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Hu Niu always viewed Zhu Xuan Er as a rival, constantly thinking of packing her up and sending her away. Therefore, if someone wanted Zhu Xuan Er, she would obviously raise both hands and feet in favor.

That youngster looked proud and took it for granted.

With his identity, could he not get a woman that he wanted? However, this woman was truly beautiful, exceptionally gorgeous and unparalleled. Normally, the two beauties by her side alone would also tempt him, but now, his eyes only had room for one person.

Too beautiful! How could there be such a beauty who simply shouldn't be on earth, but a fairy from the ninth heaven!

He frowned, and said, "What are you guys still staring blankly for?"

Ling Han couldn't help but laugh, and said, "Needless to say, you're definitely some spoiled second generation that harms the family as is his duty, and diligently advances towards his target, a typical person who courts disaster."

That youngster snorted, and said, "I'm Yu Xuan Ming, and my ancestor is a Heaven Tier elite! So is the third and seventh forefather!"

Three Heaven Tier warriors in one family, this was indeed kickass. Placed in Ling Han's former life, this was unimaginable, but now that martial arts flourished, Shattering Void Tier elites were even in the hundreds, so what were three Heaven Tier elites in one family?

Ling Han gave a plain oh, and said, "A Heaven Tier force, I indeed can't beat it for now."

This was the truth. If he were to battle a Heaven Tier warrior, he would have to reach the Deity Transformation Tier first—when the time came, it obviously wouldn't be a problem for him to rival a Heaven Tier with his freakishness, fully surpassing his peak battle prowess in the previous life.

Thinking about it, this really was like a dream; how many years did he cultivate in this life?

"Good that you know you're a nobody, so why don't you hand over the treasured pearl?" Yu Xuan Ming shouted coldly. He had always been self-satisfied, and Ling Han's slight refusal already made him extremely displeased, provoking his killing intent.

"What if I don't hand it over? You're going to hit me?" Ling Han said with a smile.

Yu Xuan Ming pointed his finger at Ling Han, and said, "Not hit you, but beat the hell out of you! Senior Zhu, Senior Yang, take them all down!" he said as he turned to the two old men.

"Yes, Young Master!" the two Deity Transformation Tier old men replied respectfully. One of them was called Zhu Bi, and the other one was called Yang Chong. According to reason, they shouldn't have to listen to a youngster, but this youngster was the most talented one in the three generations of the Yu Family, so the two of them were assigned to Yu Xuan Yin as guardians.

… Although they were his guardians officially, in fact, they were bodyguards, hatchet men, high-class slaves, you name it; but, it couldn't be helped—who told the Yu Family to be powerful and have three Heaven Tier elites?

"I most dislike three kinds of people." Yu Xuan Ming pretended to be profound on the side. "The first kind: an idiot that has no ability, yet acts arrogant. The second kind: the ones who don't eat spice. The third kind: the ones who disobey my orders.

"These three kinds of people that fall into my hands all end up the same.

"… Dead!"

As he spoke, Zhu Bi and Yang Chong had already charged towards Ling Han and the others, raising their hands with martial intent circulating. A large red tiger charged out from one person's body, while the other person unleashed a white crane formed by interwoven vein-like patterns. The terrifying auras alone could make low-tier martial artists unable to lift their heads.

This was a Mystery Realm, and people dying here was something perfectly normal, so the two of them attacked without mercy.

Unfortunately, Ling Han and the others were all kings among martial artists, and wouldn't be overwhelmed by their auras. At most, their faces would turn slightly pale because of the seemingly tangible presence, but the effects on their battle prowess would be extremely limited.

Ling Han laughed, and said, "Cheng He, you take care of one."

Yuan Cheng He was shocked. He was only in the Spiritual Infant Tier, so how could he resist a Deity Transformation Tier warrior? He indeed was a genius and a very strong one, but he definitely couldn't surpass a large tier to fight a Deity Transformation Tier opponent.

But since Ling Han had spoken, he could only brace himself and fight.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Small Rock, you go help him!"

"Ang!" The Rock Spirit roared angrily, and peng, peng, peng, stomped heavily on the ground, fighting alongside Yuan Cheng He.

Yuan Cheng He was instantly greatly reassured. He knew of the Rock Spirit's strength. Its power was at the Spiritual Infant Tier, but its ability to withstand blows was definitely Deity Transformation Tier level. With it as a meat shield, everything would be fine.

Ling Han went on, "Hu Niu, you take care of the other one?"

"Alright!" Hu Niu immediately jumped out. She was very unhappy that Zhu Xuan Er, the alluring woman, again hadn't been sold.

"Brother Ling, Qian Qian also wants to fight," Wenren Qian Qian said.

"Alright." Ling Han nodded.

Zhu Bi and Yang Chong were greatly infuriated. These few juniors actually dared to treat them like nothing and discuss how to "divide" them up—absolutely daring and ignorant!

Hu Niu charged up to Yang Chong, while Yuan Cheng He and the other two fought Zhu Bi together.

Peng, peng, peng, the battles immediately started.

Once the fight started, however, Zhu Bi and Yang Chong were visibly disconcerted.

Sh*t, how come these juniors are so strong?

Zhu Bi was alright. Yuan Cheng He and the other two were outstanding, but they didn't have Deity Transformation Tier battle prowess, and completely relied on the Rock Spirit as a shield, enduring the majority of Zhu Bi's attacks. Wenren Qian Qian and Yuan Cheng were actually fighting in and out, and didn't dare to fight him head on.

This obviously allowed him to take the complete initiative, having a great advantage in fighting the three alone… or this was how it should have been. When Deity Transformation Tier warriors were against Spiritual Infant Tier ones, even one against one hundred was an effortless fight to them, but two youngsters and a puppet held him back, which shocked him greatly.

If he was just shocked, then Yang Chong was frightened out of his wits.

Hu Niu was too fast!

At the start, he'd obviously viewed Hu Niu as a joke; who would take a seven- to eight-year-old girl seriously? But once Hu Niu attacked, he knew he'd definitely made an error in judgement.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, Hu Niu turned into lightning and constantly flashed around him, punching with her small fist fiercely where he was unprepared to receive an attack. Defending with his shield formed by Origin Power, he still staggered from the blow.

It couldn't be helped. He didn't know where Hu Niu's fist was attacking from, and could only arrange Origin Power defense all over his body. With the Origin Power scattered all over, how could he rival Hu Niu's full-powered punch?

He wanted to counterattack. After all, Hu Niu was only at the Spiritual Infant Tier, and it would definitely be game over if he hit her once. However, the problem was here; he couldn't capture Hu Niu's figure, and could only take a beating.

"Niu's ultimate move, invincible spinning punch!

"Super groin kick!

"A chrysanthemum kick!

"Then kick the balls, beat the eggs, and the chicken flies!"

Hu Niu attacked without scruples. Who could expect so much from a little girl? On top of her small body and attacking the three lower parts, Yang Chong's face turned green. If he were to be hit once, he would lose his virtue in old age.

Zhu Bi and Yang Chong's strength were about the same, but their circumstances were of two different worlds.

Ling Han looked towards Yu Xuan Ying with a smile, and said, "I'm different from you. I only dislike one kind of person… do you know what kind?"ED/N: Might be some allusion to IQ, or he's just being random ashhat.slang for "anus".
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