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Jia Ming immediately calmed his mind. This was only the height that Ling Han could reach in the future, and did not represent that his current battle prowess wasn't a match for Ling Han's.

It was quite the contrary—his had a fortuitous meeting in the sea, and his cultivation rocketed to the Deity Transformation Tier. His current battle prowess definitely crushed Ling Han's.

Hmph, once he had the chance, he would definitely kill Ling Han!

"Niu wants to try! Niu wants to try!" Hu Niu ran over, tittering with joy. This seemed very amusing to her.

"Hahahaha!" Some people immediately laughed loudly. What was a small little girl doing, butting in?

"Don't underestimate her. She entered the Restore Heaven Academy based on her own strength, and even defeated many experts." Someone knew Hu Niu's background.

Pu, this instantly made even more people spurt out air from their mouths in shock.

She? A little girl seven to eight years of age? Was that possible?

"Hmph, small little girl, don't butt in and get out of this lord's way!" An old man was displeased and obstructed the way. Earlier, he'd tolerated it, but a little girl also wanted to cut in line? He couldn't tolerate it.

"How dare you block Niu's path!" Hu Niu was infuriated and immediately punch with her small fist. "Send you flying!"

"A small little girl dares to be impudent in front of this lord?!" The old man attacked, snatching at Hu Niu's neck. He was going to toss Hu Niu away.

However, Hu Niu's figure flashed and immediately disappeared from under his hand, and she was already behind him when she reappeared, throwing a kick. Peng, the old man was kicked, flying magnificently out of the crowd, and landed on the surrounding yellow sand.

"Damn it!" The old man was embarrassed; to be kicked on the butt and sent flying by a little girl, would he still have the face to see people in the future?

He immediately charged back, but before attacking, he was grabbed by a metal puppet as if a chick seized by an eagle, having no power to fight back. He struggled, and shouted, "Why only catch this lord?"

Yes, everyone also wanted to ask. Attacking was prohibited here, and the metal puppet would immediately stop whomever attacked anyone, but now? Clearly, Hu Niu was the one who attacked first, so why didn't the puppet stop her, but instead restrain the "victim"?

Hu Niu glared, and said, "Big monster, you dare to seize Hu Niu?"

The metal puppet actually took a step back as if it feared her.

Everyone just wanted to hold their heads and shout: how is this possible! The puppet, something completely without feeling, didn't know fear, so why would it feel fear facing Hu Niu?

Hu Niu laughed loudly and walked to the martial arts stone with hands on her hips. Just as she reached her small hand out, she was annoyed, and said angrily, "Damn it, it's too high!" She had to stand on the tips of her toes and stretch out her arm to reach it.

Everyone couldn't help but smile. This little girl was quite merry.

Hu Niu jumped directly onto the martial arts stone.

Everyone saw this as greatly disrespectful since the names of geniuses throughout the ages were left on there, but even the metal puppet showed no reaction, so what were they getting stirred up for?

Hu Niu placed her small hand on the stone tablet, but there was no reaction at all. Not to mention a black light, even the purple light didn't emerge. She was infuriated, and said, "This broken rock's damaged!"

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "Treat this stone as your enemy, and then, in your head, think of how you'll beat it up!"

"So that's how it works!" Hu Niu giggled and closed her eyes. She pouted, looking like she was clenching her teeth in anger. Weng, the martial arts stone immediately lit up and black light rose directly, turning into the words: leave a name!

Sh*t, another freak that could leave a name on the list.

What was going on? There were already two freaks, one of which ranked first throughout history, and now, a little girl of seven to eight years of age could also enter the ranking!? Such a little girl, what mystic arts could she possibly know?

Sigh, could they even call themselves geniuses, even falling short of a little girl?

Hu Niu scrawled on the stone tablet, leaving the words: "Ling Han is Niu's." She giggled and took a few steps back contentedly, admiring her own masterpiece. She said, "Ling Han, are Niu's words beautiful?"

"Beautiful like they're dancing," Ling Han said with a smile.

The black light faded, and everyone immediately started to search for where "Ling Han is Niu's" would rank.

They all started from the last place, but in the 90s, it wasn't there! In the 80s, it wasn't there! In the 70s, it wasn't there! No, no, no, they couldn't see the words from all the way.

"You guys, look at the first row!" someone said in a quavering voice.

Everyone looked towards the stone tablet's first row and shockingly saw "Ling Han is Niu's" at the first place, pushing down Ling Han, who had just risen to the first place. The original "First" now dropped to the third place, appearing somewhat awkward.

The original "First" ranking first was extremely awe-inspiring, and now that it ranked third, though it was still rare in the past and present, it didn't live up to its reputation and became a laughingstock.

Everyone looked back and forth between Hu Niu and the name on the stone tablet and just couldn't connect the number one battle prowess throughout the ages with this little girl.

They were still in shock with Ling Han breaking history and honorably rising to number one in battle prowess. The first shock hadn't faded, yet another arose, making them somewhat numb. Was it a dream? It just seemed too unreal…

"Yay, Niu's first place!" Hu Niu shouted excitedly.

ia Ming's face turned green. Forget that he couldn't beat Ling Han, but even a little girl's future battle prowess was above his—how could he accept it? His confidence was going to be blown; this was really too great of a blow.

Ling Han didn't find it strange at all. It was very likely that an extremely terrifying existence was hidden in Hu Niu's body, so what if she crushed all the geniuses through the ages? And he also didn't fully operate Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, so it was normal to be below Hu Niu.

He obviously wouldn't contend with Hu Niu. With a smile, he said, "Come on, let's ignore that toad and go in and have a look."

"Okay!" Hu Niu held Ling Han's hand, and as one adult and one child walked towards the tool pavilion, the metal puppets stepped aside as if to show respect. Zhu Xuan Er and Yuan Cheng He followed behind, feeling the limelight on their faces and extremely proud.

Everyone was astonished because those who passed the test all went around the puppet. Could this be the special treatment for those who left their names on the ranking list?

"Brother Ling!" Wenren Qian Qian caught up in a hurry, her eyes sparkling. This time, she really wanted to get to know Ling Han and talk a little.

First of all time, no, no, no, the first two of all time!

Jia Ming snorted and walked towards the tool pavilion, also trying to walk in imposingly, but that puppet blocked him, and had no intention of moving aside. Jia Ming almost exploded with anger; everyone made it into the ranking, so why didn't he have special treatment as well?

He had to walk around, his expression livid.

Too f*cking unfair!
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