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The test was very simple, and it wasn't to fight this puppet. One only had to place one's palm on a stone tablet, and if a light shined, one would qualify to enter the tool pavilion.

It sounded easy, but there was only a meager lot that could make the stone tablet light up. Other than the powerful figures of the older generation, only Yao Hui Yue, Xu Xiu Ran, Dong Ling'er, and a few others could do so.

There were still newly arrived people who asked curiously, "You just put your hand on the stone tablet?"

"Of course not. You have to meditate on all your arts and skills in your consciousness, and the stone tablet will magnify the powers of these mystic techniques to their extremes, thereby evaluating your extreme battle prowess," a gaffer said.

"This is a martial arts stone, a treasure in the legends."

"Even if you're only at the Flower Blossom Tier, you might surpass Shattering Void Tier elites because this evaluation is extreme battle prowess, or, in other words, placing everyone's tier on the same level and then making a battle prowess comparison."

"Such a ranking should be called a ranking of potential. It's possible that you can't even reach close to this level in the future, and it's also possible that you'll have a fortuitous meeting and surpass it in the future. It's all uncertain."

The gaffer said, "See that, the stone tablet has a hundred names. If your extreme battle prowess can surpass any of theirs, you can rank amongst them. The stronger your battle prowess is predicted to be in the future, the higher you can rank."

"However, although this mystery realm opened for the first time in several ten millennia, it's extremely like that this martial arts stone has recorded all the geniuses in the near thousand millennia, and even several thousand millennia."

"Being able to leave a name on there, even if it's only the last name, they all are super geniuses of several tens of millennia!"

Hearing the gaffer's words, everyone was somewhat excited. If they could leave their name on the tablet, then wouldn't it mean surpassing the ancients and amazing the contemporaries? But the difficulty was too high; some had already entered the tool pavilion, but none of them left their name on the stone tablet.

Ling Han looked over. The person ranked first on the stone tablet was actually called "First." Who knew where he got his courage from, assuming that he would be the first and never the last?

The second name was much more modest: "Yuan Shi."

The third name was "Si Fang," the fourth name was "You Ying," the fifth name was "Yue," the seventh name was "Mo," the eight name was "Ming Dao," the ninth name was "Donkey-riding Old Man," and the tenth name was "Jiu Dao."

Ling Han looked all the way down. Each name was extremely foreign to him. However, when he came to the ninety-ninth name, a familiar name finally jumped into the eye… the Lunar King!

He was shocked. Had the Lunar King left this just now, or was it… several tens of millennia ago?

If it was the latter, would the Purple Moon Empire and this ancient dynasty be somehow connected?

Ling Han was absorbed in thought for a moment. Only when Zhu Xuan Er called him a few times did he come back to his senses.

"Let's go try."

They pushed their way through the crowd, trying to squeeze to the front. Some people were easygoing; they had already tried and failed, and didn't mind letting others try. However, some people were bad-tempered and even envious; since they couldn't get in, they didn't want others to go in, either.

There was no need to be polite to such people. Ling Han simply attacked, xiu, xiu, xiu, and a road-blocking dog was waved away like a scarecrow.

Weng, in front, the stone tablet lit up, which meant someone passed the test and could enter the tool pavilion.

"That's Wenren Qian Qian!"

"As expected of the proud daughter of heaven. It's said her strength is second only to Dong Ling'er's, and sure enough!"

"Tsk, do you know what sort of light appeared when Dong Ling'er passed?"

"I don't know."

"I'll tell you, then. The martial arts stone can only let out light in three colors. One's red, one's green, and one's purple. Among them, purple light represents the weakest battle prowess, while red light is the strongest!"

"Just now, Wenren Qian Qian actuated purple light."

"But Dong Ling'er activated red light!"

With that said, everyone nodded their heads. While also a proud daughter of heaven, Wenren Qian Qian was still a large distance away from Dong Ling'er.

"Brother Ling!" Seeing Ling Han, Wenren Qian Qian couldn't help but stop and didn't enter the tool pavilion immediately—such a short while didn't matter anyway. She wanted to personally see Ling Han's extreme battle prowess.

Although this didn't represent the heights that Ling Han could reach in the future, it could still be used as reference.

Ling Han nodded in a greeting.

"Hm, Jia Ming's here!" Everyone dispersed. This was a vicious god that killed without scruples, but he was Earth Dragon's Sect's most valued disciple of the next generation; who would dare to harm him even in self-defence?

Jia Ming walked over with large strides. A terrifying aura rose all over his body, turning into giant snakes.

Ling Han frowned. Jia Ming's cultivation had made an astonishing leap and reached the Deity Transformation Tier! He'd once said that the great sea had something fortunate for him, and it indeed seemed so if it was enough for him to advance into the Deity Transformation Tier in a few days.

Amongst the younger generation, currently, only Xu Xiu Ran had done it.

However, wasn't the earth dragon an earthworm? So why did the majority of Earth Dragon Sect's people manifest the shadow of a large snake? Although they were all long and twisted things, there was still a big difference between snakes and earthworms, right?

Jia Ming's walked majestically, his aura as if an ancient brutish beast was hidden in his body—extremely terrifying.

As the earth roared, he walked ot the front of the martial arts stone. He first gave Ling Han a murderous look, and then stretched out his hand and pressed towards the martial arts stone.

Weng, the martial arts stone immediately lit up.

Purple light.

However, Jia Ming didn't withdraw his hand and continued to press. The color that the martial arts stone emitted changed to green.

his meant that Jia Ming's extreme battle prowess improved, which was very normal. Pressing one's hand on the tablet, one needed to perform one's own mystic arts, and after the martial arts stone accepted it and continued to extrapolate, the evaluated extreme battle prowess would then be displayed again.

Therefore, one's highest battle prowess couldn't be exceeded, but couldn't be concealed.

"Hehe, my battle prowess will break the ancients and the contemporaries!" Jia Ming shouted loudly as Qi and blood surged all over his body, forming terrifying pressure. Hong, the people nearby fell onto the ground, unable to withstand the impact.

Ling Han's expression turned stern. His and Jia Ming's strengths were originally almost on par. Now that Jia Ming crossed into the Deity Transformation Tier, Ling Han would definitely be inferior except in terms of physical arts.

If Jia Ming's battle prowess skyrocketed to the Heaven Tier, then Ling Han would really be in trouble.

"It turned red!"

"My goodness!"

Everyone cried out with their hands on their heads. An exceptional genius as expected, making the martial arts stone display a red color and sharing the limelight with Ling Dong'er and Xu Xiu Ran.

"Ah!" Jia Ming roared again, the veins on his forehead popped, and the shadow of a giant snake surfaced behind him, letting out hissing sounds.

Weng, the martial arts stone displayed a black light!

The one hundred names all disappeared, and the stone tablet showed the words: "Leave a name!"

Jia Ming's strength reached the level comparable to the ancient geniuses, and he could rank in the top hundred!
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