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This sword existed for killing.

The sword's blade had been engraved with array patterns, and they were all meant to kill, capable of cutting through the void. Now, the array patterns had transformed into sword intent, and penetrated Ling Han's consciousness.

Weng, the Spiritual Infant rose up and entered into his consciousness. It sat in the center and guided the sword intent. Wrapped by the Indestructible Heavenly Scroll, it emitted a bright golden light, appearing dignified like the arrival of a great man versed in Dao.

The killing intent was suddenly contained, and then began to dissipate like melting snow.

The Indestructible Heaven Scroll—the supreme existence!

Indeed, the exhibition of only a small portion of it already allowed him to ascend the ranking that contained all the powerful prodigies from the last millennia. Even if this formation sword was incomparably terrifying and could cut through the void, upon coming up against the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, it could do nothing.

This was a battle between the different levels of divine sense, and had nothing to with battle prowess; this was a qualitative confrontation.

Would the Indestructible Heaven Scroll be inferior in quality? That had got to be a joke!

The killing intent had disintegrated. The formation sword no longer shone; it now looked no different from an ordinary sword.

It was done!

Ling Han couldn't help but burst out laughing; he had not only conquered a treasured sword, but had also made great progress in his body arts.

The rewards this time were huge.

He held the formation sword and examined it closely; he was extremely intrigued by the array patterns on the blade.

But it was too complicated. He had only looked at it for a short while and felt his head was pounding, making weng, weng, weng sounds. It seemed as if his head was going to explode. He quickly averted his eyes and contemplated for a while, yet he couldn't help but feel shocked. This was because he had taken a good look at it for some time just moments ago, yet he unexpectedly couldn't recall even a single array pattern as if there was a mysterious force at work that had erased it.

Ling Han did not bother about it. He retrieved the sheath. However, in contrast, though the material of the sheath was of top quality, it completely couldn't be compared with the sword—the material of the formation sword was a rare metal of Level Ten, and the value of the array patterns engraved on the blade was more likely to have exceeded even Level Ten.

The material used on the sheath was only of the ninth tier, which seemed extremely "crude" in comparison.

It made sense, though, since the scabbard was not meant to be used for battle anyway; to use a Level Ten rare metal to forge the sheath would be extremely wasteful. Moreover, even if it was made with a metal at Level Nine, it would already make one feel it had soaring opulence.

"The Number One Killing Sword In The World?" Ling Han saw six characters written on the sword. Would this be the name of the sword?

"It's again the number one in the world. Isn't this a bit high-profile? It doesn't match my character!" He threw the sheath into the Black Tower; this stuff was useless. It would be better to melt it down and forge it into an arrow to better make use of its characteristics.

"You have such strong killing aura. Henceforth, you shall be called 'Revere Life Sword'—don't kill lightly. It is natural law that all living beings are to grow, so you can't arbitrarily deprive other creatures of their right to live." Ling Han laughed.

He shook the sword gently, and martial intent surged within. Weng, a few array immediately patterns lit up. When he delivered a slash with the sword, ten sword flashes suddenly appeared. Pu, pu, pu, the walls around him were instantly left with ten shallow slash marks.

"It's so powerful!" Ling Han was speechless. This stone chamber had withstood the battle between him and the Revere Life Sword without collapsing, which showed just how sturdy it was. However, now that there were already slash marks left behind after a single strike, this also proved the formidable strength of Revere Life Sword.

He slashed once more with the sword. This time, Sword Ray swept out from the sword. Hong, a dent about 30 centimeters deep suddenly appeared on the wall. However, the amazing thing was that the wall actually began trembling, and the slash mark very quickly disappeared.

Ling Han was shocked: this Tool Pavilion actually had self-recovery abilities?

Hiss, this Tool Pavilion was a treasure in itself!

Ling Han felt tempted; if he could also keep this Tool Pavilion, then wouldn't all the things inside be his?

Pa, just at this moment, the originally closed door suddenly opened.

