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Ling Han smiled and performed the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven in his consciousness. Weng, the light that the martial arts stone emitted immediately changed from green to red.

Seeing this scene, Jia Ming's expression was somewhat grave. If Ling Han could be a little stronger, he might really be able to leave his name on the martial arts stone.

Ling Han no longer performed the Three Styles of Black Origin, and instead operated the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow. When the three Mystical Powers were used simultaneously, his divine sense turned into a small person and flickered like lightning inside the consciousness, firing out Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow.

It couldn't be helped. The Three Styles of Black Origin and the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow were conflicting with each other and couldn't be executed simultaneously. Otherwise, operating ten Heaven Grade sword techniques simultaneously could at least rival Three Styles of Black Origin and other such ultimate moves, right?

Weng, the light that the martial arts stone emitted changed again from red to black. Instantly, the stone tablet's names all disappeared, and the words reappeared again: leave a name!

This explained that Ling Han's future battle prowess could surpass past geniuses and squeeze into top hundred.

"I'm about to go crazy!"

"Another genius that could surpass ancient geniuses appeared again, did my eyes go blurry?"

"Such a genius should only appear once in a generation. What's going on? Two mighty geniuses side by side, would the future be their power struggle?"

"Not necessarily. This is just their extreme battle prowess in the future, and not what's guaranteed to be achieved. Besides, Xu Xiu Ran and Dong Ling'er definitely held back. They're definitely no weaker than Jia Ming."

"That's right. There's also Heaven's Sword Sect's Small Sword Emperor and Azure Thunder Sect's Son of Lightning who haven't come. They're no weaker, either!"

Everyone spoke one after another, but this didn't cover Ling Han's limelight. He was a freak that could contend with the five great sect's strongest geniuses.

Ling Han casually wrote down his name, and in a short while, the martial arts stone changed. His name rose into the list, while Lunar King's name was squeezed out of the top hundred.

Rank 78th!

This record moved everyone visibly, and made Jia Ming's expression pale, but it was also somewhat unacceptable for Ling Han.

Three Mystical Powers executed together actually only ranked 78th?

It wasn't his lower tier that resulted in low rank—the Mystical Powers were extrapolated to the extreme or compared in the same tier.

In the ancient times, there were still 77 geniuses that were still above him!

Hiss, how many Mystical Powers did these guys grasp?

Ling Han was shocked inside, but his confidence didn't suffer a hit, because this wasn't his complete battle prowess, or rather potential. He still hadn't executed Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art and Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, which weren't conflicting with each other and could be executed together.

Especially the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll—it was the scripture that the Black Tower passed down!

Whatever, he didn't have to be number one in history.

Ling Han retreated a few steps, smiled at Jia Ming, and said, "Frog at the bottom of a well, have you gained some knowledge and experience yet?"

78th versus 97th was, of course, an absolute crush.

"Get out the way!" Jia Ming walked over and pressed his right hand on the martial arts stone again. "I didn't even use my full power earlier!"


Everyone was greatly shocked and in disbelief—being able to squeeze into the top hundred throughout history actually wasn't done with his full strength? How freakish was this guy, really!

Was this going to be heaven-defying?

Jia Ming stood still, but his black hair stood on ends, soaring towards the sky as if there was wind blowing from below, each strand of hair fluttering in the wind. A great snake's shadow appeared behind him again, but it was transforming from a flat and pointed snake head to a circular head as if it'd become… an earthworm!

This wasn't a normal earthworm. It was as if a divine beast from the beginning of the world, emitting a primitive presence.

The veins on his forehead throbbed constantly, each muscle trembling, and the power of his body was so terrifying as if a light punch could shatter a mountain, overturn a sea, and even strike down the stars in the sky!

Weng, black light reappeared on the martial arts stone, but this time, the words 'leave a name' didn't appear. Instead, Jia Ming's name improved from 97th to 51th place.


What mystic art did he use to surpass nearly 50 ancient geniuses?

Although it was only around 50 places, how many years and generations of geniuses was that the accumulation of?

What he surpassed was generation after generation!

Everyone felt as if they were on pins and needles. What sort of freak was this? But, seeing the 50 names above Jia Ming was even more terrifying. These names had remained the same throughout the ages, and just how powerful were they at the time?

Even Ling Han somewhat at a loss for words. In other words, when Jia Ming extrapolated the mystic arts he'd grasped to the extreme, he could even surpass three Mystical Powers.

"Hahahaha!" Jia Ming let go, took a few steps back, and looked disdainfully at Ling Han. "Now, who's the frog at the bottom of the well?"

"Parroted and unoriginal!" Ling Han shook his head. "You think that you're the only one who held back? Toad, move out the way, this time I'll make you totally convinced!"

Jia Ming's body shivered involuntarily—could Ling Han also have held back?

Impossible, impossible! Charging all the way to 78th place, how could he possibly have held back? He was definitely pretending, definitely!

Ling Han reached out with his hand and pressed it on the martial arts stone, operating Indestructible Heaven's Scroll only!

Hong, black light was immediately emitted from the stone, and Ling Han's rank skyrocketed.

60, 50, 40, 30, it was so fast that it was like fireworks.

Even Ling Han himself was shocked, because he'd only operated a part of Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, and not all of it. Moreover, he'd only grasped the first layer of the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll.

20, 10 , nine, eight, seven… three, two, one!

He went straight to first place, knocking off "First" that was in first place.

Unprecedented, the world's number one!

"Oh sh*t!"

"Mother f*ck!"

Everyone began to shout obscenities, completely unable to believe it. This was too shocking, directly crushing all geniuses throughout the ages and ranking first. Was it possible that Ling Han would become the most powerful person in the history of the vast lands?

Ling Han didn't continue to operate the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll. Since he'd already charged up to number one, there was no meaning in continuing. He retracted his hand with a smile, and said, "Sorry, sorry, I'm usually low-key, and suddenly being high-profile for once, I don't feel too well."

Everyone was speechless. No matter how fake it sounded, Ling Han's potential was plain to see; if he could really push the mystic art he grasped to the extreme, his battle prowess would be the strongest ever.

The eyes of all the women present had lit up. The first in history! Who didn't want to become the wife of the first in history? Such a title was also full of temptation.

Jia Ming's expression was pale. He'd originally wanted to completely suppress Ling Han, but, unexpectedly, he helped Ling Han and became a stepping stone. After all, without him as a comparison, who would know the bearing of being number one?

Now that it was clear… besides, he was only at the 51st place after struggling desperately, which was how many ranks away from Ling Han?
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