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A smile broke out on Ling Han's face as he gloated. "So it appears that this time, there would only be grievance for you!"

He inadvertently revealed killing intent in his gaze—being provoked by Jia Ming time and again, he'd lost his patience. So long as he was able to kill him, he absolutely would not be merciful.

Jia Ming humphed, knowing that merely depending on the difference in cultivation tiers would not be enough to suppress and crush Ling Han. He gave out a low howl, and a weird sound escaped from his throat, while blue veins were throbbing throughout his body. It was as if there was some kind of terrifying thing trying to break out from within his body.

Ling Han dared not underestimate the battle prowess of his opponent, as he had gained the approval of the Stone of Martial Intent, prevailing over thousands of prodigies through the ages to rank 51st. Although this was not the peak of Jia Ming's current battle prowess, still, he could not be careless.

Underestimating whichever of the prodigies could very likely plant the roots of destruction for oneself.

"Four Styles of Devil Serpent!" Jia Ming bellowed, aiming at Ling Han as he went straight for the kill. A fist struck out directly to attack Ling Han's lower abdomen.

Ling Han raised his hand to block it, and bang, he struck his palm down on his opponent's wrist, but the latter seemed to have turned into dough—it actually took a turn and wound around to strike again at Ling Han's chest as the sharp blade in his hand shone with a cold light.

Ling Han was astonished—could it be that this guy's bones were actually soft? How could he change the form of his arm in such a way?

This was not merely just grasping the soft aspect, but was instead some kind of secret technique.

It was as if he was a serpent, yes, precisely like the bones of a serpent!

Ling Han's body bent backward abruptly, dodging the swing of the curved blade. Such movements were practically impossible for an ordinary cultivator to execute; only by cultivating the body could the body then display such swift reactions.

Moreover, Ling Han looked even more like he had been chopped in half by a knife—the extent of the bend in the upper half of his body was so much that it was inconceivable.

Jia Ming once again swung his fist over; this time, his arm actually transformed into a big serpent, with its head moving towards Ling Han while opening up its mouth to bite. The black-colored snake's head was quite life-like, its poisonous fangs clearly visible.

This strike was really too fast, it was so fast that Ling Han could not evade it in time. Pop, this punch immediately pierced through Ling Han.

"En?" Jia Ming frowned, for he had not managed to hit Ling Han with this strike.

Zi, Ling Han had transformed into a lightning bolt, and had, in a flash, fled three metres away. He transformed back into himself again and laughingly remarked, "Almost hit me! Not bad, this move is not bad, one move covering another, really does show some skill."

He had already cultivated the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven to the point of minor accomplishment, so his speed was of course rapid.

"How could it merely be some skill, it is more than enough to kill you!" Jia Ming increased his battle prowess and charged towards Ling Han.

He really was overbearing, this genius of Earth Dragon Sect. Leaving his name on the Stone of Martial Intent, he himself was a whole cultivation tier higher than Ling Han, holding the upper hand whether it was in the aspect of physical strength or battle prowess. If not for Ling Han having a great recovery ability, in addition to the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven allowing him to evade and dodge out of harm's way, he would have been hit badly and dealt severe injuries by his opponent for sure.

Even so, Ling Han also became more and more passive; he could only return one to two moves for every ten moves his opponent made.

"Today is the day that you die!" Jia Ming cried out. He wanted to kill Ling Han in a single blow.

"Your words sound nicer than any song," Ling Han remarked calmly. He was only testing the kind of defense level his own physique could currently reach. Accordingly, his battle prowess at the moment did not reflect its full capacity.

"These words, I will engrave them on your tombstone to let everyone know that there was such an arrogant idiot who was too stubborn to admit defeat even at death's door!" Jia Ming guffawed, the light reflecting off his curved blade, chill *****.

This was very fearsome, for it could pose an enormous threat to Ling Han's defense; after all, it was a high-level Spirit Tool, and with Jia Ming's more powerful physical strength, he could even rip through Level Eight precious metal.