He had obtained the treasured sword, so there wasn't any reason to stay here.

Ling Han stowed the Revere Life Sword into the Black Tower, side by side with the Demon Birth Sword, both blades held midair in suspension. Yet, Demon Birth Sword actually lowered automatically slightly, not daring to be on the same level with the former, showing the dominance of the Revere Life Sword.

Swords had spirits of their own, and would also compare with their peers!

Ling Han stepped out of the stone chamber. The stairs were in front of him. He looked around and saw that there were several stone chambers on this floor, but each one had been sealed tightly. He tried to open them, but neither using fists nor a sword could break the doors and allow him to enter.

Helpless, he could only take the stairs to go down to the next level. On the next floor, there were again several stone chambers and a flight of stairs. He didn't try to break through the doors, but headed straight down the stairs. Previously, he had been on the fifth floor, so he had to continue going down four flight of stairs before he finally returned to the ground floor.

He stepped out and saw that there were still many people around, eager to try out the martial stone.

"Ling Han! Ling Han!" Hu Niu jumped over and immediately dived straight into his arms. She hung onto his neck, and said, "You've been away for so long! Niu missed you to death!"

Ling Han didn't know how long he had been cultivating inside the Black Tower, so he turned around to ask the approaching Zhu Xuan Er, "How long have I been inside?"

"Twenty days," Zhu Xuan Er informed him.

Oh, so long!

Ling Han only felt that he had just blinked his eyes, and it hadn't even been a day. How could it be that twenty days had passed?

"Did you guys obtain anything?" he asked with a smile.

"Yes! Yes!" Hu Niu immediately jumped out of his arms. "Niu got something fun!" She suddenly summoned an enormous pair of scissors that was slightly taller than even herself. It was entirely red in color, and when the scissors were closed together, they resembled a coiled dragon that was covered in scales. The pointed tip was a dragon's head, vivid and lifelike.

"Go!" The little brat shouted, and the scissors immediately flew out. They actually transformed into a red dragon, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws while emitting formidable divine might.

"Oh, Dragon Fang Shears. Lord Rabbit has seen this before in the notebook left behind by my ancestor!" Rabbit said. "According to legend, a true dragon died in this realm, and as the dragon's blood spread out, it spawned countless treasured medicine, while the dragon's bones turned into mountains and became what is known now as the holy land for the five great sects. Furthermore, some of them have become deadly zones of this realm, and hold great danger. The only thing that did not change was the dragon's fang.

"A long time ago, a great master of martial arts got ahold of this dragon fang and forged it into the Dragon Fang Shears. When stimulated fully, it can possess the power of a real dragon's bite!"

Everyone was shocked. Such a treasure was actually obtained by Hu Niu.

Incredible, incredible. This treasure would arouse the interest of even Shattering Void Tier cultivators!

Ling Han smiled. He had obtained the Revere Life Sword—even if it was to come up against Xu Xiu Ran's Ultimate Saber, he would have the ability to counterattack. Furthermore, Hu Niu also had the Dragon Fang Shears, so the abilities on their side had made great progress.

Zhu Xuan Er, Wenren Qian Qian, and Yuan Cheng He had also obtained their rewards. However, they had obtained only Level Eight Spirit Tools, which was a far cry in comparison to Ling Han and Hu Niu. Sure enough, the results they achieved on the martial stone directly affected their rewards.

With this, Xu Xiu Ran and Dong Ling'er, who had concealed their strength, would definitely die of depression.

Rabbit had also obtained a treasure, but it adamantly refused to say what it was, which made everyone else curious.

Ling Han did not see the Rain Emperor or Mu Rong Qing. He asked Zhu Xuan Er and got to know that the two had actually been here, but they had already left. Now, they each led a team and became the boss; their actions for the purpose of the overall plan had to be reconsidered.

"Ling Han!" Jia Ming appeared, staring at Ling Han, his eyes emitting a bloody light.
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