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A fist struck out; the array patterns on the curved blade shone, emitting a thick chill in the air.

A ruthless smile appeared at the corners of Jia Ming's mouth, for with this one blow, this opponent who had the strongest battle prowess of all ages was going to be something of the past entirely. This gave him absolute joy.

Zhu Xuan Er and the others in her group cried out in alarm—what was wrong with Ling Han?

Xiu, it was at this moment that Ling Han's figure suddenly bent and miraculously dodged this fatal blow.

How was that possible!?

The smile on Jia Ming's face immediately froze, but without waiting for him to recover from his shock, a fearful coldness whirled across, slashing at his chest.

He had not expected Ling Han to still be able to react at all. Moreover, he had just pulled off a great move a moment ago, so his condition had already fallen to an all-time low—it was basically impossible to evade this sword.


At once, the sword hit the middle of his chest squarely, and his whole body was sent flying by the slash as a fountain of blood spurted from his chest.

"How is it possible that your soul is still intact?" Jia Ming covered his chest. This incomprehension was beyond the injuries he had suffered. He would die with regrets if he did not get a clear understanding of the situation.

Ling Han smiled slightly, and remarked, "Why should I tell you?"

Previously, during the time when the Earth Dragon had sprung a surprise attack on him, he indeed had been affected. But with a slight tremor of the Black Tower, that discomfort had been dispersed; he simply remained unperturbed and laid out a trap for his opponent.

Jia Ming was so indignant he wanted to kill something—that was his ultimate move, and it was precisely with this move that he could dash up to the 51st place on the Stone of Martial Intent. That it was actually ineffective on Ling Han… this was driving him nuts.

Could it be that this was the difference between the first and the 51st place?

"Wa!" He suddenly threw up blood. Firstly, it was because of the surging rage in his heart, while secondly, the injury he had sustained on his chest was really too severe. The killing aura has transformed into countless small swords, roving and shifting within his body, making him feel such agony that he wanted to die. There were even tears of blood flowing out from his eyes.

He burned with hatred; had it not been for his being overconfident in his own ultimate move, he absolutely would not have been so easily harmed by Ling Han. In terms of real strength, he was in no way weaker than Ling Han—after all, he was also an ultimate genius, and furthermore, he had the advantage of being a whole cultivation tier higher.

Now, being totally defeated in the eye of the public, moreover defeated by one of an inferior cultivation level, how could he bear such humiliation?

Ling Han shook his sword, and once again charged forth to kill—he wanted to thoroughly eliminate this man.

Jia Ming hurriedly retreated as he did not want to die by Ling Han's hands. As long as his injuries recovered, there was still a chance for him to stage a comeback. He was definitely not weaker than Ling Han!

But, he had suffered a physical injury, and merely moving made his wound spurt out blood madly, which almost caused him to stumble and fall; his complexion also became ashen.

Ling Han had arrived, unleashing a strike aimed at Jia Ming's neck, wanting to end this fight in a clear-cut and orderly manner.

Jia Ming's hatred burst forth into flames of fury in his eyes; he had been so conceited that there was not any kind of life-saving precious treasure on him. On the one hand, he'd thought that there was none in this world that could or dared to kill him, and on the other, he'd believed that he would become dependent on such a treasure should it come into his possession, and would be held back from realizing his full potential.

But now, he felt extreme regret.

He didn't want to die; he wanted to live! Only if he stayed alive could he take revenge, and only by being alive could he surpass Ling Han!

The sword slashed down.

Pa, a withered and lean hand suddenly stretched out, two fingers pressed together firmly clamping the cutting blade of the sword in between, not letting the sword slash down even a tiny bit.

An old man in a black-colored robe suddenly appeared. He was of great height and sturdy build, and as if he contained a volcano within his body, it looked like he could erupt at any time to burn the skies and wipe out the lands. He looked towards Ling Han and was all smiles as he said, "Young man, striking so ruthlessly, surely your heart must harbor sinister and vicious intentions!"

Ling Han lifted the blade of the sword; that old man also did not dare to go against such a killing sword forcefully. He withdrew his hand and retreated backward, while at the same time lifting Jia Ming up with a single move.

"Respected Master Tong!" Jia Ming revealed an expression of pleasant surprise. This was really an unexpected rescue from danger. Even for one with his disposition, he could not help but forget himself.

