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Chapter 72: Repeatedly Throwing the Match
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Ling Han used the Shocking Electricity Sword Arts, not displaying any weakness or conceding in any way.


Xia Zhong Guang was indeed very strong. With one wave of the spear, he actually managed to form two flashes of Spear Qi!



A round of surprised gasps broke out downstage. Two flashes of "Qi", this could be considered a very outstanding accomplishment among the younger generation of Da Yuan City, especially since Xia Zhong Guang was really too young! He was only eighteen years old this year!

By the time he had reached the current age of the Fourth Prince, Li Dong Yue and Jin Wuji, how many flashes of Qi would he be able to form? Three flashes? Or even four flashes, the real sign of having stepped into the ranks of rulers?

'Two flashes, huh?'

Ling Han smiled softly, and with a wave of his sword, two flashes of Sword Qi similarly appeared.


Everyone once again choked. They hadn't even recovered from their first shock, and here comes another? Ling Han had also managed to form the second flash of Sword Qi? Could Da Yuan City be about to emerge as a new power? One genius after another appeared in close succession!

Xia Zhong Guang was also extremely astonished. Indeed, he had formed the first flash of Qi through hard work and effort, but the second flash was something he had obtained when he accidentally entered into an ancient tomb, where he came into contact with a strange stone plaque. He had lost consciousness at that point, and "saw" many memories that were now his own. After he woke up, he discovered that he had somehow formed a second flash of Spear Qi.


Could it be that Ling Han had somehow obtained this kind of chance encounter too? If he hadn't, then he really was too terrifying. To be able to form two flashes of Sword Qi at the young age of seventeen years old, he was practically a monster!


Xia Zhong Guang continued to be on the offensive for a long while yet did not seem to be making any progress. He could not help feeling a bit dispirited, and when he recalled that Lian Tao before him, he could not help thinking, 'There are three Black Grade alchemists standing behind this person, while I am obviously no match for the Fourth Prince. Then, what difference is there between the sixth and seventh place? Why don't I take this chance to do him a favor then?'


When his thoughts turned in this direction, he resolutely ceased his attack and said, "Brother Ling is indeed extraordinarily strong, I forfeit!"


Why was there another forfeit? Weren't they obviously locked in a stalemate, with neither fighter having an advantage over the other?


Aside from those few who had attended the Fourth Prince's banquet a few days ago, the rest was very confused. But still, Ling Han had showed that he had formed two flashes of Sword Qi in this battle, and so indeed proved that he was more powerful than Lian Tao. So Lian Tao's forfeit could be claimed as him having "foresight".


Could it be that Ling Han was actually even more powerful than what he had shown up to now, and that was the reason why Xia Zhong Guang had simply forfeited the battle?


Ling Han shook his head, smiled and said, "Brother Xia is too humble."


"Let me offer my best wishes that Brother Ling may obtain an even better result. Let us be on closer terms in the future please!" Xia Zhong Guang leapt onto the seventh tournament stage.

It was at this moment that Jin Wuji too had issued a challenge--the other party being Li Dong Yue. There was no suspense about the result. Within a mere ten moves, Li Dong Yue had been defeated by Jin Wuji. The longing he felt to enter into Hu Yang Academy also intensified with this loss.


Holding onto this momentum firmly, Jin Wuji continued on to challenge the Fourth Prince.


Ling Han had no interest in watching the battles of others. After a short rest, he continued on to challenge the fifth Stage Master.


The fifth Stage Master was Liu Yu. He was also a genius that had only emerged within the last two years.


Because these two big battles were ongoing at the same time, majority of the spectators went over to watch the battle between the Fourth Prince and Jin Wuji. Only people like Ling Dong Xing, Liu Yu Tong and Li Hao paid attention to Ling Han's battle.


"Brother Ling, please!" Liu Yu was also very polite. It could be argued that no one in the whole of Rain Country dared to ignore the existence of a Black Grade alchemist, and there were as many as three such alchemists standing behind Ling Han.


"Please!" Ling Han brandished his sword in an elaborate wave. His first move was two flashes of Sword Qi. Since he had already revealed a portion of his true prowess, he did not continue to hide it.