Ling Han was no longer being passive and getting thrashed; he drew out the Revere Life Sword, then raised and brought it level, pointing at Jia Ming, and retaliated. "Take a look at my sword that will slay you!"

Jia Ming looked at this sword, and his expression couldn't help but change as he unwittingly blurted out, "Array patterns!"

It was obviously a sword, yet it was unexpectedly covered with array patterns… strange, too strange—it was way beyond his imagination.

"To be able to die by this sword, you can die with no regrets!" Ling Han held the sword and struck out in a move to kill. Earlier, without the sword in hand, he could not fully display the might of Sword Ray, but now it was different. The Revere Life Sword itself contained some divine metal; additionally, there was the fierce energy formed by the array patterns. Thus, the destructive power of Sword Ray delivered by this sword would naturally be even higher.

Shua, Sword Ray swept out, seemingly able to destroy the heavens and wipe out the lands, extremely horrifying in its appearance.

"Heng, I am in the Deity Transformation Tier, do you think I will fear you?!" Jia Ming humphed icily, swinging out his fist, transforming Ray into Qi that formed huge black serpents that pounced towards Ling Han to bite him.

Pop, pop, pop, the array patterns on the Revere Life Sword shone. There were merely seven lights, but even so, it was still incredibly terrifying, mincing those big serpents into shreds.

Jia Ming's expression turned ghastly pale; he knew that this sword was very impressive, but had not expected that it could reach such an extent. The destructive power could only be described as horrifying.

How could there be such a precious tool?

It was not as simple as Ling Han wielding an exceptionally outstanding tool—he had also activated an array that was a killing array with no compare, so how was one supposed to break it.

Jia Ming cried out, eventually unleashing his ultimate great move—the empty shadow of the big serpent behind him disappeared, and became a genuine Earth Dragon. This kind of move made him terribly agonized—bluish-green blood vessels were all over his face, and it looked like they were going to burst.

After he howled loudly, the empty shadow of the Earth Dragon behind him finally stabilized, giving off a primal aura of an ancient era.

At the beginning of the world, an Earth Dragon came through the crack between the heaven and the earth. It was ancient and mysterious.

The Earth Dragon held its head high; it did not have facial features, only a mouth, and its whole body was a dull red in color. Its limbs could be clearly seen as if it was still capable of dripping with sticky body fluids, giving one an incredible feeling of disgust.

"Die!" As soon as Jia Ming pointed at Ling Han, that Earth Dragon immediately pounced over in Ling Han's direction.

The speed was very fast!

It was not a physical existence, and could not be judged with common sense. In an instant, it had appeared in front of Ling Han, and ferociously bit down. Yet, because it was not a realistic entity, it was naturally also impossible for it to cause any substantial injury. The whole body looked just like a shadow gliding across.

Jia Ming actually bellowed out a hearty laugh as he shouted, "Ling Han, you are already a dead man!"

His complexion was slightly pallid; nevertheless, he was wearing a carefree smile.

This was actually his real trump card, which involved the power of his bloodline. Because his ancestral blood was not extremely thick, using such a great move was very straining on him, and there would even be a certain amount of backlash to face later.

But that was all right, for although this Earth Dragon was an empty shadow and could not possibly do any harm to a realistic entity, the fact was it was specifically aimed to harm the soul!

Ling Han's soul should have been swallowed—even if not entirely gone, there would merely be traces left behind. How much actual strength would he still have left to fight with?

He took off with a blood-curdling cry in Ling Han's direction, aiming to finish him off. This time, he wanted to thoroughly kill Ling Han.

Under the burst of brute force, he was like a raging arrow charging forth, materializing in front of Ling Han in a flash. The curved blade in his hand slashed forth towards Ling Han's neck. The strength of his physique was cultivated with his cultivation technique, but he needed to consciously control his soft aspect.

Was Ling Han still capable of that with the state he was in now?


A sneer hung at the corners of Jia Ming's lips. Finally, he could eliminate this great threat to himself!Reminder: earthworm in Chinese is also an Earth Dragon.
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