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The two powerful hatchet men were actually entangled. Yu Xuan Ying's expression was obviously somewhat pale, but he still wasn't alarmed, because Yu Family's backing made him full of confidence.

One family with three Heaven Tier elites—other than the five great sects, how many other forces could compare with it?

Therefore, he was obviously calm and collected, believing that no matter how daring Ling Han was, he wouldn't dare attack him. The seventh patriarch came here personally, but he was young and aggressive, wanting to venture "alone," so he separated from the seventh patriarch.

Daring to attack him… you didn't want your life anymore?

What upset him was that if these people couldn't be taken down, the treasured pearl and the fairy would have nothing to do with him.

Yu Xuan Ying said coldly, "Oh, what kind of person do you dislike? I'll listen for the time being."

Ling Han said, "I dislike people who make me dislike them."

This was a little roundabout, and to say it was to say nothing.

Yu Xuan Ying snorted, and said, "You're provoking me?"

"Provoking you?" Ling Han laughed, and said, "You have too much respect for yourself. Who are you to deserve my provocation! I've got nothing to do, so might as well start with you."

Sh*t, so you're provoking me?

Yu Xuan Ying said codly, "Might as well tell you, my family's seventh patriarch also entered the Mystery Realm, so if you don't want to die, hand over the treasured pearl immediately and leave this woman. And… slap yourself thirty times and leave an arm."

The more he looked at Ling Han, the more annoyed he became, because this guy put an arm around Zhu Xuan Er's slender waist, making him burn with envy.

"How domineering." Ling Han looked towards Li Feng Yu with a smile, and said, "Brother Li, how about I leave this guy for you to pummel?"

"Sure, I'll definitely beat the crap out of him!" Li Feng Yu nodded.

The corner of Zhu Xuan Er's and Li Zi Xian's mouths twitched, almost retching.

"Brother, can you not be so disgusting?!" Li Zi Xian said. They had been brazenly freeloading by Ling Han's side; if he made people feel revolted, what would they do if they weren't brought along to play?

Li Feng Yu laughed mischievously and took large strides towards Yu Xuan Ying. He said, "Damned brat, you even dare to have ideas about my sister. If I don't beat you till you can't take care of yourself, I'll assume your surname!"

Who had ideas about your sister, don't you speak recklessly!

"Hmph, you court death!" Yu Xuan Ying was obviously fearless. Both were in the Flower Blossom Tier, and he was a genius!

What was a genius? Someone invincible in the same tier.

He unleashed a long sword, which was a sixth-tier Spirit Tool—it was consistent with his tier, and he could unleash ninety percent of its power… In case of a Spirit Tool not nourished by oneself, with different martial intent, it would be impossible to unleash one hundred percent of its power in the end.

Li Feng Yu laughed, and waved his hand as he said, "You're no match for me!"

"Why?" Yu Xuan Ying said in a low voice, his killing intent overflowing—Li Big Mouth's cheap mouth art was so amazing that Li Feng Yu had already successfully replaced Ling Han as the person that Yu Xuan Ying wanted to kill.

"Because I've got a saber and a sword. Having one more saber than you, how could you possibly compare to me?" Li Feng Yu said proudly, shaking his hands, and a sword and a saber appeared as expected.


Yu Xuan Ying was almost angered to death. This guy was actually teasing him? He roared angrily and brandished his sword at Li Feng Yu. Xiu, xiu, xiu, nine flashes of Sword Qi flew freely, their power not at all weak.

As expected, being able to become the descendant the family focused on to nurture, his martial arts talent was quite amazing. Nine flashes of Sword Qi already approached the level of Ray, and considering that he was only in the Flower Blossom Tier, it was indeed worthy of praise.

Li Feng Yu wasn't weak, either. As he struck with the saber and the sword, five flashes of Sword Qi and four flashes of Saber Qi were unleashed—the number of flashes equaled Yu Xuan Ying's.


They exchanged one blow and retreated more than ten steps; their expressions became cautious.

An expert! they both thought, and became extremely careful. In an experts' fight, one wrong move and the whole game could be lost; obviously, no one dared to let their guard down.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, they immediately started fighting again, their clash producing countless sparks.

"You're very strong!" Yu Xuan Ying said. "But you're definitely no match for me!"

You're not weak, either!" Li Feng Yu said. "But you're definitely going to be beaten till you'll be searching for your teeth all over the ground."

Ling Han sighed, and said, "These two people really think themselves strong?"

Zhu Xuan Er laughed faintly with her mouth covered, and said, "They're standing on a mountain and can only see the peak in front, but they don't know that they'll see an even higher peak after conquering this one."

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "Xuan Er's becoming more and more philosophical."

The battles were fierce on all three sides, but Ling Han yawned. Except for Hu Niu's battle, which was somewhat worth watching, the others were truly dull.

"Niu's rising dragon punch!" Hu Niu shouted in a sweet voice. Her small body soared upwards and she punched Yang Chong's chin, also sending this old man into the sky. He opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, along with ten broken teeth.

Pa, he lay on the ground with his eyes open, but only the whites of his eyes could be seen. Hu Niu had beaten his brain into mush with that punch, so he couldn't be any more dead than this.

"Aiya, no more teeth, how will you eat meat in the future?" Hu Niu tilted her head and thought for a while, then clapped her hands, and said, "Never mind, you're already dead anyway, no need to eat meat!"

Her wild nature had never faded, and she always had a murderous disposition; once she attacked, it would naturally to kill.

"Old Yang!" Zhu Bi cried out. Yang Chong, who was his equal, had actually died so easily in the hands of a little girl, making goosebumps rise all over his body and constricting even his heart.

Sou, Hu Niu's murderous disposition had been fully unleashed, and her eyes targeted Yu Xuan Ying as she suddenly pounced on him. Blood spilled across the sky as Yu Xuan Ying was instantly torn into many pieces, dying unintact.

The little girl's gaze targeted Zhu Xuan Er. She opened her mouth, the ominous glint in her eyes ablaze. Xiu, she charged over and reached out with her hands, her ten fingers like tiger claws, emitting a chill.

Ling Han hurriedly leapt backwards with Zhu Xuan Er, and said, "Hu Niu, stop, don't think I don't know you're faking it!"

"No fun!" Hu Niu immediately withdrew the ominous glint and reverted to her cute look, pursing her lips. "Can't Hu Niu take the opportunity to kill her!"

Zhu Xuan Er felt a lingering fear. She'd thought Hu Niu had gone berserk, but it was only faked to kill her while she was "lost in a frenzy". Seemed like she really was quite a threat in Hu Niu's mind.

"The butcher's knife must never be swung at one's own people, got it?" Ling Han said seriously.

"But, she's not one of our own!" Hu Niu protested and played with her fingers. "Niu's only with Ling Han!"

Ling Han was speechless. The little girl's exclusive mindset was really shocking as it had never changed at all over the years.

Yuan Cheng He walked over and said apologetically, "Young Master Han, that old man ran away!" Still, he was somewhat proud on the inside.

Three Spiritual Infant Tier beings acted together to chase away a Deity Transformation Tier elite. This was an amazing accomplishment, and would definitely be something to brag about.
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