled this place to the brim.

Ling Han looked at the pavilion, directing his gaze upwards. There, a plaque was hung, with the words 'Lang Ya Library' written on it.ED: Sorry guys, the author caught some **** disease lately, spamming it everywhere...
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