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Ling Han couldn't restrain his mirth; Fatty Ma was really not being modest, proclaiming himself as number one, and even the sword he'd forged was also the number one sword in this world. He weighed the sword in his hand and remarked, "This sword is not bad."

"Of course this sword is not bad, it was no ordinary Level Ten precious metal that was used to forge it. Instead, it was made with a small portion of divine metal as its foundation, then on top of that, His Majesty added a hefty portion of Level Ten precious metal, refined in every way possible, and finally shaped it into a tool," the Lunar King pointed out. "Furthermore, His Majesty even engraved on the sword… a short note, 'if it were not because I don't wield a sword, I would certainly snatch it back'!"

Ling Han asked curiously, "Then, what kind of array do the array patterns engraved on it form?"

"Haha, I leave it for you to ask that Fatty Ma about it yourself." The Lunar King spread out her hands, not willing to clarify it.

Ling Han mused to himself, Fatty Ma ought to be a master of Array Arts, and with his skill in Array Arts as support, his battle prowess could suppress the prodigies of all time, and be grandly placed as the first place. Just what kind of heights has he actually achieved on the Array Arts that he was powerful to such extent?

"Since the Tai Ji Star****could not be recovered, I have also lost interest in this place," the Lunar King continued. "I am not in the mood to waste time, as I have to locate the other four kings as soon as possible. When the moment comes, the Eight Kings will unite. I feel excited just thinking about it."

"Let's go!" She mounted the demonic lion and rode off without a second thought.

Such a huge treasure, yet she actually appeared not overly concerned with it. She was truly nonchalant. It also further showed that she had strong enough confidence… she couldn't care less about what others referred to as treasures.

"Young man, this is for you!" The Lunar King tossed something over.

Ling Han caught it and saw that it was a crystal rock. He extended his divine sense inside, and instantly, a three-dimensional map appeared in his mind. Every nook and corner, any place, could be infinitely magnified to display even the most minute of details.

Hey, this was a map of this Mystery Realm!

Ling Han recognized it immediately. At the beginning, there was a wide plain, then it was the sea area, followed by plains again, and desert; it was utterly identical to the places he had passed through before.

There were also signs marked on the map, which indicated that the region up ahead was the Beast Garden. He already knew that this current region was the Tool Region. It had originally been a massive land of flames. But in the wake of the decline of the Purple Moon Kingdom, the flames had burnt up everything, turning the land into a desert.

There onwards, it was the Herb Garden, where a lot of Spiritual Herbs grew, and situated at the rear of the Herb Garden was the Imperial Palace of the Purple Moon Kingdom. Inside it, there was a place called the "Lang Ya Library", and there lay hidden a lot of secret techniques that had been gathered by the Purple Moon Kingdom all those years ago.

The Lunar King even specifically marked a line of words: Earth Overturning Seal.

It was a Mystical Power!

Ling Han couldn't help but be moved, he had already mastered three Mystical Powers, and was profoundly aware of the power that a Mystical Power held; naturally, he would not mind learning another Mystical Power.

Although it was said that one should not bite off more than one could chew, there was also a saying that declared an abundance of abilities would not weigh one down!

If it was unsuited for him, then he would merely not need to spend too much time and energy to study it.

Ling Han withdrew his divine sense and uttered, "We should also go." He wanted to take a look at the Herb Garden to see how flourishing this Herb Garden was after at least two millenia.

"You think you can still leave?" Jia Ming humphed, his eyes sweeping across with an unfathomable and frosty gaze, not bothering to hide the killing intent in their depth.

Ling Han gave out a slight oh, and said with a laugh, "I have actually forgotten about you, pardon me, pardon me. To be honest, with your current appearance, I truly could not recognize you!"

"Filthy mouth!" Jia Ming's gaze riveted upon him as he declared, "Do you dare to fight me?"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. A Deity Transformation Tier cultivator is asking me whether I dare to fight him, you have the gall to even mention it?" Ling Han laughingly countered.

Jia Ming humphed coldly nevertheless, then responded, "You and I are of somewhat similar age, your level is inferior to mine because you are too useless, so whom could you blame?"