Liu Yu could be said to be tied with Xia Zhong Guang in terms of prowess. Since Xia Zhong Guang was no match for Ling Han, naturally Liu Yu wasn't either. After exchanging a few tens of moves, Liu Yu could not help thinking, 'There are three Black Grade alchemists standing behind this person, and in any case, I wouldn't be able to get the first place, so why not do him a favor...'


As a result, Liu Yu too very frankly forfeited.


Thankfully, most of the spectators' attention had been drawn to the huge battle between the Fourth Prince and Jin Wuji. Otherwise, there'd definitely be suspicions about this tournament being feigned.


Ling Han again rose to a higher ranking, and ahead of him only stood four people--Baili Teng Yun, Li Dong Yue, Jin Wuji, and Qi Yong Ye.


Who would have thought this would happen before the tournament?


Ling Dong Xing could not help growing excited. If Ling Han managed to defeat Baili Teng Yun, he'd gain the right to battle with Jin Wuji and the Fourth Prince. Getting the first place was no longer a dream.

The great battle between Qi Yong Ye and Jin Wuji was still continuing. The two young geniuses both made a very powerful display. One was using palm techniques while the other was using fist techniques. They have both formed "Qi", and there were as many as three flashes on each side, so they already possessed the preliminary demeanor of a ruler.


And it was at this moment that Ling Han issued a challenge to Baili Teng Yun.


Ling Dong Xing became even more anxious. If Ling Han emerged victorious from this battle, then he'd doubtlessly be able to defeat Li Dong Yue and ascend to the third place.


Top three, that was impressive enough. Could he still ask for more?


"Brother Ling!" Baili Teng Yun was also very polite towards Ling Han. He did not even put on any airs as the Young Sect Master of the Baili Sect. He was even friendlier than he had been with the Fourth Prince. After all, if the Fourth Prince did not manage to inherit the position of the Da Yuan King, then his status could not be compared to even himself as the First Prince would definitely do his utmost to suppress him. [1]


But Ling Han was different. There were three Black Grade alchemists standing behind him.





The two fighters respectively spoke a word of invitation. Baili Teng Yun directly drew his Staff of Destruction and said, "Brother Ling is very powerful. If I do not try my best, then that would be the greatest disrespect to Brother Ling."

"Haha, then let me also experience the might of a Spirit Weapon," Ling Han said with a smile as he lightly waved the long sword in his hand, producing a soft hum.


"Take care then!" Baili Teng Yun harnessed the black staff and charged in a ferocious attack towards Ling Han. Seven seals lit up in close succession and half a black skull appeared, pouncing towards Ling Han.


This black skull contained a sliver of will of a powerful warrior. Initially, it would be able to create an invisible pressure on a martial artist in Gushing Spring Tier and directly shatter the spirit of a martial artist of Element Gathering Tier. However, because too much time had passed, this Spirit Weapon had also experienced serious deterioration. Its power had long since degraded from how it initially was and this skull could only produce a limited effect on a martial artist of Element Gathering Tier now.


But if it wasn't because for that, Baili Teng Yun wouldn't have been able to wield this Spirit Weapon with his current strength.


Though Ling Han was no longer the powerful warrior of Heaven Tier he had been in the past and there only remained a sliver of will of a warrior of Heaven Tier within him, Heaven Tier was still Heaven Tier. Even if it was a mere sliver, it was enough to sweep away all challengers without contention. This black skull was not able to affect him the slightest bit.


He used the Shocking Electricity Sword Arts. His sword was like a rainbow; "ding, ding, ding, ding," the sword and staff repeatedly clashed, creating friction. Two flashes of Sword Qi moved unhindered, and there was no sign of Ling Han falling into a disadvantageous position.


"Quick, look there. Ling Han is having a great battle with Baili Teng Yun!"


"What, he's actually so powerful?"


"No wonder Xia Zhong Guang and the others forfeited so fast previously. They had already known that Ling Han was so powerful!"


"Damn, when did this kind of freak appear? He's just in the fourth layer of Element Gathering Tier, and he's actually powerful to this extent!"


More and more people were attracted to that battle. They felt that a single pair of eyes was not enough for them. They wanted to watch the clash of the strongest between the Fourth Prince and Jin Wuji, but they also wanted to watch the battle of the brightest of the younger generation between Ling Han and Baili Teng Yun.

[1] ED/N: I think it should be fairly obvious, but Young Sect Master refers to a son of the Sect Master.
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