This old man's surname was Tong, and the given name was Yang Wen. He was an elite of the Earth Dragon Sect, and his cultivation level was in the Heaven Tier!

Tong Yang Wen smiled and actually said respectfully, "Hehe, hereafter, you must always remember to put on the treasured talisman that the sect leader has bestowed upon you. Don't be presumptuous anymore; an act of carelessness could cause your downfall!"

"Yes!" Jia Ming hastily nodded. His life was just saved by him, so no matter how wild Jia Ming was, he would also not dare to act arrogant at such a time.

Tong Yang Wen directed his line of vision towards Ling Han as his expression immediately became dark. "To lash out without the least hesitation at a fellow disciple of the same academy, the moral character and disposition of yours really cause one's teeth to tremble!

"However, the Academy's core values are precisely to cure sickness and save lives; I shall then first cure you of your haughtiness, and let you have a little taste of what hardship is like!"

He struck out and Origin Power gathered and transformed into a huge black hand, which was akin to have blotted out the sky and covered the earth, batting downwards over in Ling Han's direction.

It was really sickening—he obviously wanted to settle a personal score, yet actually uttered such pretentious words!

Ling Han's body transformed into a lightning bolt and retreated backward in the nick of time as he said with indifference, "Old fool, do you still want face? This was originally a duel, and since we have already agreed to fight, one should be responsible for one's life and death! Before this, during the time when I ran into danger, why did I not see you jump out and come running to my aid? Want to be****, then don't think of setting up some kind of plaque to proclaim how chaste you are, it's so sickening!"

Tong Yang Wen was so enraged that his body was trembling—this puny Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator actually went so far to treat him with such insolence? He was at the peak of the Heaven Tier, and was only a step away from breaking through to the Shattering Void Tier. No matter where he went, he should receive merely worship and reverence. But now, to actually be condemned by a torrent of verbal abuse in his face… this made him so overwhelmed with ire and wrath that he was almost driven mad.

"Lad, you actually dare hurl insults at me!" he reprimanded, his eyes burning with killing intent.

He did not kill Ling Han, because he treasured ability. As a slave, Ling Han was not too bad, and he could someday deliver him to the Immortal Realm; then, after being brainwashed, he would be turned into a qualified lackey. Yet, Ling Han actually dared to curse him so mercilessly, so his killing intent was naturally incited.

He was but a slave, so what if he died? So be it. It did not matter how excellent natural talent was. He could just use ten other lackeys to compensate for the gap left behind, all right?

Ling Han smiled faintly and responded, "Dirty old swine, why could you not be cursed at? I am a Heaven Grade Alchemist, and my position is of the same rank as yours, so you tell me why I could not curse you?"

Tong Yang Wen gave a scornful laugh; if it were a few hundred years ago, then indeed he would not want to offend a Heaven Grade Alchemist, for that would jeopardize the relationship with the Alchemist Association and affect the martial arts of the whole realm.

But now? Concoction of the Realm Pill was near at hand, and now that there was no use left for them, what was the use of an Alchemist? At most, they needed only bring a few gifted talents of above average standard into the Immortal Realm, then train and develop them; nevertheless, they would still become lackeys.

Just a lowly servant, what right did he have to behave so arrogantly?

"Then you are really courting your own demise!" Tong Yang Wen's killing aura was ablaze. "Injuring fellow disciples and cursing at your seniors, such dishonorable conduct has to be punished! I, on behalf of the Restore Heaven Academy, shall mete out the punishment!"

"To pull the weight of your seniority, there is no lack of words to do so! Old dog, you have let me behold shamelessness at an all-new high. I am deeply impressed!" Ling Han mocked with a short laugh.

"Damn you!" Tong Yang Wen eventually could not hold it in anymore, and once again a palm struck forth; this time, his killing intent had been stirred, and the big hand that he swung out in a patting movement was much more fearsome than before. One by one, the patterns lit up, and the imposing aura of the Heaven Tier pressed down heavily; just the air alone was enough to send an ordinary Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator collapsing into pieces.

Ling Han's figure hastily dodged and arrived by Zhu Xuan Er's side, where he then stretched out his arms and lifted her into his arms as he simultaneously called out, "Hu Niu, Rabbit, let's go!"

Fighting head on against a Heaven Tier elite? Only an idiot would do such a thing.
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