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Everyone cried out in surprise. It was too shocking. With so many ancient prodigies, only a hundred people could leave their names, and all of them were geniuses amongst geniuses; taking any one out casually could astonish through the ages, right?

Jia Ming being able to leave his name… he was too strong!

This was something that Dong Ling'er and Xiu Xiu Ran couldn't do.

Jia Ming smiled proudly and wrote down his name on the stone tablet swiftly and boldly. Instantly, the stone tablet let out a dazzling light again, and the hundred names reappeared. Jia Ming's name shockingly ranked in the 97th place, while the original hundredth place couldn't be seen anymore.

The 97th place, higher than the Lunar King by three places… Now, the Lunar King already dropped to the 100th place.

Jia Ming was somewhat astonished, seeming to be somewhat displeased by this record, but he immediately revealed a smile at the corner of his lips and took a few steps back, sweeping Ling Han with his gaze and revealing a contemptuous look.

Having a name on the ranks, what did this mean?

It was to be equals with the strongest historical geniuses—to be a super freak that came once in several tens of millennia!

"Qian Qian!" Jia Ming looked towards Wenren Qian Qian, his expression proud, which meant look at my freakishness, come grovel at my feet now.

Although Wenren Qian Qian was shocked inside, she disliked like Jia Ming's proud personality even more… geniuses indeed could be proud, but proud to the point of looking at everyone from above… this was repugnant.

She focused her beautiful eyes on Ling Han. This was also a freak who might have a shocking performance.

Zhu Xuan Er, Yuan Cheng He, and the others walked up separately, undergoing the test one by one. Without surprise, although the Li Siblings qualified to enter the Restore Heaven Academy, they didn't cause the reaction of the martial arts stone.

Only Zhu Xuan Er and Yuan Cheng He succeeded, but they both summoned the purple-colored light, equaling Wenren Qian Qian.

However, this wasn't a test of their martial arts talent or aptitude, but simply the maximization of the arts they currently grasped, placing them in the same tier for comparison and ranking.

So, one didn't have to care too much about activating the martial arts stone, since there was still a chance to catch up in the future. Besides, this was a ranking that took martial arts skill and techniques and extrapolated them to the extreme, but even geniuses might not be able to achieve the said extreme.

The rabbit also went for a try. Quite surprisingly, it actually activated a red light, and could rank alongside Xu Xiu Ran and Dong Ling'er.

However, this was not necessarily the rabbit's full power, and Dong Ling'er and Xu Xiu Ran also might not have operated their strongest martial arts skill. After all, everyone only needed the qualification to enter, and many people weren't willing to reveal their secrets.

"Ling Han, I'll let you live a little longer. After you take the test, I'll kill you then!" Jia Ming laughed loudly, and said, "I'll show you the gap between you and me and have you die with regret. This is the result of going against me!"

"You can't fight here, right?" someone whispered.

"Yes, fighting isn't allowed. That puppet will step in and directly kill those who don't heed the warning. Earlier, there was someone who suffered," someone else added.

"Jia Ming came late, so he doesn't know."

Although voices of such discussion were small, Jia Ming, with his strength, couldn't possibly not hear it, immediately revealing an irritated look.

He'd put out big talk yet couldn't do it—wasn't this a fierce slap across the face?

Ling Han couldn't help but laugh and shake his head, walking in large strides to the martial arts stone. He said, "A frog at the bottom of a well. What's so hard about simply making the ranks?"

"Such high-sounding sentiments, then I'll wait and see," Jia Ming said coldly.

Ling Han pressed his hand and used the Desolate Hell Sword, but the martial arts stone didn't react at all. Apparently, this set of sword techniques extrapolated to the extreme couldn't quality to receive the martial arts stone's recognition.

"Ha!" Jia Ming scoffed.

"Hold your horses, such a grown man yet so impatient!" Ling Han sneered.

Jia Ming instantly wanted to kill someone. He'd lived in the wild for a long time, fighting and killing beasts all day; killing people and killing beasts were no different to him. Whatever made him displeased, he would want to kill.

However, when he saw the metal puppet that guarded the premise at the gate, he snorted and suppressed the killing intent within. For now, he couldn't beat this puppet, carved with extremely complex formation patterns, which were definitely of the Tenth Tier.

"Oh, then you'd better hurry, don't take the latrine pit and take a sh*t and keep the people behind waiting!" he said insipidly.

"Barbarian!" Ling Han scowled. "No wonder you've always been a savage, and I don't expect that you could be civilized. However, the most important thing is to know oneself, and you clearly have no culture and still shout like a loudspeaker all day, polluting the environment everywhere."

Pu, many people instantly burst out laughing, but covered their mouths immediately in fear that Jia Ming would hold a grudge. Jia Ming was in the Deity Transformation Tier and definitely an extremely powerful warrior in the Deity Transformation Tier; only Shattering Void Tier and Heaven Tier elites could suppress him.

However, how many elites like this could there be in the world, and how many would dare not give the five great sects face to suppress him?

Jia Ming indeed had the right to run amuck.

Ling Han changed to operating The Three Styles of Black Origin in his consciousness. Weng, the martial arts stone immediately lit up, but it was only the most normal colors, purple light.

This moved Ling Han slightly. This sword technique of the Heaven's Sword Sect could only make the martial arts stone emit the lowest level light of recognition! This sword technique was extremely remarkable. The last move, breaking limits, needed Sword Heart to actuate, which showed its high level.

But as the martial arts stone saw it, this only passed the first stage of recognition.

"Tsk!" Jia Ming sneered again. He obviously knew that Ling Han's strength could definitely cause the reaction of the martial arts stone, and even equal Xu Xiu Ran and Ling Dong'er; purple light was not something strange at all.

However, he definitely didn't think that Ling Han could leave his name on the ranking. This was too difficult, and probably only one person from each generation could rise into the list, and the further in the future, the more difficult it would be because there were already too many geniuses before them.

Wenren Qian Qian and Zhu Xuan Er were more nervous. They obviously hoped that Ling Han could suppress Jia Ming, and with the slight changes in their faces and gazes, Jia Ming's killing intent flourished even more.

Ling Han also activated the Eye of Truth, and instantly, the light that the martial arts stone emitted changed from purple to green, entering the second level.

"Hiss, this guy's also a genius, to actually be able to activate green light. No wonder he's targeted by Jia Ming."

"You're excited too easily. Don't' you know he's Restore Heaven Academy's Ling Han?"

"What, that Heaven Grade alchemist?"

"Who else other than him!"

"What a true monster, attaining such accomplishments in alchemy, and being just as terrifying in martial arts—absolutely inhuman!"

Everyone cried out one after another. This was unimaginable to them, so they obviously thought it strange.

Jia Ming was obviously displeased and gave a loud snort. Instantly, the whispers in the surroundings all disappeared. Now, there really wasn't anyone who dared to offend him; even the older elites weren't willing to make an enemy of him.

He was a youngster filled with potential, and would definitely become a Shattering Void Tier elite in the future! Besides, the Earth Dragon Sect stood behind him, and they couldn't kill him while he was still undeveloped, so they definitely couldn't offend him.
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