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"Ran away?" Ling Han looked into the distance, but Zhu Bi had already disappeared without a trace. Even if he and Hu Niu chased him now, it was basically impossible to catch up.

Earlier, it was precisely because Hu Niu had caused a scene that Zhu Bi seized the opportunity. Otherwise, if Ling Han and Hu Niu had been watching out for him, at least a Deity Transformation Tier warrior like him definitely wouldn't have been able to escape.

"Yu Family indeed is a powerful Heaven Tier force, and under the five great sects, they can rank as a first-grade force," Wenren Qian Qian said, looking somewhat worried.

Three Heaven Tier elites in one family—who dared to treat them lightly?

"Besides, Yu Family's seventh ancestor also entered the historic site. If Zhu Bi were to tell the seventh ancestor about what happened here, then we're in big trouble," she continued.

Ling Han was not afraid. He had the Black Tower, and at worst, he could temporarily hide from the trouble. With his progression speed, he could probably advance into the Deity Transformation Tier at the end of the year, and killing normal Heaven Tier elites wouldn't be out of the question then.

With Black Tower's power boost, he could even fight Shattering Void Tier opponents.

His gaze swept by everyone as he said, "If Heaven Tier elites come, I do have a way to deal with them, but this involves my trump card. I'm thinking about whether I can trust you guys or not."

Being glanced at one by one, everyone's hearts tensed up. Ling Han's gaze was filled with deterrent power, and his entire person emitted the aura of a king, making them subconsciously feel inferior.

Ling Han paused, and said, "I'll show you guys a treasure, but the condition is that you guys must be of one mind and heart with me and never betray me! So, those who want to keep going stay, and the rest can leave."

His words were obviously aimed at the Li Siblings, Wenren Qian Qian, Yuan Cheng He, and the rabbit.

The Li Siblings looked at each other and were the first to declare their position. They said, "We as brother and sister are willing to advance and retreat with Young Master Han, riding on Young Master Han's smoothly sailing ship!" They didn't doubt in the least bit Ling Han's strength and potential.

Yuan Cheng He also said, "I am Young Master Han's follower to begin with."

The rabbit chewed on a spirit medicine, and said, "You brat still owe Uncle Rabbit two Dragon's Blood Overlord Ginseng, so Uncle Rabit obviously won't go."

Only Wenren Qian Qian was hesitant. She was also the genius of a region and had her own pride, rejecting Jia Ming who admired her without hesitation, so she obviously wouldn't easily make a promise.

And seeing Ling Han's stance, which was clearly to take them as subordinates, it was something her sense of self-respect couldn't allow.

She contemplated for a long while, then said, "Brother Ling, I'll be leaving for now!"

Ling Han nodded, smiling, and said, "We're friends, so if there's any troubles in the future, there's no harm in telling me. If its accomplishable, I definitely won't decline."

Wenren Qian Qian was obviously overjoyed, and said quickly, "Then thank you, Brother Ling." She nodded at everyone and then leapt up, flying fast into the distance.

Ling Han took a glance at everyone, and said, "I'll bring everyone to a place, don't resist my divine sense."

Xiu, he brought everyone into the Black Tower.




The three people and the rabbit all cried out in surprise. What was this place—it was definitely not the Mystery Realm earlier… could it be that Ling Han could carry a small world with him?

Ling Han smiled, and said, "This is my spatial Spirit Tool—it can accommodate living beings!"

The three people instantly revealed shocked expressions. A spatial Spirit Tool that could accommodate living beings was unheard of!

The rabbit gasped in astonishment, and said, "Brat, this isn't a Spirit Tool, but a Divine Tool!"

"A Divine Tool?" Even Zhu Xuan Er cried out in surprise.

"Correct!" The rabbit nodded. "My ancient ancestor ascended into the divine realm, but long ago, there were still some special methods to communicate with the lower realm, so Uncle Rabbit also knows some things about the divine realm.

"A space that can accommodate living things… only gods have the mighty ability to extract and refine it into a microscopic space that can be carried on one's body, and that is only doable by the mighty even amongst the gods.

"You guys can see, the Mystery Realm we were in earlier is actually also a separate space that can accommodate living beings, but it can't be a carried away and is fixed at a certain location instead, layering on top of the normal space.

"To compress a small world into a mustard seed is too difficult, and the larger the space, the harder it is to do—the normal space would squeeze against it, and the larger it is, the easier it is for it to collapse. So, our spatial rings are all very small."

Everyone nodded. Normally speaking, spatial rings were only the size of a box, and those reaching the size of a house were extremely rare.

They knew that the larger the space of the Spirit Tool, the harder it was to make it, but hadn't known the reason why it was so hard, and only now they finally understood.

So, a Mystery Realm was always in a fixed place, unlike spatial rings that could be carried around… With it fixed in place, it would be like building a house; the foundation could be laid in advance, and then the walls could be strengthened—that way, it wouldn't collapse easily.

Everyone looked at the terrifying space of the Black Tower and gasped in astonishment. This was completely comparable to the size of a mystery realm!

Only Ling Han knew that Black Tower's space was larger than any Mystery Realms he'd ever seen—even larger than all of them added together.

"It's definitely the handiwork of a god!" everyone cried out in shock.

Ling Han smiled. They only knew that the Black Tower's space was large, but they didn't know Black Tower's special abilities. For example, planting spirit medicine and producing the essence of the earth, the essence of water, and even that Black Tower unleashing its might could destroy a realm!

Black Tower was more than just a spatial Divine Tool; on the contrary, this was probably its least important feature.

"Such a Divine Tool, if put in the divine realm, it's guaranteed to be fought over, not to mention one with a space that large," the rabbit concluded.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "You say it as if you've been to the divine realm."

The rabbit snorted. It wanted to brag, but seeing Hu Niu's fierce gaze sweep over, it instantly stopped.

Ling Han said, "So, even if a Shattering Void Tier elite charges over, I still have the ability to save myself. And my— no, our ambition is to split the skies!"

"Split the skies?" Yuan Cheng He and the Li Siblings were all shocked. What was splitting the skies?

"Breaking open the skies and bringing the vast lands into the divine realm!" Ling Han explained.

"What?!" Yuan Cheng He and the Li Siblings were shocked numb. Did they hear wrong… this was too shocking! Bringing all the living spirits of an entire land ino the divine realm… could this be done?

"Splitting the skies is obviously very difficult, so everyone needs to cooperate and do their part," Ling Han said. He spoke roughly about founding a nation and splitting the skies, but didn't mention the conspiracy of the five great sects.

Yuan Cheng He and the Li Siblings listened as their blood boiled. They were youngsters and obviously all had great ambition, and was there a greater cause in the world than splitting open the skies?

"Young Master Han, I'm willing to follow you!" Yuan Cheng He said loudly.

"Hehe, Brother-in-law, if you don't mind my getting in the way, I'm also willing to do what little I can," Li Feng Yu said.

"Good!" Ling Han was extremely pleased.ED/N: That's basically the origin of the whole spatial equipment thing in Chinese fantasy. Some Taoist in some legend compressed some big space, putting it into a mustard seed. Google around if you want to know more.
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