Ling Han let out a snicker. Indeed, a fight of the same age, or perhaps a fight of the same level, could all be considered to be fair. Just that with age such as theirs, such geniuses indeed could not afford a one to two years' gap. For example, Ling Han already had the confidence that he would advance to the Deity Transformation Tier before the age of twenty. By the time he was at Jia Ming's age, who knew, maybe he would already be in the Heaven Tier.

Absolute fairness did not exist in this world.

"It appears that you would not give up if I do not fight you… then let's fight!" Ling Han entered the bleak and boundless desert, turned around, and directed his gaze at Jia Ming. The latter had left the Tool Pavilion much earlier on, and had been lying in wait for him all this while. Naturally, this was conveying a kind of determination… I would not give up until I crushed him.

Jia Ming sneered as he took out two curved blades that were shaped like the crescent moon; the blades were very short, and as he held them in his hands, it looked like his fists had grown pointed horns—while they did not hinder his punches, they also rendered destructive power.

Was this the Spirit Tool he had gotten from the Tool Pavilion?

He similarly was ranked on the ranking, though not as astounding as Ling Han and Hu Niu, but the treasure he got was certainly also not ordinary.

Ling Han did not wield the Revere Life Sword, for he wanted to test out the strength of his defense skills after he had cultivated the art of coupling toughness and softness against the battle prowess that was near to the limits of the Deity Transformation Tier to see what kind of manifestation it would bring about.

"Merely a Spiritual Infant Tier cultivator, and you dare to challenge me!" Jia Ming charged forth in large strides, striking out with a fist. His martial intent was shining brightly, leaving behind a band of light behind his fist.

Ling Han drew up both his fists, wrapped with his Origin Power, and launched himself into an exchange of blows with his opponent.

Both have cultivated Body Arts, and naturally were also more inclined to fight at close range.

In terms of Body Arts, Jia Ming was considered to be quite accomplished, and his physique's endurance was as tough as precious metal of the same level; furthermore, his level was in fact originally higher than Ling Han's by a whole cultivation tier. Therefore, with regards to the level of physique "strength", both parties were similar.

But what about the soft aspect?

Amid the exchange of punches, their arms have transformed into wave-like lines, which were unceasingly surging. If these were to graze the body of any ordinary person, the strong vibration would have definitely shattered their bones. However, these two still remained in fine condition, making use of such wave motions to continuously disperse the power behind every blow they were struck with.

"Hm?" Jia Ming was surprised that Ling Han had also grasped the art of coupling strength with gentleness. Previously, when they had been exchanging blows, Ling Han had merely displayed the aspect of strength.

His physique had upped another level, and in addition to the art of coupling strength with gentleness, he was confident he could suppress Ling Han. What he did not anticipate was that Ling Han's level had also elevated, and had grasped the soft aspect, making both parties' defense level revert back to being of the same level once again.

Since the defense was of fairly equal standing, the deciding factor would be the strength of their attacks.

Jia Ming grinned, then gave off a laugh, revealing a ruthless demeanor as the weapon in his hands suddenly emitted a coldness akin to that of ice and frost, bringing with it terrifying energy that slashed straight towards Ling Han.

Ling Han firmly withstood this strike, but suddenly there was a spurt of blood, and a scar was left behind on his elbow.

He couldn't help glancing at that weapon and noted that it should be a Spirit Tool of an extremely high grade. Although Jia Ming was unable to display its full strength, it had still dealt damage to his physique.

After all, his opponent's strength was of a much higher level than his, and with the activation of his Spirit Tool, he was naturally inflicted with an injury.

However, the power of the Indestructible Heaven Scroll was not merely reflected by the sturdy aspect of the physique, but also its ability to recover!

Clearly visible to the naked eye, Ling Han's injury disappeared in the blink of an eye. If it weren't for the fact that Jia Ming had stared fixedly at his wound all the while, perhaps he would not have even realized he had injured Ling Han earlier on!

Such ability to recover could only cause Jia Ming's expression to change drastically.
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